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Published: 20 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We got ripped off by Camden Serivces, Inc. This company ripped us off for $3,000 and we want to get our money back. One day looking for some homes on my computer. The telephone ranged and on the other end of the phone was a lady name Shirley. She asked me if I were looking for a home. I said yes, she stared explaining to me about their services and it would cost $3,000. She said that they would repair our credit and get us into a home in 6 months. At first I hesitated about the $3,000 knowing that my husband and me both live on a disability income. She just kept on reassuring me about their program and promising me that she would get us into a home in 6 months. I said to her that I want you to explain what you have said to me to my husband. There was nothing wrong with our credit in the first place. Because I had just purchased a new car in October of 2014. I put my husband on the telephone and she explained to him what she told me. We decided to take the rish because the home that we are living in is in foreclosure. Due to my mother’s death that was in a reverse mortgage. She said that there were three steps to the program. First her, then the senior account manager and the last step was the loan officer. She had us too set up an account with our credit cards. She took $250 from my credit card and $250 from my husband credit card. Then the senior account manager Sean was taking $500 each month for a period of 6 months from my husband debit card. She also, had me to open one of my credit card for them to take $19.95 each month for a period of 6 months. Sean our senior account manager disappeared out the picture. Now we are dealing with another senior account manager Deanna Dodds she took over Sean place. She is not a very pleasant person. Any time you try too reach the senior account manager she is always on another line or, she stepped away from her desk. The same thing was happening when Sean was the senior account manager. I very rarely called them but, at times I had to. Because we need to know what is happening. They will never call you about anything and when you try to call them. They are ducking and dodging your calls. The people that owns the propery that we are residing at threw a lawsuit against me. I explained all that to her. I was not rushing her but, anytime of the day and this was very rarely. They always tell you she is on another line or she is away from her dest. Would you like to leave your name and number and she will return your call. She never calls. So, oneday I called to speak to her only to hear the same thing. I hung up the phone and called right back and she herself answered the phone. She did not know what to say because she knew I caught her in a lie. This is all they does is tell you lies. Anyway, me and my husband started thinking that something was wrong. I went to my computer and started reading about all the complaints they had against them. Then, we really felt like something was wrong. These people have an F rating with the credit bureau. Now, we are straight scared and we was about to graduate to the loan officer. They will not explain to you anything about the loan officer. They wait until you get to him and then, he tells you. We have to pay him another $3,000. This is the way they trick you into getting you into their program. The reason I said we took the risk is because you don’t know who you are dealing with because it’s too much fraud going on in the world today. Here we are thinking that these people was getting us into a home and they were ripping us off. Well, I figured it there would have been a little problem with our credit they would fix it and we would be moving into a home in 6 months. What they does is bait you up to get your money. Once they get your money they get very nasty with you. The reason for my saying this is because when I would talk to the senior account manager she would talk to me in a nasty manner and she would setup appointment dates to call you and she never calls. When you get to the loan officer Chuck Norsch. He will call you and let you know that he is the loan officer and he doesn’t want to hear from you again. He sent a message to my emai telling us what we needed to send him. He called oneday there after, and set an appointment date to talk with us. He didn’t call so, about three days when by and my husband said to me. Wasn’t theat loan officer were suppose to callyou? I said yes. It was in the broad open day light here in florida. I am no where near thinking about what time it was in Dallas, TX. I said to my husband let me call him right now before I forget. I called his cell number. He slowly answered the phone. I was trying to ask him what happened to the call but, before I could finish. He called my name three times and said too me. Don’t you ever do this to me again. It is 7:30 a.m. her and I’m still sleeping. I said sorry, I awaked you. My daughter heard the conversation and she asked me. That was you loan officer talking to you like that. I responded to her yes. The people has some very nasty attituted problem. OK, I called Deanna and tried to explain to her about the way the loan officer was talking to me. She said well maybe you called him to early and he was still sleeping. I asked is this this the way you suppose to talk to a clientele. She got even more furious and said to me. You are no longer with me. You are out of my hands. You graduated. You have to talk to him I have nothing else to do with you. I strongly, believe that the reason why they get so nasty with you is because they want you to get angry with them and say forget it. Just let them have the money. And they got themselves some free money. Even though if they were just repairing your credit. You don’t charge a person $3,000 to repair your credit. I could have called any person that repair your credit if this was the case but, that was not the case. I wan trying to find a home to rent and a lady called me and she said. I can get you into a home but, I need you to talk to someone else first. This man was on the other end from lexington law. He said you have some negative items on your credit report that needs to be removed before purchasing a home. Sean their senior account manage told me he had cleared all the negative items from my credit report. They did not repair our credit and they did not get us into a home. Here we are starting from scratch all over again. They got our money and we need to move. They took our money and we can’t move. The people that owns this property can come and through us out of this house. They keep threathening us to move. We have no money to move. They rob us for money that we needed to move with for 6 months. I should have been out of here by now. Some people just don’t care about how they can hurt a person because their hearts are made out of steel. I would not do what they did to anybody. They are trying to get rich by people off and my dearest wish is that somebody do something about these scammers before they rip some other innocent person off. I want them to refund our money back to us. Times are hard enough as it is especially, when you are living on a fixed income once a month. Please help me do something about this. Everybody is about money and they don’t care how they get it. But one thing for sure when you treat people wrong it will come back to haunt you. Thank so kindly for supporting me in my situation and my very best regard reaches out to you. Sincerely.

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