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Published: 18 June 2019

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Before adding a pool to our million dollar property we interviewed the leading pool contracting companies in Arizona. We liked the pebble-sheen product we saw displayed at new construction properties by California Pools. We knew they were a California based company with Las Vegas and Phoenix valley design and construction locations. We designed our own pool as a large 1/4 size Olympic pool for fitness swimming. We also have family pool parties. The pool was completed in 01/2013 with a swim season from 04/13-11/13 and we instantly noticed the pebble-sheen surface was very ruff in comparison to the model home pools we had viewed. We called in and were told the pool had to SEASON itself. We called back in at the end of the pool season 11/2013 and we were put off by the company telling us the pool was still too NEW, regardless of swimmer’s with hurt feet and swim suit snags on a Baja pad that was mostly used by parents with small children in the family. We were to call them back after the SECOND SEASON. In August of 2014 we called again stating the SEASONING of the pool was obviously nothing more than an EXCUSE since the pool use along the edge, the bottom and on the Baja pad was still causing scratching bleeding feet and ruined swim suits. Swimmers finished the season wearing swim shoes in the pool, and we were told to call again at the “end of the SEASON”. Up to this point no representative from this company ever came out to look at the pool finish when asked. We called their Arizona office again 11/2014 and an actual visit by a staff member confirmed the pool surface was very ruff, but since to fix the pool we would have to empty it, it would cost less in March of 2015 to re-fill the pool, so we were told to call back 3/2015 to get on their list to have the pool acid washed, hoping some build-up of chemicals would solve the texture problem. Now, we were also encountering a large surface separation of the cool-deck with the pool tile at the grout line. This was causing a bug problem for us at the pool line. This is what they sold us as a “floating deck”. No one could swim at night or get up against the side of the pool due to BUGS that attracted SCORPIONS. We called the first week of March 2015 and I asked for a management supervisor to come out and get in the pool to understand the texture problem. California Pools did send a WORKER to re-grout the disappearing grout-line between the top edge of the interior decorative pool tiles and the “floating cool-deck”. He arrived an hour before dark, and he had to lower the pool water line. He started re-grouting by hanging over the edge of the pool and shoving hands full of grout up under the edge of the cool-deck. Much of the grout mixture FELL INTO THE POOL. Being familiar with GROUT we asked him about the grout falling in the POOL, and if it would HURT the pool system or the pebble-sheen finish on the pool. He said the gout would dissipate in the water. It was well into the EVENING and in the DARK before this worker left our property. The next morning “in the light we were aware of all the hardened GROUT laying in the bottom of the pool, as well as the sloppy grout line he created with grout splatter on the decorative tiles. Again, we called California Pools and we were put-off with staff stating no one was available to take our calls. After many calls and phone conversations with the dysfunctional office staff a manager arrived. As a manager HE stated our pool texture problem was nothing more than a build-up of the powder that is used in pool tabs. Had we been using the NON-POWDER pool tabs and keeping a better chemical balance we would not have encountered ANY PROBLEMS with the texture of the pool. I told him I had a hard time understanding how powder would make the pool sharp enough to make children and adult swimmer’s feet crack and bleed, since typically powder build-up on any other surface makes the surface “SLICK”. He agreed to share the costs of an acid wash and a pool BUFFING that would solve the NEW surface problem with hardened GROUT, and the ruff texture of the pool. This was scheduled to the end of April due to their only acid washing on a Monday schedule. Understanding the SIZE of our pool we anticipated a working staff to arrive at our residence for the day to address and fix our pool surface. On Monday 04/27/2015 California Pool’s out-sourced workers arrived at approximately 10:30am (two people), with one person sitting watching a second person buffing our pool surface for a total of 15 min, and then this second person power-washed our pool surface, starting our pool refilling with water at the end of approximately two hours of work by one person. We did not recognize any actual acid washing was done and the surface texture has not changed. The workers stopped filling the pool and pumped out the water they added until after the manager could come view their work. At 7am on Tuesday 04/28/2015 the manager came to the residence to go over their job and our complaint about even sharing the costs with them related to the job that was performed. He stated the pool surface seemed softer to him, and that nothing more could be done without damaging the surface more than what we have known since the pool was originally finished three seasons ago. He restarted the water fill and now we agreed the $125 pool chemical start-up could not be performed until Friday (with a refilled pool). So, at 2:40pm today a California Pools staff person showed up TWO DAYS EARLY to a partially filled pool to RESTART our chemicals for our pre-paid $125. The person put possibly THREE puck tabs in our pool float, and that he would have to come back on FRIDAY to finish since the water level was not at the skimmer level yet. He did call in and his remark was “obviously one hand does not know what the other hand is doing”. So, they show pool surfaces they do not provide, they blame user chemical imbalance for their pool surface problems, their office is totally dysfunctional, their office staff actually causes communication problems directly due to scheduling errors, their out-sourced workers comments are as negative about California Pools as ours are. Our pool purchase was by banking debit card on the schedule of payment they demanded. We have no problem paying for quality workmanship, but this pool addition has been, and will be an ongoing nightmare. Now, tonight we find our pool pop-up floor cleaners are not functioning. WE do not anticipate any better relationship with California Pools as we go to the next round of phone calls and work scheduling. What a JOKE, This company is certainly not interested in return customers or word-of-mouth referral customers or they would fix the problems they have created for customers. Please avoid working with California Pools. Chuck & Debbie/Glendale Arizona .

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