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Published: 18 April 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not buy a cage from Steve Milligan!!! The company is Cage Company, Custom Wood Reptile Cages, Herp Homes, etc. I had talked to Steve many times on the phone and through emailing discussing building a custom wood cage for my iguana. I had done so much research into who I wanted to build my cage as it was going to be a very large cage and I finally settled on CageCompany’s Steve Milligan. I sent the payment of $2200 through PayPal to Steve Milligan after recieving an invoice. I felt assured about sending this money to him upfront because I knew PayPal had a policy about reimbursing you your money if you do not recieve your product. However, Mr. Milligan must’ve known full well about this policy because you cannot get your money back through PayPal if it is passed 45 days of purchase! And what do you know, Mr. Milligan told me it would take him approximately 6 weeks to build the cage. just enough time for this policy to go void. I 100% believe that he knew what he was doing and purposely committed internet fraud. Going back to when I paid for the cage, Mr. Milligan told me that it would take approximately 6 weeks but that he was backed up so it may take a bit longer but it should be close to the standard 4-6 weeks. I told him this was fine but that I just wanted updates on the cage and how far along he was. I asked him to give me an estimated shipping date as soon as he could. He agreed and also agreed to send me a picture when it was close to being done so I could see the progress. Long story short, after I sent Mr. Milligan the money, the emails became less and less frequent. I emailed him asking him for updates on the cage and would recieve no response. After 6 weeks he told me that he was backed up and that he just started my cage. I told him all I wanted was for him to just communicate with me and let me know these things. I asked him to give me an estimated shipping date and he never responded. Again some more time goes by as I try to contact him and no response from him. It had now been 3 months since he told me he was going to give me an estimated shipping date and nothing. He told me 2 seperate times that he had “just started it” or “finally got to my order” which was complete bullcrap. I gave him more time than I should have in hopes that he was telling the truth and that my cage was actually being built. It was never being built. He even admitted that he was lying and hadn’t started it after telling me twice that he had! I started to email him just asking him for my money back and I was going to go through another company. I got no response back from Steve Milligan. Finally after months of being brushed off and recieving a response back very sparsely just to tie me off for longer I decided I need to look into legal options which is what I am currently doing. I continued to try to get into contact with Mr. Milligan with no luck. I paid for this cage on March 1st of 2014 and it is now October 29th 2014 and I still have not recieved a cage nor my $2200 back!! After filing a claim through PayPal and letting Mr. Milligan know that I was going to slam the internet with bad reviews and let everyone know my story, he finally emailed me back. That was the quickest he has ever gotten back to me (despite the fact that I have been very nice to him and considerate through all of this). My email to Steve: > —–Original Message—– From: Jaclyn Z***** > Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 11:23 AM > To: herphomes > Subject: Important > > I still have not received any response to my emails and have not received the product I purchased from you. This is very serious to me as this is a large amount of money I have sent to you through PayPal. I am a student in college and a waitress so I worked very hard and for a lot of hours for this money and I made this transaction in good faith. > However, I am emailing to let you know I have filed a claim against you and your business through PayPal. My next step is to contact my bank and then from there I will contact Visa. If I still do not receive a response from you I will move forward with writing negative reviews on every possible website I can find and my family has already stated they will do so as well. I would like to resolve this peacefully if possible but it does not appear that you are willing to cooperate and are forcing me to make these steps. > > – Jaclyn Z***** Steve’s response: On Sep 28, 2014, at 9:24 AM, wrote: > > Jaclyn > > I too understand a transaction in good faith..I have been doing so for the last 15 years..I will make this right with you..I have had the worst 6 months in a long time..I have in fact been pulling out of it..your order is the last one to be addressed..honestly I would not have been in the position to even begin to refund..a couple of months of the problems is locating to a different state before one of the worsts winters in a long time..the facility was not adequate at the time..I trusted someone I shouldn’t of many issues to complicate all this..I am on more solid ground and promise to resolve this..I have always had all intentions to make this right..I just needed the time you allowed..and thankful for it. > > Steve My response to his email: Steve, thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry you had such a tough winter I know it hasn’t been easy for a lot of us recently. I am also not in a good position as far as money goes and could really use the refund. I don’t mind if you want to do half now and the other half next month that would be fine with me. Please let me know when we could resolve this. Thank you! – Jaclyn Z***** I was still being nice and polite to Steve Milligan in hopes that he was more likely to respond to me if I was nice!! Apparently this is not true! That was now a month ago and not only have I not recieved a penny of my money back but I have recieved no response from him on how or when is going to refund me my money!! I have tried to contact him many times and have recieved very few responses back. I am now talking to two lawyers about how I am going to get my money back and what our next step is. Before I contact the police about internet fraud, I wanted to make sure everyone who is looking to get a custom cage built does NOT go through this company!! I am a waitress and a full time student and I worked so hard to save up this money for my iguana. The money that Steve Milligan stole from me was everything I had been saving for months!! This has just been the worst 8 months and I am emotionally exhausted and I do not understand how someone can be so cruel to take away over two thousand dollars from someone who is just starting out in life and trying to make it. DO NOT BUY A CAGE FROM STEVE MILLIGAN AND THIS COMPANY!!!!

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