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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

First off, I emailed about the unit I was interested in THREE times before I received a call from Campers Inn to inquire if a salesperson had contacted me. When I told them no, I was contacted by a salesman within a matter of a few hours. That should have been my sign to leave this place alone. I had scheduled a date and time to look at the 2018 Thor Class C RV (brand new unit) and set up a test drive. When I got to Campers Inn of Tucker on June 29, 2019, the RV was being serviced, as if I had already purchased it. I was quickly hurried to fill out all the paperwork, but stopped the process to go look at and inspect the unit I was inquiring on. When I decided I wanted to proceed, the salesman set the paperwork in motion. Now, the Finance Manager entered and we finished filling out the paperwork. I told my story of how I had been treated at C World and the Finance Manager was very quick to respond that service is EXCEPTIONAL at Campers Inn of Tucker, and nothing like C World. Over FOUR hours later, I was on the way home with a new motor home. The Finance Manager said that I would be finding items that would need to be repaired over the next several months and that Campers Inn of Tucker would be there by my side through the whole servicing. That was a total lie. The service staff at Campers Inn of Tucker are completely incompetent. They keep saying they are simply the repair facility and I needed to take the RV to a Thor dealer. Heck, I thought they were a Thor dealer since Thor products are sold there. Obviously, I was left to do all the contacting on warranty myself. Totally irresponsible on Campers Inn of Tucker’s part. My next contact about these issues was to someone in Service, who insisted that I bring the RV in during the week. I explained that there was no way that I could do that and I asked to bring it on Saturday. Should have been no big deal since they have a full staff there on Saturday. They were adamant that I could not bring it on Saturday. So, I emailed the salesman, Finance Manager and the Service Manager. I told them I could not come during the week and I was accommodated with my request, by the Service Manager, and was informed that another person in service would now be handling the repairs. Not a word from the salesman or Finance Manager. When I brought the unit down on Saturday, July 13, 2019, work was supposed to commence on Monday, July 15, 2019. It was over two weeks before anything was done on the unit. I picked it up three weeks later on Saturday, August 3, 2019 and NOTHING had been completed. I will say the sink in the kitchen was torn apart, the awning slide cover was still on order, the windows replacement had been started through the warranty process, and the seat cover was on order. A couple of weeks later, the window company denied the warranty repair because Campers Inn of Tucker did not send the correct information and pictures. Since the unit was easily accessible, I took pictures and sent back to Campers Inn of Tucker to send in to warranty. It was still denied. I got TWO reps from Thor on the phone to help escalate this repair, both wonderful to work with. The warranty submission to Thor shows where Campers Inn of Tucker did not submit the items to warranty claim until the first week of September. Note – I took it back on July 13, 2019. Now, I have to take the unit back to Campers Inn of Tucker, which I do not have time to do since this should have already been taken care of, while it was there for THREE WEEKS. When Campers Inn of Tucker ordered the topper for the slide, it was being paid for by their Sales department, but they somehow got it approved through the warranty process. All fine and dandy, but now, again, I have to take the RV down there to get it installed. By this time, the seat cover was already in. I wanted it mailed to me and told them I would have someone install it. Campers Inn of Tucker said I could do that but that I needed to wait until the topper for the slide came in and could pick it all up at once. When the slide topper came in, Campers Inn of Tucker said that I had to bring the RV back since the topped is being paid for by warranty and the old topper had to go back. I was about to blow a gasket now. The seat cover was there so I told Campers Inn of Tucker that I would have to send someone to pick it up. On Monday, September 30, 2019, I had a courier service go pick up the seat cover. The Parts department at Campers Inn of Tucker called to verify the part, which was the seat cover, to be picked up. When the courier got the part to me, it was the frigging decal what was ordered the first of July. I sent an email and demanded that the seat cover be sent to me within 7 days. I did receive the seat cover. I have not heard a word from the Salesman or Finance Manager. When the Finance Manager said that Campers Inn of Tucker would be there for me, he flat our lied to make a sale. If you are looking for an RV or any kind, DO NOT GO TO CAMPERS INN OF TUCKER. They will take advantage of you. It’s obvious now that they never intended to service my RV or honor any of the original warranty or the extra five years of warranties that I purchased. They are there to make a sale and that is all. They will leave you hanging and will refer you to a THOR dealer.

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