Car Credit America Aka Granite Automotive Consultants Aka Greenwich Finance Aka J.d. Byrider

Car Credit America Aka Granite Automotive Consultants Aka Greenwich Finance Aka J.d. Byrider

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Published: 05 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Don’t buy a car from these people!!!! Car credit americaaka J.D. Byrider also run by Greenwich Finance is a ripoff. I bought a car from them thinking my credit was so bad I could not get a new one from a dealership. After hours of sitting there I was given the choice of 2 vehicles not any that I liked but after thinking these are the only 2 he can offer me I took a Grey 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon with 111,000 miles on it . After having the car for 2 weeks the Transmission started acting up so I called them and was told they cannot even look at the car for 2 weeks( let me add I paid $1995 for a service agreement . That covered the car from bumper to bumper I was told. 20 months or 20,000 miles). Well I bought the car to get back and forth from work and I worked nearly 50 miles away in Milwaukee. I waited paid $85 to have the car towed to them and 2 1/2 weeks later they called me and told me it was the transmission and they had it sent out to be rebuilt. Well when I got the car back it was still some flaws but they said they had fixed it so I didn’t worry. I was still having problems with tires blowing out and the suspesion system and the check engine light was on constantly. I took this vehicle to my own mechanics and it was no use. They said it needed a tune up and the other things wrong were too extensive for them to get into. Well after about 8 months I met a friend that invited me to come visit him in Florida and I decided maybe I will drive my car because when I want to go I can go. No such luck I got on the road and the car wouldn’t go over 50 mph. I called my friend and he found a Hyundai Dealreship along the way that agreed to look at the car. Upon inspection they found more wrong with the car than I could afford the have repaired. So I asked them to fix the immediate thing wrong and I would get it repaired when I got to Florida so I could get back to Wisconsin. Well before I got to Florida the car started jerking and smoking, and would not go over 50mph again so once I made to the Fl. state line I called my friend and told him to come get me. He came ane the next day we drove back out to where my car stopped and got it to his house. So without my transportation I decided I’d stay in Fl. I also decided I needed to find a way to not have to pay for this car anymore. By then Greenwich Finance was calling my family and friends threatening them that if they didn’t tell where I was that they were going to jail and so was I for theft. I want to get their car back to them I don’t want this problem anymore. I realize they will really screw my credit up but I refuse to pay $11,000 for a car that has a blown engine, bad transmission, faulty brakes, and horrible suspension system. The contract that they give is so full of tricks that there is no way anyone should sign this thing without reading it first , that’s the mistake I made. So now I have a job here in Fl. And I am trying to get a new life started and they won’t give me a buyout on the car they won’t allow me to trade it in they told me as soon as someone contacts them about this vehicle they will have the local athorities come pick me up. I need HELP to get out of this jam and I will always read contracts and do vehicle reports and do background checks from now on. If there is someone out there that can help please contact me. Zina Kenosha, WisconsinU.S.A.

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