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Caledonia Police Department

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Published: 12 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Officer Complaining about Officer Seth Louks: Officer Number: 105 Citation #: 28 01 XX701301 Date of Incident: 1/13/2019 State of Minnesota Houston County City of Caledonia I just recently sent another letter to the Chief of the Police of the Caledonia Police Department. This time I sent it certified stating he had failed to respond to me. I have been sending emails and letters with no response in recent months and complaining about this also to the mayor for longer than that. Once again, no response from Mayor either. I have also just by letter. I do everything on this case by emails and letters, I make copies of the letters, so I have written proof of what all I’ve complained about and also have been requesting that anyone of them reply by the same standards I use. I contacted the Minnesota State Attorney General’s office by email before and they sent me a letter with suggestions of who to contact. They had suggested the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training. Still have yet to hear from them as I just sent out the letter. Here is just certain parts of the last letter (as I’ve said before, this one was a certified letter) I sent to the Chief of Police of the Caledonia Police Department here in Caledonia, Minnesota: Dated: September 13th, 2019 To: Chief of Police, Kurt Zehnder of the Caledonia Police Department I have contacted you by letters and emails a few times in recent months pertaining to one of your police officers, Seth Louks. Demanding punishment be given him. I believe he has committed an injustice when he was here on January 13th, 2017. I have also contacted the Minnesota State Attorney General’s Office for information and contact information to other places in authority who could also help me with this as your continued non-response to this issue means you are not in favor of punishment for that police officer and further action on this matter would need to be taken. Here are portions of what I wrote in the last letter to you: “I request that punishment be given to Officer Seth Louks for his inappropriate behavior at my apartment door by shaking on the knob a lot like he was trying to force his way in. And then his unprofessional behavior when I called the police station to try to explain the situation that my neighbor accused my dogs of but he insisted I was yelling and hung up on me and refused to listen to me. Officer Seth Louks had no reason to try to force his way in here. It was not legal for him to try to do it. Whenever the cops have been at my door they just knock, they don’t announce themselves to be the police as they should before a person were to answer the door. It is my right not to answer the door to a police officer if I do not wish to unless they have a warrant or there is an emergency situation like a fire or something. Those are the only reasons they can have for trying to force their way in here. Thus Officer Seth Louks was doing something illegal by sounding like he was trying to force his way in. Since that time I have not felt safe when someone should come to the door and have been refusing to answer the door for anyone. That includes cops or manager. My neighbor, (will not post this name online) in #(will not post apt # online) uses the cops to harass others besides doing the harassing herself. Although lately she seems not to be harassing me as much. I have heard she is friends with some of the cops in the Caledonia Police Department, I have especially heard around that Officer Seth Louks is her friend. (Will not post this name online) in #(will not post apt # online) has a reputaion around here for lying constantly, saying and doing nasty stuff to people, and overreacting and lying when calling the cops. I got that citation from Seth Louks unfairly for habitual barking when my dogs only barked a few seconds at someone near elevator. Neighbor claims they are excessive barkers and even made claims to another neighbor that they were barking all night one time and he told me that he told her, “No, they were not.” She has lied to me to my face before and said they were barking 3 nights in a row sometime in between 2am and 3am. I told her they didn’t. Who knows how many times she’s actually called the cops and lied about me. They don’t come out here much compared to how many phone calls the police have probably gotten. And I could easily find out how many times she has called the police station if I just ask for copies of them. My downstairs neighbor in #(will not post apt # online), who now moved to 1st floor used to vouch for me sometimes and verified to Joni, manager, that my dogs don’t bark much. And I am with the dogs most of the time. Sometimes I have to leave them here if it’s too hot or too cold to leave them in the car if I go into some buildings. And if I’m running errands in town I’m not gone long so most times I’ll leave them here then. I am with them all night long, every night. Neighbor has also tried to pin me for abuse and neglect. The cop that was here then told the manager he didn’t think they were abused and neglected and told me when I talked to him another time, just out on the street that they didn’t act scared of me. I may get caught yelling at them sometimes outside, but hardly ever yell in the apartment and I certainly never neglect or abuse them. They are well fed and get plenty of attention from me. They are well loved. And I strongly hate anyone who says I abuse or neglect them, or someone who lies about them. I sent proof to you recently about the $216 I was charged from that citation I got back in January. That citation was unfairly given and I should not have been charged for that. (To people online, citation was slid under my door cuz I excercised my right not to answer the door to police officer if I didn’t want to unless he were to have warrant or there was emergency situation.) Due to the unfair treatment I have received from the police department I no longer will accept police at my door. I have the right to refuse to answer the door as I’ve mentioned earlier in the letter. (To online people, most states do this, I know for Minnesota I have that right.) To answer the door for another police officer would be to say, “Yes, I accept neighbor’s harassment, not only from her but from the police she sends to me.” The police department, Nationwide Housing Corporation and of course, the manager herself knows how neighbor is. What I expect from the Chief of Police, Kurt Zehnder, and the Mayor of Caledonia is for Officer Seth Louks to be punished for shaking on that door knob like he was trying to make a forced entry and scaring the hell out of me. I also wish that citation I received unfairly would be removed but know that it is probably a court thing but want the Chief of Police to look into the cause of the citation and realize I got it unjustly.” End of the last letter, which I sent this one by certified mail, and he has received it. I don’t think the Chief of Police will respond to that one either. As I’ve mentioned further above, I have contacted the Director of the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training by mail, as was suggested by the Minnesota State Attorney General’s office and am waiting to hear a reply.

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