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Published: 03 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband and I were invited to a promotional seminar at Promo Gifting. We received a call stating g that we filled in a ballot at the Toronto Home Show. We decided to go because all of the prizes seemed really nice. After listening to the sales people we both decided to go ahead and become members. There were promises made in our agreement, such as receipt reimbursement, discounted holidays and reduced interest rates on morgages. Over the past two years we have had a lot of isses with Cachet Partners Group since joining in 2015. We received our free gift only after I made multiple phone calls. Finally after a month and a half later we got the free laptop that we were promised. The next thing that came up was that we were promised lower travel fares. That was not the case. The airplanes fares were even more than what I found by booking a flight myself. The third issue that came up was that Cachet Partners group withdrew multiple payments for a membership that I had paid in full on my credit card. Even after they said that they fixed the issue is it continued to happen periodically over the next year. With the help of my bank, eventually Cachet finally stopped withdrawing payments from my bank account and the money was finally refunded after four months of weekly, and at some points daily, phone calls. The big thing was that when i submitted receipts for reimbursement, before the year-end deadline of 2016, I eventually received a check at the beginning of April 2019 that was written in the amount of $1817.37, post dated for April 15, 2017, which was made payable to myself. However I was told not to depost the check because it would be NSF. I was then told to depost the check the Saturday before the end of the month. I deposited the check on April 29, 2017. The check was returned unpaid on May 3, 2017. The cheque was returned by their bank due to stopped payment. I have given Cachet Partners Group Inc multiple chances over the past year to make payment in full for the amount owed for receipts sent in for the years 2019 and 2017. I was speaking to Jane and Kathy at Cachet … neither of them were able to resolve anything. Finally I was in touch with a gentleman by the name of Johnathan Chapman, Director of Operations. I had informed all three of them that unless I received the full payment of the Bundle fee, in the amount of $8250, and received it by certified check within 30 days that I would file a small claims court claim against Cachet Partners Group. Mr.Chapman had agreed that he personally would handle this matter and that all I needed to do was leave it in his hands. He persuaded me to wait until the end of December. He assured me that everything would be resolved. I was sent a letter about the restructuring of the program at Cachet and I was asked to wait until the end of December 2017. Then there were the issues with the mortgage company. I tried to remortgage my house. That was a complete disaster. That fiasco started in January of 2019 and I dissolved the agreement in June 2019 after waiting for the continuously moving closing date. We had the appraisal done. We were approved for a mortgage. All the papers were signed and nothing had been closed for almost two months. I paid $450 for an appraisal of my house and nothing ever came out of it. They wouldnu2019t even give me a copy of my house appraisal. All that the morgage broker said is that the morgage company is restructuring. Enough is enough!

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