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Published: 10 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased my 1998 Dodge Pick-up sometime in August 2001. A week later, the cup holder broke, and I also noticed that the armrest cover was coming off, exposing the lever mechanism. I scheduled these repairs as instructed when I contacted the service department. I took the truck on the scheduled day, they took the part number and after looking at it told me they had to order the cup holder. I came back a week later as told and had to leave my car over there on a weekday, and they did not provide me with a rental nor a loaner. My job was 20 miles away so I had a friend pick me up and drive me to work. I came back and they said they had ordered the wrong part. These people had the year and make of the Dodge Dakota and they got the wrong part. I got sick of it and left this for another day. Several months later, around November I had to finally fix it because my drinks were falling over. Additionally, In January 2002 I took my truck to have an oil change at a local tire/mechanic shop. I had them do it for $14.95 because Carmax was charging over $30.00 to do it. I returned to pick the truck up was asked by the shop’s manager where I had bought my truck. I thought he was going to compliment me but instead told me that I should take the truck back to the store where I purchased it from because it had been fitted with CAR TIRES. He said they made car tires that big but that were not for trucks, usually for El Caminos and such. I called Carmax and they insisted that I was being told that because these people wanted to try to sell me new tires. I eventually drove there and DAVE, the manager for the repair shop at Carmax, told me that it was not so. It took three days and I had them look at it again. They insisted that the other repair shop told me that in order to get me to buy tires. I explained that the other shop never even offered me a sale and also explained to me that there was a shape difference between the tires for cars and trucks. Dave was very demeaning and finally my boyfriend had to tell him with a stern tone that he better change the tires or he would go to the BBB and report them all. Several days passed and they eventually agreed to change the tires, and outfitted me with 4 new tires instead of just the two, so that was a winner. Many months later I had one more problem with the truck. I was filling the gas tank as needed but even several hours later it ran out of gas while driving. Then one late night, it broke down in the middle of 285 at 1:30 a.m. I had to call my insurance carrier’s road side assistance and they towed it to Carmax. I left the key in their drop-box with the filled out sheet requested there, which had all the information to contact me etc. This was on a Tuesday night. Wednesday I had to stay home from lack of transportation and was calling them to see what happened. Dave informed me the fuel pump was bad. This was again THE Dave, which I knew did not like me, probably because I am Hispanic. Anyhow, he promised the part would be ordered (they never have any at their location) from Dodge. It would be probably by Friday. I had to get rides to work and now I was living 40 miles away from Carmax. He again called me on Thursday and said it would be ready for pick up on Friday. I requested to leave work early because DAVE said I could not pick it up past 6:00p.m. or 6:30 p.m. On Friday around 3:00 I called Carmax to confirm that the truck was ready, as they had told me Thursday evening and the service department told me that It was not done. They transferred me to Dave once again and I asked him that why had he not called me to tell me it would not be ready. He gave me an asinine answer and apologized and never did tell me why he did not call me. I immediately requested a rental or such other arrangements. He told me I had to go get the rental at their Kennesaw Carmax and then I told him it was 4:45 and I would not have anyone to drop me off until 6:00 p.m. He insisted I had to get it at their location and that the rental there was closing at 5:30 p.m. I was very angry as I was doing all my moving and had no car, etc. He told me nothing further. I called the Carmax toll-free Maintenance and Repair number, and a representative told me that I could rent one at Enterprise and that Enterprise would pick me up but they needed some documents from the repair shop at Carmax. All they needed was some paperwork with the work Order number and the servicing person’s authorization. They said I had to get the info from the service advisor. I called Dave and he was a total a*s and refused to give me it and insisted that I COULD NOT rent elsewhere but from the company there on-site. I was very angry and was shouting at him. I hung up and called the toll-free again and they were nice enough to call him on three way. He kept them waiting and them finally they talked to him and explained the same thing I told him. He was still denying the information and then finally, with reluctancy, gave them the P.O. Order and they had it arranged for me. This man was vindictive and tried everything possible to screw me. He was not only a liar but tried to leave me without a ride for the whole weekend. I went ahead and picked my truck finally on Saturday evening, and I let him have it in the hall way in front of all the other customers. Vanessa Douglasville, Georgia Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on CarMax

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