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Published: 01 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Well on 6/17/2016 I went to purchase a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon from Carchoice Mortor Inc. in Pompano beach fl. I was coming from Volusia county so i wasn’t able to make it to the dealership on time before they closed but the sales person who goes by the name Ethan told me to go ahead and come in and he would keep the shop open for me. When i get there i take a look at the car and see no problems with it, I go and turn on the lights all worked except one of the turn signal, the guy ethan said no worries he would fix it when i bought the car from what i was able to inspect the car everything looked fine, when i took it on a test drive i couldnt go far because the tank was empty. So i decided to purchase the car for $3,817.34 in total but payed in cash which he had no change to give me for 3,820.00 and told me he would pay me back when he sent me the tag and tittle for the car. When we sat down to do the paper work all i had was my Identification card and not my drivers license because i was waiting on a new one to come in the mail. So ethan tells me how the car would have to go under my boyfriends uncle’s name until i can fax him my License and he would put the car in my name and fax me over paper work to show me the car is in my name. As i drove off the lot and went to go put gas in my car i filled it up I and started driving home to volusia county. all of a sudden my car started to smell like gas strong gas and we pulled over on the I-95 to see what was wrong. My gas tank had a leak and was flowing gas out of my car. I ended up having to tow my car at 2 am from west palm beach. I bought the car on a friday and they were closed on saturday and i had to wait to call them on sunday. When my boyfriend and his father droped the gas tank they found a bar of soap smoshed all in the hole to temp. fix my gas tank. I called them on sunday and ethan said that he would be more then willing to send me a gas tank to fix my car. On the following Tuesday from when I bought my car i faxed over my drivers license and talked to ethan and he said he would fix everything and fax me over the paper work. Till this day I have yet to receive the paper work he promised to fax me saying that the car has been put under my name. Well it was getting close to my temp tag to expire on 7/18/2016 and I give them a call asking them why I have yet to get my title and registration for the car Ethan told me how he had to send in the registration under my name to a lady and she has yet to have them done. By this point I was getting aggravated about the situation and was asking him why is this all taking so long and why haven’t you done anything that you have told me you were going to do like, send me a gas tank and such. The guy Ethan tells me to calm down and everything will get squared away. He told me how he was going to send me another temp tag which he didn’t send out till the last minute come Saturday I have yet to receive my temp tag and was getting worried because I had to go into work the next day, So I give Ethan a call tell him what the hell I have yet to receive my temp tag and he told me he sent it out on Thursday and should have received it so I told him how I have to go to work on Sunday and how he either got in his car to drive me over a temp tag or to pay for my 8 hours of work that I had that day he told me no problem he will pay for my hours. On Monday I received my temp tag and registration coming to find out that its still under my boyfriends uncle’s name so then I decided to call up the boss which his name is Gill to complain about his employ and he new the whole situation and told me that whatever Ethan promised me he was going to make him do it. And to give him a call on Monday so when he was in the office and was able to look at my paper work and tell me what was all going to happened exactly. I give him a call and he didn’t answer. Later on that day he calls me to tell me he’s at the auction and to give him a call in a few hours . So I followed up in a few hours and gave him a call and left a voice message. The next day on Tuesday I tried calling all day to Gill and Ethan which they wanted to pick up and hang up on me. I gave them a few extra day’s to give me a call and all they did was pick up and hang up. Yesterday 7/22/09 I decided to call the tag and registration office in Tallahassee to find out what was going on with my tag and title. I talked to the lady and she told me how the tag and title is still in my boyfriends uncle’s name and has not been changed to my name and I should have received the tag and title in my name within 4-6 weeks which I didn’t and she also said they haven’t sent in the paper work yet at all and gave me the number to the county in pompano beach fl to complain about the dealership. Today I gave the complaint place a call and talked to a lady named Peggy Simpson and she told me how she was very familiar with the car company telling me how the have had complaints about them. So not only am i taking legal action’s with my lawyer My dad and his close friends and I are going up there to pay them a visit 😀 Lynnm2016 Lake Helen, FloridaU.S.A.

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