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Published: 16 September 2018

Posted by: Sammywyler

I am writting this complaint to make potential cat buyers beware of the terrible dishonesty and heartbreaking cat cruelty that goes on there… Care Bear Kittens also goes by Echo Lake Persians, Angel Face Persians and Glitter Bug Persians. the owner/ breeder goes by Pam Sullivan and Pam Ellis Allred. she is located in Arkansas. First complaint-(s) I had paid Pam over several months very large payments for 3 pedigreed Persian Cats, who were promised breeding rights, registration papers and health records. the time for picking up the cats arrived! I was ecstatic to see my beautiful babies I had anticipated for so long. it has been a dream of mine to start a breeding program for this wonderful breed for many years. Pam refused me to come to her house, insisting on meeting at a random grocery store in town. she did not come, however she sent a ” friend” of hers with the cats. this friend claimed Pam was very sick and needed her to deliver for her. she “forgot” my paper work on Pams counter she claimed, but she would send the ASAP. now it has been over 4 months and I have yet to see a shred of papers from her. I called Pam many times ( she since disconnected that number) and have emailed her several times to no avail. her daughter answered her phone once before it was disconnected, stating her mom was very sick and could not see to read the papers.. that she would get back to me soon. sooo, that same day I emailed from a friends email, posing as a potential buyer interested in a kitten.. within the hour Pam wrote back, claiming she had the perfect kitten for me, for only 3 thousand dollars. wow. it’s safe to say I will not ever see my cats papers or health records… I doubt infact they even exist. Complaint(s) # 2- now when I arrived to pick up my kitties I was shocked and appalled at the horrid state thay were in. they REEKED of urine and feces and had fece infused matts coving their tummies and feets ( one was shaved to the skin). I thought I would get them home and clean them up and they would be ok. this was NOT the case. the cats were astoundingly skinny, had severe sneezing and discharge and their ears reeked. I took them to my vet, who diagnosed my boy and of of the girls with an Upper Respitory Infection ( URI), the boy with a double ear infection and all 3 with severe earmite infestation. we treated them for those, and a week later the URI was gone. ( a month later we had to retreat them for the ear mites they were so bad). the vet assumed since I was refused any health records that the cats hadn’t been vaccinated, so she wanted to wait a month till the cats could get healthier then vaccinate. once that month was up we vaccinated for the proper vaccines, only for the cats to get another URI. the vet assumes the cats were in worse health than we thought … we retreated them for the URI. on top of this, the cats have had severe diarrhea since i bought them. we did a fecal exam to find several parasites, including Coccidia. so we treated them, after that the parasites were gone but the diarrhea was not. we have tried everything including probiotics and a holistic sensitive formula diet. the ( sometimes bloody) diarrhea remains. my vet has come to the conclusion that these cats have severely compromised immune systems from were living in a filthy, diseased, parasetic environment for the first year of their lives, and that all we can do is feed them and care for them the best we can. . we love them very much, but I will have to put my dream of breeding on hold for a while. I BEG you please DON’T BUY FROM CARE BEAR KITTENS, Pam Sullivan if you want a healthy, pedigreed cat. I commend you if you feel compelled to buy a kitten or cat from her to rescue it from a terrible, horrid life at her so called Cattery. my heart breaks for the poor babies having to live there 🙁 Pam has very beautiful webpages and says all the right things, but it is a gross misrepesentation of the living hell that goes on behind those closed doors.

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