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Published: 02 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I tried to buy a car from Cal-Cars in Indianapolis back in late June, early July of 2003. I had went and test drove a 92 Chevy Caviler from the Madison Ave. lot. I went back the next day after work and decided to buy it. When I test drove the car it sounded okay. Since I was buying the car for my boyfriend at the time I figured I would drive the car to his work to pick him up that night. I just drove about 10 miles and by the time I picked him up the car was smoking really bad and just stopped running. it also smelt like antifreeze. I drove the car up to the lot the next day and told them that I wanted out from under the contract because I didn’t even have the car for 24 hours before it broke down. I was told that they would send it to their mechanic to have it fixed. The mechanic called me to come and get the car from his shop so I did. By this time we had had the car for a week and was makeing the next payment. Keep in mind we only drove the car for 1 day and was makeing a full weeks payment. After we got the car back we drove it for about a week, made another payment and the motor started making a loud noise. i had my uncle(which is a mechanic) look at it to see if a belt had broke. He found out that the car had been oiled up to make it quite because a rod had went through the motor. Which if you know anything about a motor, a rod going through it means it is destroyed! I called Cal-Cars and advised them of this and they said that it was my problem and I still need to make payments until it is paid off. Finally after talking to them enough, they said that they would send it to their mechanic because they couldn’t take my word for it that the motor was gone. They came over and picked up the car on their wrecker. I told them to keep the car that I wanted out from under it. They called me back 2 days later and said that the motor was gone and that to fix it would cost more than what the car was worth. They then told me to come back into the office and we would pick out another car and that I would have to sign a new contract for that car. I told them I would not do such a thing. I told them I didn’t want to take a chance of getting another lemon that had been greased up to sell. I was supposable out from under this car and all of a sudden a year later I am finding out that they have decided to report me to a credit reporting agency for being deliquent on an account. Again this is for a car that we had in our possession about 2 weeks when it was in the shop for 1 of those. I am not paying for a car that is now in a junk yard somewhere out there. I feel I paid enough for it for those 2 weeks especially since I had to put a heater core in it also during those 2 weeks. My advice DO NOT BUY from CAL-CARS. If you read this and have had a similar situation please report it because if not the goverment won’t stop this type of practice from happening. Brandy Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.

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