Capital RV Sales and Service Gene Puchace

Capital RV Sales and Service Gene Puchace

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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Another Auto Mechanic ScamIm here to report Gene Puchace, owner of Capital RV Sales and Capital Golf Carts and Service as a deceptive businessman and the scam he pulled on me through his business.Just two months ago or so I went to Capital RV Sales and Service to see about having an engine in my 38 diesel pusher motor coach repaired or replaced since it had burned up two cylinders. The mechanic / shop manager was very professional in talking with me and told me there would be no problem with repairing the engine along with making some other maintenance repairs. I told him I needed to have the motor coach towed there from a mile or so down the street and he even set me up with hissons tow truck which was also very professional. A couple days or later I had the motor coach towed to the shop where the manager went over it and told me they would get back to me on the cost of the job. I ended up getting a call from Gene telling me he was ready to give me figures so I went to the shop and that was when things went downhill fast.Gene proceeded to tell me that he couldnt overhaul the engine but he could have it sent out for overhaul which I expected however, he went on to tell me that he could get an engine from Jasper Engines which I was confused about. I didnt think Jasper made large diesel engines but why would a business owner of 35 years be wrong? I also told him that I would liketo get some or the entire job done under warranty and he laughed and said, Cummins is far to big to even think about that.Gene went on to inform me that I was going to have to pay $225 monthly rent to have my motor coach sit there until they could start working on it. I was a little taken back from this since I could have had it stored for $75 per month where I had itbefore. He told me he would apply the storage rent to the job so I wasnt concerned about paying it.I went on to asked Gene where the manager was that I originally spoke to and he said he had quit. What I found out later was the main diesel mechanic along with one or two others left as well because they didnt want to work on golf carts as Genewas requiring them to do.A mechanic friend of a friend of mine came down from South Carolina to take a look at the motor coach because he thought he would be able to get part or the entire job done under warranty. After he got a chance to take a look at the motor coach he talked with a couple of the mechanics still working for Gene. That is when we found out about the other mechanics leaving and why. What was more disturbing was the fact one of the mechanics that would be doing the job asked my mechanic how to get the engine out of the motor coach,asked about the ECU and Gene mentioned getting an engine from Jasper again. This blew away my mechanic and he promptly called to tell me not to have them do the job as it will be a mess if they doand will destroy any possibilities for a warranted repair. I went into Capital to discuss this with Gene and hear his side of it. Gene told me that he wouldnt be able to get an engine from Jasper and that the overhaul would be around $9500. He went on to tell me that he thought my mechanic was a scammer and shouldnt be trusted. After listening to Gene, I knew I needed to allow my mechanic to repair the motor coach. Since my mechanic is a certified mechanic through Cummins and can cover warranty work which I later find out Capital RV, nor Gene nor any of his mechanics can do this, I decided to have the motor coach fixed by my mechanic.I was contacted by my mechanic to tell me that he was going to come down and tow it to Atlanta to do the work on it. After that, I called Gene to talk about moving the motor coach and discuss the storage rent. My mechanic was on the other line with Gene so I asked Gene to call me back when he got done talking. When closing time for his shop came aroundand I didnt hear back, I called but got no answer. I called my mechanic and he told me that Genewanted another $200 or so dollars so he went ahead and paid it so there wouldntbe any problems getting the motor coach out of there the next day.It is now 5 days later and Gene still didnt call me to discuss this so I called him. After beginning to talk with Gene he told me he didnt even want to discuss this and hung up on me.Basically Gene coned me into paying for storage rent with a promise that I would have it applied to the work his shop would do, all along while knowing that he and his team of mechanics are not qualified to work on much more than golf cars and automobiles. In his 35 years of service Gene should have known he couldnt get the engine I need from Jasper which proves that he lacks the experience for the job he promised and since Capital is probably hurting financially from this type of poor business ethics, Gene has to collect money by scamming people coming to him for professional help.To be as fair as I could, I sent this report to Gene in an email. I asked him to contact me back either to compensate me or to tell me that Im wrong in my comments. I told him that I would be making the report public the next day if something wasnt resolved. I didnt hear back from him so I called and once again, he hung up on me.Be very careful if considering doing any business what so ever with Capital RV Sales and Service. Besides what Im now hearing from the local community, my experience tells me that they cant be trusted to carry out anything they promise.

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