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Published: 18 May 2018

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Mary and Ana have been running scams for awhile but Toni is on Tamara’s board and Tamara has said more than once that Mary Es was an out of state adoption coordinator for California Bully Crew. Now that all this has came out about Mary Es running scams, everyone wants to pretend like they didn’t know and had nothing to do with it. These screen shots show that Toni Reynolds and Tamara via California Bully Crew were fully aware of Mary Es working with them. Mary was posting as California Bully Crew and collecting pledges and even taking pay pal money for transport of dogs but not sending the dogs. Ana Jimenez was doing the same thing. Mary Etzkorn was also operating on the Save a Life page where Michelle Binette of Hearts of Love (see her own dna page) and Paul Duff of ROMP also operate and were admins (not sure if any of them still are). Here Tamara tags all of them and Jamie Oceans aka Jamie Herman (see her own dna page). Not saying Tamara knew what anyone was doing, but they are or were part of her rescue. “”Ana jimenez n Toni reynolds, who is on the board for california bully crew, n others are trying to claim Mary es was wrongly using their pay pal accts. I told them that makes no sense why would she just send u all random pledges….she wouldn’t. Everyone is just trying to cover their butts now that Mary es is exposed. Ana j said mary es is operating as mia now.”” “”Tamara has been bad news since I first heard of her in 2010. How can she or Toni say they didn’t know Mary ES was stating on threads and her page she was CBC out of state adoption coord.? “” Tamara has admitted to multiple people that Mary Es was part of CBC. “”Ana has been fake adopting for any piece of crap.”” “”Back in 2010 before I could SS Tamara Stobert Nolan ( had a husband Bob back then) had a partner Royce Bordes. They pulled with donations 31 pits and had them stuck at Sharderin Kennels. Some were sick with diarrhea, others had skin that grew over their stitches. There were funds public funds that were misappropriated. Of course when it got out Tamara blamed Royce and vice versa.”” Royce Bordes is a pit bull breeder (or least she was. She claims she no longer does that) and she now transports and Tamara is currently using her and defending her so they must have resolved their differences. “”Tamara was sending dogs to Craig Fields in NY (New York Bully Crew….another DNR) He stole the name and Tamara was at first his West Coast partner. He rented houses and had street people, drug addicts and alcohols stay there with Pits locked up in crates. A well know dog Charlie Brown was killed in one of these hell holes. Fields had many missing Pits . They probably all died in fights in his rentals. Shady people are Tamara’s chums.”” California Bully Crew Rescue Inc PLEASE HONOR YOUR PLEDGE AT (email address removed by admin) YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO HELPED ME SAVE MOMMY NENA AND HER 8 PUPPIES FROM THE SAN BERNARDINO CITY ANIMAL SHELTER….SAN BERNARDINO, CA — with Dot Gage, Toni Reynolds, Loving Rescues, Donna Wall, Tamara Nolan, Ashley Nicole, Bob Nolan, Lyn Dunlap, Linda Ensor, Mary Es Crossposting Etzkorn, Coty Hohanshelt, Blaze M. Thall, Theresa Dornberg, Lisa Dean, Judy Dixon Gabaldon, Deb Sweetman, Mary Sweat, Blaze Thall, Kathi Richards, Ivette Anthony Ruiz, Melinda I. Naughton Crossposter, Pat Gregoire, Joanne Bagan, Lori Jolly, Jamie Oceans and Laurel M Ashley. Fake adoptions because the AC and authorities were watching 2nd Chance, Mary Es and her pages. They told Destrie NO more dogs. Tamara worked with Ashley Nicole Miller of Pitties and Kitties and Lori Jolly of Jericho’s Promise, along with Mary Etzkorn. She kept Nena and her new pups outside in the dirt in the summer when it got really hot outside during the daytime. “”Mary Es and those PM pushers she works with make me sick. Mary knew 2nd Chance was not a real rescue but kept sending Pits to Destrie. Destrie was a breeder back in 2009. All the proof was out there but they all ignored it. The dogs suffer and pay for these insecure woman.”” Tamara collected pledges for these dogs when they were not legally hers yet. They were actually under another rescue at the time. Tamara claimed they were the ones lying and trying to steal her dogs; however, they had this paperwork to show otherwise. She also claimed that they were collecting pledges for the dogs but all pledges were going to Dot and Tamara of CBC. Her other friends she works with: We here at Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California would like to be as transparent as possible! As such, we would like to share this form with you. This is the release of liability showing that Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California is responsible for Nena+8. As you can see, Tamara Nolan from California Bully Crew Inc signed this legal document. Tamara Nolan admits she is neither a member ofBully Breed Rescue of Southern California, nor an affiliate. As you all know we here at Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California were networking this family and we were going to release this page to the rescue that became liable for this family. As this form shows, we here at Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California have been named the liable party. We have advised Tamara Nolan of this mistake on the paperwork, but as of yet it has not been corrected. Contrary to statements made by California Bully Crew, no one at Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California had anything to do with the filling out of this form. We are extremely proud of all involved in Nena + 8, and any involvement in their care. We do not wish to “”steal”” this family from California Bully Crew, however, we are very concerned that Bully Breed Rescue of Southern California could be held responsible for any issues that may arise, and would like to have this paperwork corrected. We are still attempting to network this family for funds, and wish nothing but the best of care for Nena and her babies. We want them all to have nothing but forever RESPECTFUL HOMES! take from More on Ana Jimenez: Okay – folks – at the risk of being criticized – I’m going to post what someone sent to me about 2 CA people who pull/rescue/adopt dogs – please do your homework before sending dogs here: Ana Jimenez is DNA: hold on ill go post them Tina Malakar DNA: Waggin Tails ring a bell? Dahlia….She is irresponsible and refuses to look at evidence even when animals are dead because of it. Ana Jimenez is a fraud. She is hold on ill go post them remember Chance the dog that she said she sent to adopter then she never sent him anywhere and she has yet to provide any proof of where this dog went….. This is Ben, who said he put up all kinds of money and last statement was he never received Chance. Course he’s not angry about all that money being lost…another red flag in my book, no pics on his profile of the other rescue dogs he has that he loves so much! I know not everyone puts up pics of their animals…but well, every person I know that loves their pets, posts all kinds of pics. If you like to ask Destrie from 2nd chance in Iowa where the other dogs are ask her on her new “”god”” Destrie was the woman Mary E sent Montana and 16 other dogs to (for those that dont know this is that hoarder Iowa rescue) Jamie Oceans of Throwaway Moms is DNA also.

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