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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On the 4th of June 2008, I bought a new sealed battery for the sum of 105 EURO.One week after,my alternator got damaged,it was not given charge and my electrician fixed it and checked it for charge and he said that everything is working correctly. After four weeks the battery went dead,I had to charge it and straight to the electrician.He said that everything is working correctly,and told me to return in three more days since the battery is fully charged. After three days I had to recharge the battery because again it went dead.It seems that it was getting discharged during the night,because every morning when I come to start it,will hardly turn the engine.I went again to the electrician and told him everything.He checked and said that the charging is still the same as it was,given correct AMPS. I went to the company and told him everything.The floor manager checked the charge with his instrument and he was satisfied,then he took out the battery and put an old one on.He checked again the charging and again he was satisfied with the result.He then turned round to his workbench and picked the battery and found that the battery was totally empty from acid.I said how come a sealed battery gets dry.He pointed to me two vets,one on each side and said the battery was overcharged.Then he put the car on the hydraulic jack and was checking the alternator and said that somebody has touched the alternator because he spotted some scratches on the bolts. I told him what had happen four weeks before,but he did not want to believe me.I told him what is going to happen next and he said nothing can be done. What about the Warranty I asked.His reply was as it is,it is not covered.He then said I give you a special price to buy another battery.I said I don’t want to pay for another battery,his reply was, then drill holes on each cell and fill them with acid.I said thanks a lot and went to my electrician. His reply was if it was overcharging it would have blown all the bulbs and it would have taken some high overcharging to empty the whole battery.He than checked the charging again and told me”look it is charging perfectly”. I went back to the company,told him what the electrician said,his reply was “I don’t care what the electrician said,I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A NEW BATTERY” I told him that I am going to speak to my personal lawyer,his reply was “do what ever you want,I DON’T CARE.”I went home,drill the holes and filled it up sulphuric acid and distiled water and it took more than two liters,at least it will serve me for a few days till I go deeper into this case. Lizio CospicuaMalta

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