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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: “candy waters autism artist” | Sandra & robert waters – parents / owners | To whom this may concern: | You will have evidence attached and a 2.5+gb dvdrw with the all the evidence you need for this case as frankly this scam needs to stop. They need to stop harassing, stalking, slandering, defaming disabled people and businesses they work for In my case a business that helps the disabled) for asking questions about their published work and work sold. | Describe your complaint in detail. | The waters’ insist that it is me writing all these blogs and webpage that have been out there for a long time. It is not. I do not have the time or the health for it. | That it is me harassing candy, the autistic teen. I have never spoken to candy, about candy. I have only discussed the art and asked why the difference. In their own words candy cannot read, write, or use the computer. I have only used a graphics to show example a and example b. I bought the book twice. I returned it the first time. I bought it again when i realized i was going to need it for court. Yes, i feel i have been scammed. Do i feel this is misrepresentation, deception, exploitation and fraud? Yes. But now to target an nonprofit organization for disabled people and their support group crosses a huge line; morally, ethically and legally – on a federal level. To target other nonprofit organizations tied to me that also work with disabled people and their clients on top of that is psychotic and a felony. | It was one thing when it was just me but now the waters’ have dragged my nonprofit business that serves disabled people and targets those clients as well. That puts this in a whole different class of harassment. | We deal with clients that are very medically ill and disabled and for the waters’ to start targeting us and our client is reprehensible and violates the ada and my client’s rights as well. This is stalking, harassment, harassment of a protected class, defamation and slander. This is hurting our income and reputation as an organization. We are a gold star rated organization with guide star. See exhibit 1 as you can see from our profile, we do not have a lot of income to deal with it properly but we have retained an attorney as we had no choice. We have been in nonprofit business for 13 years providing services nationally, even helping people get their social security disability approved. | Founded in 2005, the my nonprofit organization is the only united states nonprofit health agency dedicated to bringing national awareness to aps, the major cause of multiple miscarriages, thrombosis, young strokes and heart attacks. We are a volunteer run, community based 501C)3 non-profit public charity organization and is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, support, public awareness, research and patient services. We are internationally recognized and have an internationally recognized medical board of directors. The waters’ are doing real harm to the organization and to our clients. My clients are poor, come from all nationalities, are either on disability or are in the process. Many of them will be losing their health insurance soon Including myself) because of politics. Now they are subjected to this from an outsider that is projecting and wants to “expose them for who they really are” because we are “jealous” of her. I feel horrible for candy. The disabled clients who have been attacked by the waters feel horrible for candy. I even feel sorry the waters’ son, evan, who they are starting to do the same thing too. He also has autism. | I can get testimony from at least 4 other clients if needed and i am sure there are more if i ask. She spams medical support groups quite heavy and there is much cross over into my group of clients. | I am disabled. I am on both ssd and ssi. I am not sure what they are trying to gain from me other than attention for themselves, more money from the “ohh look”, and poor us. This is affecting my health. I have been having angina and for someone who has a heart attack recorded on a nuclear scan this is not good. This has put my lupus in a flare and made my depression and anxiety 1000 times worse. I am not sleeping. I am not eating and on warfarin this is not a good thing. If i do not land in the hospital it will be a miracle. If something does happen to me, i will hold the waters’ directly responsible for this. I am on a 30 day heart monitor now to boot and this sky rocketed a normally low blood pressure. | Timeline | Starting may 2016 when i personally ask a question about art and a link to sell her daughters art in deep vein thrombosis support group i was in. The waters’ spammed the group selling their art. My nephew has autism. He paints and colors and i like to watch him paint and color. He was fun to watch and giggled a lot. I was watching her odd responses and asked to see a video of her daughter painting and explaining why about my nephew. I immediately got blocked, which made me start googling. Google led me to several blogs and pages about a scam with screenshots of harassment the waters have done. I was blow away. I posted on a public page about what i had just experience and i started getting stalked by them shortly after. I have screenshots of all of this. | I joined a closed awareness group about the boycott. Learned what this family has all done. I got all the facts supported by screenshots, evidence of the scam and shared examples, simple examples. Truly nothing that was deemed harassment, slander, etc. It was critical thinking type graphics. How does this turn in to this. | This leads us in to september 2016, some of the ladies had called dr. Phil. September 26-28, 2016, dr. Phil was set to film a show exposing the truth about the candy waters scam. There were several autism/disability activists and victims of both the scam perpetuated by the waters’ and an individual that had been stalked and harassed by the waters’. | We were set to film but the waters’ attorney backed out which led the waters’ to back out a few days before filming was scheduled. | Amy joe is still interested in filming this episode and keeps in regular contact with us. If the waters’ feels like candy is being bullied, harassed, and stalked this would be a safe platform to expose that as well. The waters’ have the number, just like we do, give amy joe a call. | All of this drama could have ended in september 2016 with all answers known and issues resolved but something stopped the waters’ from participating in this discussion with dr. Phil. Why? If their claims are the truth, there should have been no problem talking to dr. Phil and taping for the show in september. | Shortly after this comes the release of their amazon “book”, “unspoken gift” candy waters autism artist, contributor. This opened a door for the scam to be front and center. They did not like it. The reviews stood. The waters’ could not delete the reviews like they thought they could. Amazon would not delete the reviews for them. The waters’ got upset and the stalking started. The waters started harassing people in the comments. I did purchase the book. Exhibit 8. The waters have now harassed me there with well over 150 posts. Exhibit 9 | And so things continued. Posting awareness, reporting her harassment, emailing media outlets. See, the problem it the first story done for this family never vetted candy. They never watched her paint. They were given pictures of her. news articles went off from there like wild fire. | Fast forward to april 2017, many of our group members we all the sudden started ending up in “facebook jail” and losing their accounts for old posts but not new posts, claiming harassment or never told why they were just in “jail”. Some of the same posts on the same page would be fine. It was very odd. It was like it was a very targeted attack and took a lot of people to do it. Now, with that is happening currently, it probably was. | It was then, we as a group figured out how the waters’ were reporting us when the waters’ had blocked us. The waters’ would unblock us, report us, then re-block us. There is a 48 hour period where you can’t re-block people. So we blocked the waters’ on all of the waters’ accounts ending their cat and mouse game. | On 06/19/2017, i got calls from the waters not only to my home phone but to my business phone, for a total of six calls. They are all documented. They were all *57ed to the police department as the parents have been harassing and stalking me for over a year. Exhibit 7 | I see the waters have escalated it further with screenshots of an old post of mine claiming i’m harassing candy but no name is mention but i am talking about mammal, specifically an elephant. How it is somehow related to the parents or her is beyond me. Anything for the waters’ to stir up drama and sell more products. That is exactly what the parents did try it to the amazon reviews. | How the waters’ saw this post when i have blocked all their numerous accounts is beyond me unless they have yet another account. This was not a public post. This would not surprise me that the waters’ have another account. Lose an account; make an account. The waters’ have to keep spamming and exploiting. Have to make money some how. | Which leads me up to the current weeks of june 24-july. They posted this post on june 24, 2017. See exhibit 2 how cyberbullies need to be stopped. Named my name and two other people’s names. I am disabled. I am on ssd from lupus, depression, anxiety, stroke and a mess of other autoimmune illnesses. One other lady alice is also disabled with autism and an iq of 70. The waters’ goes on to post screenshots makes her own interpretation of them. This has incited their followers. And that candy is sad. Candy is a nonverbal, severally autistic teen.) she would have no way to read these unless someone read them to her. It turns out this picture is from august 1, 2014! | Candy was thinking about painting next. It had nothing to do about cyberbullies. This was a recycled picture, again. This happened with the amazon, sad picture, candy is bullied thing. If this isn’t exploitation of candy, i am not sure what is. This photo was used to gain sales, sympathy and bully people when that was not the original meaning of the picture. This is how the parents are playing the followers. Disappointing they cannot see it, even when it is pointed out to them. Exhibit 3 | June 26, 2017. “it’s sad these trolls have left many negative comments on candy’s new art book in order to smear her name so it won’t sell. Candy loves good reviews!! Just sayin’) trolls should not win!! ” exhibit 4 more of the same of the previous post. More sales pitch, more harassment, more threats to now the “lead trolls”, etc. What she does not realize so many people have been on to her. I am not lead anything. There are thousands of people on to what the waters’ are doing. | June 27, 2017 new video posted. Candy is painting on a napkin. How sad. Again, it looks nothing like the art sold. here is the art sold: exhibit 5 | And here comes the big manifesto for people to take action, june 30, 2017. Exhibit 6 and 6.1 The old version) yes, it even targets my non-profit organization the aps foundation of america, inc, which deals with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and lupus patients. We are mostly disabled patients on ssi or ssd. She has targeted our support group, facebook page, our twitter account, instagram and our main business page. Yes, we are getting messages at both places. I am getting threats of harm despite her manifesto saying that is false. That is all screenshot. Please note, this manifesto changes often. It was changed while i was typing this. | June 30, 2017 call la crosse pd to take report. They refuse to. Say ignore it. Um, this is a class 4 felony. No i am not ignoring it. Will speak to a desk sergeant on monday. | July 2, 2017 6:30 pm. La crosse police department comes to house to do a welfare check on me. Anonymous caller/no number on e911 I asked) claims i have not been online for two days. Alas i have been. I have made posts on all my pages. The police had been to my house on friday evening to discuss the harassment but refused to take a report. I suspect this is harassment related to the waters’. | July 2, 2017 waters are now tweeting about me and directing people to the manifesto. Reported to twitter. Twitter removed it 2 days later. | The waters’ are continuing to spam groups and pages despite claims that their daughter is suicidal And that we are going to drive her daughter to suicide). With each post the waters’ are posting a link to their manifesto with my name in it. In a typical night the waters’ will post about 100 posts. Called park ridge, il police department for welfare check as i am a mandated reporter as i notice they are deleting posts with concern for her daughter. | My instagram page, twitter pages Personal and business), public person page, business facebook and business website have had a huge uptick in page visits. My public person has been the target of the waters’ followers. My business facebook page has been targeted directly by the waters’. | July 5, 2017 speak to c. Oleson at the police department. Worthless. Also refuses to help me. Claims this is civil. No this is not. I have read the state and federal statutes. | July 11, 2017 manifesto continues to change. More posts on amazon. Amazon deletes them, she replaces them. She has made the description now about me. She has not posted about me to shares that my clients have made and is posting on threads on my nonprofits’ wall to our disabled clients. She has attempted to gain access to our support group, how do we know, the person did not answer the entrance questions and is a follower of her page as shown in the page likes. There are at least 1000 posts out there on me. | I have now decided to call the chief of police. I am tired of being dismissed when i know this is a hate crime. I am following the chain of command. I have called hale-skemp and should have an attorney retained on monday. Hale-skemp too busy. Call some chicago attorneys but they all want face to face work. I can’t drive that all the time. My health does not allow that. So went with jux law, sally silk in minneapolis at $350/hr. It will bankrupt our nonprofit. | July 15, 2017 two facebook accounts created in my name are created by the waters’. Reported to facebook. Also personal address and phone numbers posted in her manifesto. Doxing is a cybercrime in itself shown in exhibit 6. Police called again. While the officer was there tina pohlman was created. Exhibit 10 | July 17, 2017 five new pages created to harass me. How did i found out about them? They tagged me. Facebook does nothing. All slander, harassment, defamation, cyberbullying, stalking; all the time. Exhibit 12 | August 1, 2017 met with the fbi in la crosse, wi. They are very interested in the case. They will be running this past the us attorney general. I was advised to get as many people to report to the ic3.Gov site as possible and some other suggestions. They will have the same information you are being given. It was clear to them in seconds that this was a case of fraud. | Meanwhile my disabled clients are still be harassed by message, by posts under a share from our public business page on facebook. While our support group is a closed group, facebook has the member list public and they message people via that list. Facebook needs to fix that security issue. | August 3, 2017 i end up in facebook jail again for 30 days for posting a cease & desist. I can not run my business page, nothing. I am dead in the water. If i get one more hit i am banned from facebook. This is their goal. Meanwhile, my disabled clients are still being harassed by them and facebook does nothing. She continues to spam amazon with the same posts. I think amazon gave up. I have given up reporting it. No one cares. Absolutely no one. | August 4, 2017 called la crosse police department investigative bureau. I attempted to get my case reopened. Detective fitzgerald is gone until monday. The previous detective closed it as he was leaving the unit. Will call him on monday. Case 10-17-34961 | Past history: | I do know that i am not the only person or business that that the waters’ have done this to. I can get full notarized testimonies upon request. I have one email testimony. Ms. Bachmann does not want to be harassed again by the waters’. Exhibit 11. | How do you feel your complaint should be resolved? Please be specific.) i am requesting immediate help with a restraining order on sandra roberts & robert waters or an injunction. | I am requesting this be sent to the district attorney for further action on the scam aspect/fraud aspect and child exploitation aspect as i am a fraud victim. | I am requesting reporting to the waters’ isp for ticketing or blackballing via subpoena as i know for fact this is not the first time these parties have done this to people or businesses. | I am requesting help with removal of any and all posts with my name, my organizations name, our clients’ names, etc and then never mention our names or indirectly refer to us again. This includes on the waters’ many private facebook accounts and other social media platforms. This includes all of the members of the “candy waters autism waters” page. Hiding or friends only posts and notes will also have to be deleted. They will have to remove posts they posted on businesses pages related to me, clients related to me, people related to me, groups they spammed, amazon, easter seals, and other page they slandered me on. There will be third party to verify that all posts have been removed. Each post found will be rated at a $5000 damage amount per post. I know that there are several thousand of these posts out there, it has been documented.

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