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Cal Worthington Ford of Anchorage

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Published: 27 February 2021

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The events as follows: 11/4 – Contacted Richard Hahn, Internet Sales, regarding purchase of used vehicle. Requested credit pre-approval prior to vehicle selection. Received credit application and privacy noticed via email. 11/5 – Contacted Richard Hahn via email indicating fax number provided was inoperable. RH sent email providing fax number to Finance Office. Sent credit application and privacy notice to Finance Office via fax. 11/6 – Contacted RH via phone requesting status of credit application. Left voice message requesting follow up. No reply from RH. 11/8 – Went to dealership to contact RH in person, determine status of credit application. RH indicated that Finance Office had lost credit application. RH requested I complete credit application and privacy notice again and provide drivers license. While Finance Office reviewed credit application, RH took me outside to “walk the lot”. RH asked what vehicle I wanted. I asked how much I was approved for. RH stated that I had to choose a vehicle before bank would review. I again asked how much I was approved for, no need to ‘walk the lot’ if I am not approved for finance. RH told me to “Just pick one, we’ll give the numbers to the bank and see what happens”. RH pointed to a vehicle covered in snow and asked “How about this one?” I crudely replied ‘Sure, gotta start someplace’. There was no discussion about price of vehicle. RH noticed large dent in tailgate and indicated that would need to be repaired. RH scribbled some numbers and we returned to the Finance Office. RH suggested we take the vehicle for a test drive while we waited for Finance Office to review the application. When we returned to dealership I was introduced to Josh Waterman, Finance Officer. After a lengthy discussion about my credit history and employment status I was told I had been approved and asked to sign the pile of documents set before me. Documents included a damage waiver indicating at time of trade-in previous owner had declared damage to the front bumper but stated it had been repaired. I was asked to provide insurance information, proof of residence and employment and initial down payment of $1000 and agreed to pay additional $1500 in three weeks. I was not able to provide residency or employment immediately as I was not prepared to walk out with a vehicle. I was given the keys and sent on my way. 11/7 – On way to work I noticed the fog lights did not work. When I arrived at work I checked to see what the problem was but unable to ascertain the cause of the problem. I did notice a large dent in the front bumper. I began to look the vehicle over and noticed the passenger side front wheel well showed signs of impact damage, the tailgate was more than just dented, it was damaged beyond usable limits and did not close correctly. Further inspection revealed the seats have several stains and the floor mats are missing. Also discovered the tires are not rated for mud and snow use and beyond 50% of expected use. 11/10 – I called Richard Hahn and explained my findings and that I was very disappointed with the condition of the vehicle and the price I paid. RH explained the 10 day exchange policy and requested I meet with on on 11/11 to “Make it right”. 11/11 – I received call from RH one hour before we were to meet to discuss the issue. RH explained that Josh Waterman was not in the office. Requested we wait until 11/12. I explained my schedule was full on 11/12 but we could ‘walk the lot’ to find something to exchange my vehicle with. RH agreed. I met with RH and we ‘walked the lot’ and discussed my options. We were not able to find a vehicle in stock that matched my purchase or was within price range. I suggested to RH that the dealership repair the front bumper and tailgate, repair the fog lights, clean the seats and replace the tires. RH agreed that was a good option and would discuss the matter with his supervisor. I was asked to wait in the Customer Lounge. RH was told to ask Parts Manager the cost of the tailgate. $900. RH returned to me and explained that he could have the fog lights repaired and shampoo the seats but the tires passed their safety inspection and would not be replaced. RH suggested I could purchase tires from him for dealer cost if I wanted new tires. RH explained that he could have the tailgate repaired but the front bumper was not a safety hazard and would not be repaired. RH stated that if service was not performed immediately he would extend the ten day exchange policy. RH is to contact me with appointment with Service Department to make repairs. -Follow up- Spoke with RH, he stated the body shop would repair the tailgate but service would not repair the fog lights as they were not legal and had been disconnected. They would remove the fog lights but will not repair them. RH reiterated that the tires will not be replaced because they do not put mud/snow tires on vehicles but he would get the for me for his cost. RH also stated that the floor mats could be purchased for his cost as well. I expressed my discontent with the whole matter and suggested he find a vehicle to exchange with. I explained I am paying twenty-three thousand dollars for a vehicle that is only worth seventeen thousand. The dealership sold me a vehicle with known body damage and illegal after market add-ons as well as tires that are not safe to drive in the snow. RH stated he would do what he could to find a vehicle to swap with mine. -Follow Up – Received call from Josh Waterman (Finance Officer). Agreed to repair fog lights, replace tires, shampoo seats. Service Manager would determine if tailgate could be repaired. 11/12 – Delivered vehicle to Service Manager to have vehicle repaired as agreed. Fog lights o/k (wired with high-beams?), all four tires replaced, seats shampooed, vehicle detailed. Service Manager indicated Body Shop would need to determine if tailgate was repairable. 11/17 – Body Shop inspected tailgate and suggests replacement as there is structural damage to tailgate frame and linkage. Not able to make operational. 11/18 – Contacted Richard Hahn (Salesman) and provided information from Body Shop. RH stated Josh Waterman was out of office and would have to authorize replacement of tailgate. I contacted Josh Waterman via email and provided information from Body Shop as well as conversation with Richard Hahn. RH called me later same day and stated his Sales Manager would not authorize replacement of tailgate. “We purchased vehicle at auction as is. We will pay for labor but not replacement of tailgate. Note says to make ‘operational’. We will pay for labor but we will not pay for replacement of tailgate. Not a safety issue.” 11/19 – I have contacted Josh Waterman via email and have shared the comments made by RH and Sales Manager. I have requested Josh make good on his authority to have the tailgate replaced. I reviewed my sales contract to contact lender to discuss the issues at hand. However, the contact information provided in my contract is incorrect. Information is for Ford Credit, not Santander Consumer USA. Ford Credit has no information regarding this sales transaction. I have contacted Santander Consumer USA in PA about the transactions and they have failed to return email or phone calls about this matter. I have told Santander that Cal Worthington Ford of Anchorage has provided erroneous information on the credit application and has not repaired the vehicle as stated.

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