Campbell Appliance Heating and Air, Inc.

Campbell Appliance Heating and Air, Inc.

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Published: 04 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So my refrigerator wasn’t cooling on one side while the freezer section was building up frost. From past experience I knew to check the vent at the top for ice and sure enough it was frozen over. However, once cleaned the vent the refrigerator side remained warm even after 4 hours. So I called Campbell. The tech showed up and I explained what I had done. He opened the freezer side looked at the ever accumulating frost and said it was due to me having had the door open earlier resulting in moisture entering the unit. He closed that door opened the refrigerator side and declared that the groceries hadn’t absorbed enough cold so the temperature in the unit wouldn’t drop until that occurred. He shut that door, charged me $55 and left. I left the machine closed all night as instructed and got up then next morning to spoiled groceries, a frozen over freezer and a warm refrigerator. I got up on you tube and discovered there is an air return vent lower in the fridge that recirculates the air back into the freezer. i located that and sure enough , frozen over. I cleared that , confirmed the upper vent was cleared and verified the circulating fan was working. Boom, problem solved. When I explained this to Campbell and asked for my $55 back they said “All service sales are final”. I said “I didn’t get any service”. Their response was that was basically my problem. Bottom line, the tech did not check the vents and did not check the fan both of which are the first “checks” when this issue arises. My advice, do not call Campbell unless you like giving away money.

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