Camping World Of Valencia Formerly Stiers RV Of Valencia

Camping World Of Valencia Formerly Stiers RV Of Valencia

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Published: 12 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We bought our class C motor home (2008 Coachmen Freedom Express 31 FX) from Camping world Valencia in May 2008. At the time of purchase there were few items missing and they promised to fix those before delivery. On the day of pick up they said that they forgot to take care of those items and will fix those soon – filled up a yellow slip and it took them over two months to get those two items fixed after literally following up every day – never received a call from camping world about the items and the status – I had to call them every week. Before buying the motor home I did a bit of search on Google about the model and the reviews people have provided for this particular model – came to know that several Coachmen motor homes between 2007 – 2016 were recalled due to fault electric sliding system which might cause the slides to slip and open up when the ignition is on. I took a print out of the recall and went to camping world (Ryan/Don/John) and told them that I am not going to buy this coach if there is a recall – they confirmed that there is no recall on this model and would provide me a written proof of the same. This proof has never come to me yet and when I ask them now they are not ready to provide one. Then I went to get my back up cam installed. Looked up on line and the camping world catalog and called up the service department for an appointment for the cam and installation – the toal was $213 for installation and the cam was for $599. On the day of installation I find that the monitor is too big to mount on top of rear view mirror and ask for an alternative. They asked me to go for an LCD monitor. I went to the cam aisle and picked up an 7.7 LCD monitor with tilt cam for $799. They confirmed that have it in stock and should be ready soon. Waited for the whole day and finally at 5 PM they said it is ready and took me to the back of their service center to walk me to the motor home. As I entered the motor home and looked at the monitor I knew that it is not the same 7.7 LCD monitor I asked for – they change me $729 for the cam + $213 for standard installation + $119 for mounting + accessories + tax. Immediately I talked to Dena (the Camping world representative) and told her that I am confident this is not the same unit I asked to install – she started arguing and told me that it is 7.7” monitor and the same unit I ordered and they started walking off. I was not convinced – came home and searched on internet for the model number at the back of the cam. I found that I was right – this was actually a 5.5” cheap monitor and a cam worth $400. Next day called up Dena and told her to give me the model number and compare both the products – still she won’t agree. I took photo copies of both the products from their websites and from other vendors and eventually after two days made her to agree that they installed a cheap product that I did not asked for at double the price. Within in a few days after we purchase the motor home found that there is hole under the awning on the wall of the motor home which is hard to find out because of its position and is hidden by the awning. but it exposes the wood underneath the fiberglass and risking the life of the wall if water goes in. So, called by Dena/John about the problem and they asked me to drop off the motor home on one of the Thursday and so I did. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday no updates from their side called them up on Tuesday and came to know that they would not fix it as the vehicle was sold as it is. Asked them how much it would cost and was updated approximately $1150 labor + Parts + accessories + Tax and this would not be covered by the extended warranty as well. So, I have no choice but to spend the money for some thing they cheated on me. Ud Tujunga, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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