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Published: 31 July 2017

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I was contacted by Capitol Honda for an interview on Monday, September 9, 2013. I thought this was odd because I had already spoken with the GSM and scheduled an interview for a sales position, but thought nothing of it. People make mistakes. So when I show up to my interview, the receptionist had no idea who the person I was asking for was, and the showroom was FULL of people, as if they had given an interview to anyone who had submitted a resume. I get called in for my interview, it was with a man named Chi Li. He said he was a member of the National Auto Academy, and Capitol Honda hired him to pick the people who were going to get hired for the job. He invited me back to do a three day training and assured me that as long as I kept my positive attitude everything would be fine and I would start selling next week. (The National Auto Academy (NAA) costs $699 and gives you the following;25 hours of training. NAA certification. Dealer certification. Occupational Sales Liscense. Job placement assistance if you lose your job. The fee is refundable after you pass your 90 day probation. NAA book.) Day one of training was from 10-3. He went over the basics of the course, and told us we were going to have to pay $699 to take the class and get the job by the following day, no questions asked. He eliminated half the people at the end of the day and kept 8 of us, we all came back the following day for training again. Training on day two was from 10-6. I spoke to the other people in the course and they didnt have any way of getting the money. We were all unemployed trying to GET a job, we didnt have the money to pay him. At the end of the day we were shown papers we had to sign. They basically said that NAA isnt to be held responsible, and you are not guarunteed a job at the dealership, and the money is non refundable if you dont get the job. Day 3 of training was also from 10-6. I got the money from my mother because I didnt have the money. Chi insisted that I would be able to pay her back by October 1st. I trusted him. Day 3 was the day we went and had our interviews with the GSM & GM for the actual dealership. Just before the interview Chi pulled me aside and told asked me about the money. I gave him my card, expecting him to do the transaction in front of me. He took my card and rushed me into my interview. During the interview with Sam and Roger I felt very uncomfortable. They were your typical male chauvonistic pigs. Insisted on putting me in their BDC (Business Development Center AKA Internet Department) to begin so I could get experience. I told them I have been selling for 8 months I have more experience than the other guys you are about to put on your sales floor. He tested me with a few questions and I passed. The way these men spoke and their demeanor just screamed that they felt they were better than us. The other people in my group agreed with me on that. After individual interviews, we were all called back into the conference room. Here was where the truth came out. The managers told us that there was only so many positions open and there was still about 5 more steps to the hiring process which would take about two weeks. So, basically, Chi lied to us about everything. He told us we would be working within a week, which was now pushed out to two weeks PLUS we still had to pass a bunch of tests and assessments to get the position which we were not informed of. We spent all that time with Chi for NO REASON. It was completely unpaid. In fact, I was one of the stupid people that paid for it. I found out that the people who didnt have the money will have it taken out of their pay checks. So they are basically guarunteed the position. After hearing about all of these things I checked my bank account and saw that Chi had already ran my card for payment, for which I never signed. $699 pending. I spoke with Chi and told him what he said and did to us was unfair and we were highly mislead and lied to. I requested to get my money back, and he refused. He said that if I wasnt offered a position after the two weeks he would TRY to get NAA to refund it back to me, (no guaruntees at all). I WAS NOT given ANY of the things that I was entitled to by taking and paying for class. I was LIED TO by Chi when he said there was no way to get the job if you dont pay. And I was CHEATED out of time and money, because I had other job offers I could have accepted and gotten paid training instead of this BS. BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT PAY FOR THE NATIONAL AUTO ASSOCIATION COURSES. THEY ARE BS LIES AND YOU ARE NOT GUARUNTEED ANYTHING. GET A JOB AT A DEALERSHIP THAT DOES THE GOOD OL FASHIONED PERSONAL INTERVIEW AND CALLS YOU BACK TO OFFER YOU A REAL JOB, NOT A BS TRAINING COURSE. .

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