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Published: 04 August 2019

Posted by: Zarin Khan

31st May 2019 To, The Grievance Department, Canara Bank, Mumbai Savings account No. [protected] – Sakinaka Branch – Mumbai – 72 Dear Sir, This is with reference to my savings account no [protected] opened in Sakinaka Branch from since 18th Feb 2009 and its more than a decade. I am a working lady and I deposit my salary account in it and withdraw the same as and when required.Last month I deposited my cheque in my account and went to withdrew it from ATM but my ATM pin did not work.I tried again and it showed that it has changed. Now, since I am working in the Pvt Company, I didn”t get time to go to Bank and inquire as my office is in Mahim and timings are 10 to 7 from Monday to Saturday. I waited till I could get time to visit. Then I tried to do some online transactions but that also could be done. I needed money but I was helpless. I somehow managed to borrow some money from other source to meet my requirements. Then on one fine day, I got call from my bank, sakinaka branch saying that I need to visit them as my money is being hold by the bank . stating that 1 day I had withdrew an amount of Rs 2000/- from the ATM but bank did not debit the same from my account so now, they realized it and for that reason they have blocked my card and money. Balance in my account is Rs. 13, 000/- they want to debit 2000/- and for that they have hold back my total amount!!! If I visit my bank, my office will debit my 1 day salary since half day or late timings are not allowed in my office. Who will bear the cost of the same? It is the fault of the bank. How is it possible that I get cash and bank without debiting the same gives me cash??That too after certain days, months or years? How can I remember such case? Many a times, the ATM shows no cash and sometimes bank slip comes with deduction from our balance, then again we get cash back in our account. We hardly check our balances and tally the same as we know that as soon as we withdraw money we get deduction from our account. I am the only earning lady in the family with my 2 children studying. I cannot afford to lose my 1 day salary or else lose my job. Suddenly after 2 years if bank holds my money for any reasons as such when I was desperately in need of cash. Who is at fault? The bank should update and it is their duty to check. I suffered lot of loss and difficulty due to unavailability of the cash at the right moment. I need justice from the grievance department. I am still not able to do any online transactions until and unless I visit the branch unless I afford to lose my one day salary. How can we trust and keep our money safe in banks if such are the irresponsibility and carelessness of the bank. Mr.Yogesh, Branch Manager called me today and speaking very rudely when I made him understand that urgently I need my cash and why bank has hold my money .He asked me to come and visit the bank or else my money will be on hold still. I would like to close my account with this bank if I do not get justice . Thanking You, Yours sincerely. Mrs. Farida Farooq Siddique – Sakinaka – [protected]

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