Capitol Kia, Brandon Internet Sales, Jason Thompson, Rudy Varela, Jesse Martinez

Capitol Kia, Brandon Internet Sales, Jason Thompson, Rudy Varela, Jesse Martinez

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I’ve had previous similar problems with Capitol Kia in the fact that they flat out lie to people, especially Jason Thompson. My first encounter with Jason was during a phone conversation after I was sick of bringing in my 2005 Kia Sedona for A/C problems and electrical problems. I must have brought the van in about 8-9 times over the course of a year for the same problems. I got tired of messing with the van and considered just trading it off. I spoke with Jason Thompson who pretty much promised the world. I had been struggling with my credit and he made it like they like people in that situation. Most likely because they try to get people to put more money down or the good old stick it to you interest. Anyway, once I got down there and looked at a vehicle the sales person put a $650.00 dollar note in front of me with a $2,500 down payment. While ,y current note was $384.00. This all of course after Jason promised the world to me and guaranteed to work a good payment that fit my budget etc. over the phone before I came in. Needless to say, I was a bit upset that they lied and now wasted my time. That’s a highlight of the first time. The second visit was when I was looking for a particular car and found one at Kia. I had $5,000.00 to put down on a car and they wouldn’t even take that. I could not for the life of me understand why but frankly I think it just was too much down to make any money off of the deal on their end. Again, after they wasted my time and going down there another version arose as to how they could help me. That’s another highlight. On April 22, 2009. The third time…….. well it’a a charm as they say, my van had some trouble and was pretty much broke down. I went ahead and let Kia look at the van simply because if it was a simple fix they would probably be able to repair it quicker than most people and at least come up with a diagnosis to a specific problem with the engine. I generally don’t trust dealerships doing anything when it’s an out of waranty issue, dispite the fact I personally believe the problem was contributed to a last visit there where they tightened my belts waaayyyy too tight. However, we will save that for another time. Anyway, there are simply too may horror stories regarding dealerships for simple things. Long story short I had the van towed over and they looked at after I had been told another story regarding an estimated price for the diagnosis. Again we will save that one for another time. During the time my van was there I happen to recieve a post card brochure in the mail that was advertising that they wanted to rebuy the van. I thought wow I wonder what that is all about and so I made a call to see what they where advertising. Well, Brandon in Internet Sales says they are looking specifically for Kia Sedons and my van was a hot item. He says that Kia’a are going for a lot more than usual because of all the incentives and even auctions are giving top dollars for them. I asked him what does that mean for me and he said they would take my van as a trade in and give me FAIR MARKET VALUE, PLUS for the van. I explained to him that the van is already there in the service dep and it was having some trouble with the engine. I explained that it appears that it is done. I asked him how would that effect the trade in. He says, not a problem that I would recieve fair market value for the trade in, plus more regardless of any engine trouble since they are a Kia dealer their service dep would have have no problem working with the vehicle regardless of the engine even if it blown. I also explained that it has roughly 78,000 miles on it and it was still under finance with another company owing $9,000 – 9,500. Again he says not a problem I would recieve FAIR MARKET VALUE, PLUS. I brought up one other thing to make sure I would not waste my time going down there, my credit struggle. Again, he reassures me it isn’t a problem. Well, I decided to make an appointment. As I thought more on it I wanted to find out what kind of fair market value was on the van so I looked at Kelly’s Blue Book. After looking at it I decided to call him back to just make sure that I wasn’t going to waste my time coming down there and to get his definition of fair market value. Again he says that is what the vehicle prices for on the market and in my case plus some. I asked him again are there any problems that may occur before I come down because I do not want to waste my time. He says well I can talk it over with Jason Thompson who is the sales manager so that there is more comfotability. I said sure and explained I really don’t want to waste my time so lets make it clear. He says ok and talks with Jason after hanging up on me. I call him back a few minutes latter thinking he would call me; however, I called him to confirm what the status is. This happens after I find out that he has visited the service department about the van. I make the call and He again says man I spoke with Jason again there is no problem just come on down you can trade the van at fair market value and we will give you plus some. My family and I get down there and Jesse Martinez works with us. He is all about the trade and shows us some vehicles. He picks out a 2016 Kia Spectra and recommends it because of the rebates etc. My family could not all fit in it so, I took it for a spin with Jesse. Once we were done we did some paper work where to my surprise Jesse tells me that they will not be able to take the van on a trade in after we spent almost 2 hours in the process of this all. I explained to him that I was not told that by Brandon and Jason. He says that Jason is saying now that they can not take the trade in. Well, at this point I’m seriously getting upset after I had clearly asked over and over if there would be any problems on the trade in before I came down. I explain to him that they did not indicate that prior. Yet he says I understand how you feel but that’s what they are saying. He then wants to add an additional car payment while suggesting to sell the car to me anyway. Yet it absolute made no sense to take on two payments. After that he suggest letting the finance compnay of the van reposses the van that it would not effect my credit since these kinds of things happen to a lot of people. I nearly could not believe my ears. I’m personally not interested in adding a repo to my credit and yes they certainly effect anyones credit. I then ask for his card and Jason’s card. He talks to Jason who would not give his card and Jesse brings back Rudy Varela’s card and plays a little good cop bad cop saying Rudy is aware of the situation; however, Jesse never presented any particular interest from Rudy. It appeared more like Rudy was following right along with it. Needless to say once again I was lied too and Jason Thompson seems to be in the picture along with many others. It seems that nobody can tell the truth there and sadly I learned that in Sept 2008 the BBB has ROVOKED Capitol Kia due to so many complaints in sales and service. They carry a grade of F with the BBB. Fill free to look them up. Man no wonder that explained it all. Anthony Round Rock, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on KIA

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