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Published: 28 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CA department of child support servics taking 10 percent of any fees collected proves there is a monetary gain to be had by siding with the custodial parent, which is what they do witout question. The courts are a joke only in place for appearence when we know that without the bs findings, the fathers won’t get the fleecing of a lifetime needed to greese the wheels of the most corrupt system of them all. I support the class action suit . Bring it. The court ignored solid evidence to the contrary statements of my ex wife so that this fleecing could continue. It’s not about the kids or for the kids, it’s about stealing from every dad they can while praying one of them doesn’t go crazy and go running through their offices one day with a gun killing everyone in sight. I heard about one guy lighting himself on fire on the court house steps. Family court is a heartless cold evil vile disgusting momey making scheme that’s both illegal and immoral. Where a conflict of interrest exists, there should be no ruling. There exists an inherent conflict of interrest here which is being purposely overlooked to the detrement of most children. Court sanctinoed kidnapping is a multibillion dollar a year industry for california family courts. Everyone involved with the “services” the corrupt, inept, and hopefully soon killed and eaten judge orders is dependent upon the fathers to keep on paying to keep them in a job. I understand my obligation to my kids. I however do not agree to not having custody at 50 50 just so the state can latch onto my tit and start sucking my hard earned dollars right next to my fat twisted ex. A day will come when payback to all the assholes who have robbed us of sons and daughters for monetary gain, and when it does don’t bother crying for mercy. None will be granted.




This company doesn’t ever provide leads. They take your money and your credit card info and NEVER send leads. They will continue to charge

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I can’t believe you all are still in business with the shady dealings you all have going on. Paid for expedited shipping, received the


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Crooked, disbarred, money-grubbing lawyer

Managing Lawyer Izzy Yetnikoff was an outrageous exercise in futility, exertion and cash for me. Legal counsel Izzy Yetnikoff has brought