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Carhop UAC

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Published: 11 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

So here it goes. I lost my job in late 2006 and I lost my new car. I was looking in the paper for jobs and about two weeks later I had another job and no car. So like anyone would do I went to the bigger dealership. They said because I had a repo that they could’nt finance me. I looked on the internet and found this place called Carhop and I went there on a Saturday afternoon looking for a car. I was greeted by a nice man and before I could even look at anything he said I would like you to test drive this late 90’s Ford Taurus. I refused and said I wanted to look at something else. He then stated I can only sell you this car and then you may not even be approved. Well I really needed a car that day so I hopped in a took it for a drive. It drove nice, Had no rust, clean interior. After the test drive I said I would take the car. We filled out the hideously long paperwork that made me feel like I was being interrogated for murder. They want 10 references, all past living history, work history etc. So I regretfully filled out the paperwork and the loan was 4,900 for a 199* Ford Taurus. So about two long hours later I left with a huge migraine and drove the car home. I then drove it for a week and It brakes down on the Freeway doing 60MPH. I waited about 15 minutes and started the car again. I thought everything was fine for about 5 minutes and it died again but thankfully I was on a rural road instead of a freeway. I called carhop and the lady rudely told me to call the service center. I called and they explained it wasn’t covered on the warranty before I even brought it to them. So here I am. I have a new job that I can’t get to and I have a peice of crap car that is now my responsibility. I finally got the car to run long enough to get home and the next day it was the same problem all over again. The car heats up and it goes out. I called the service center yet again and they say we cannot help you. It is not covered but we can fix the car if you pay full price. I refuse and I borrow a relatives car and till this day I am still using my relatives car. As for the carhop car it is still sitting in my driveway. We found out it has a broken axel among other things thats wrong with it. I still pay my payment of 200.00 every month to avoid reposession. It is now down to 1,900 now and I hope to pay it off soon. I would have stopped paying for it a long time ago but I need to be able to buy a new car sometime and 2 repos don’t cut it. The point is don’t trust carhop. Even if it’s your last hope they will screw you over and put you in the hole. Im paying for a car that I can’t drive and it’s no doubt carhops fault. They should stop counting their crooked cash and start helping their customers before they end up out of business. If anyone has any advice on how to Terminate their Carhop contract please let me know. This is one of many corrupt company’s that must be stopped!!!! Anonymous Burnsville, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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