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Cachet Ladies

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Published: 11 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Cachet Ladies is a very cynical and dreadful working environment. A previous post made in 2019 explains it all correctly, and not much has changed ( ). There are some things I would like to add and touch upon. The rates are $400 cash/ $490 debit and $500 cash/ $600 debit depending on the girl. Models receive $225 cash or $200 debit/ $275 cash or $250 debit. A driver will drive the girl to the destination. The drivers have not received a raise in years, so the girls are ALWAYS expected to tip them out, but yet the company is taking more money from the girls. Makes sense right? To receive your funds when a client pays debit, they demand that you open a business account with their accountant who charges $700+. Once this happens, you should receive your pay weekly depending on when your call was, but this has not been the case. Multiple girls have had trouble getting paid, but yet Cachet is getting paid out daily. There was a group meeting, and even the owner admitted that he didn’t have enough to pay one of the girls “because she was making to much money.” There have been girls waiting on $3000 or more, and it took months to receive. The female owner is very rude when talking about girls and their bodies. The environment does not encourage healthy eating and exercise but rather drug abuse and alcohol. I have heard of girls getting reamed out in the office by the female owner about their bodies and how they need to lose upwards of 10lbs in two weeks or else they will be let off. The owner calls it “sliming down,” but yet coke addicted girls who are very unhealthy are more appealing. It is rare that you will come across a well educated young woman at this agency. Most of there business is done at night, so that says a lot. They are trying to be more strict with rules and schedules. You tell them what time you can come into the office at (15 Dickens St, Toronto, Ontario) and you sit and wait in a musty, old, open spaced office. That was my least favourite part. There are nights where girls sit for hours and never go out, but there are also nights where you can be busy, it is hit and miss. I wouldn’t leave anything in the office as girls will sometimes steal things, potentially by accident. They do have cameras everywhere so you’d have to be stupid. Primarily if you respect yourself as a strong, hardheaded woman, I DO NOT recommend working here.

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