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Published: 04 September 2018

Posted by: Valerie

I am writing this report to describe just how low this bank will go to try to hide there irresponsible actions and there misconduct of not protecting the account’s of senior citizens that held account’s with this bank. I am going to briefly describe this banks true colors when they are called out to explain there actions. Let me first tell you that I use to think that this was the best bank I had ever dealt with in my 25 years of banking with different banks in the state and other states. I truly thought of them as the best until they showed there true color’s. I will give as much detail as I can but just to let you know this is going to ultimately end up in civil litigation. My now deceased step father and my mom had a home equity line of credit with this bank along with savings, personal checking and also a car loan. The matter that is at issue is the home equity line of credit and the transactions that were conducted on it by someone that was not a authorized user on the account nor was this person responsible for the account what so ever. By the banks on records of transactions knowingly participated in transactions with this person in debit and credit transactions. Not only did they allow the transactions each and ever time in person or by phone they knowingly knew who they were dealing with on each and ever one of these transactions. This person never presented his self as any one other than his self and he also had accounts with the bank that transactions took place from his accounts to the home equity line account rather it be debit or credit transactions and valid records will affirm this statement. Upon problems with payments being made and them also being made aware of why problems now making the payments. They then decided that they no longer wanted to discuss any matters concerning this account with the person they engaged in with all the previous transactions. They even boldly enough now advised this person that it wasn’t his account and they refused to discuss any details concerning this account. They now only wanted to deal with the person’s on the note that were obligated by there contract. They even went a step further they closed this person’s accounts and told this person by letter that he was now no longer to even as much as to step foot in any Carolina First Branch. Unless there was transactions to conduct on behalf of his mother. This letter was written by there corporate investigator Hal Atkins. Also let me add upon his investigation he tried his best to get my mother to do things that were in the best interest of the bank but not required by law. Just to get to the facts of what has happened is this bank has allowed approximately 61,000.00 dollars in transactions that they knowingly engaged in also with a unauthorized account holder now they want to act as if they are victims and they certainly know that this isn’t the case of facts what so ever. Upon doing as they requested now only wanting to talk to the account holders my mother typed a debt validation letter on her and my now deceased step fathers account. In the letter she requested a list of every transaction that has taken place since the accounts opening and for it to include every debit and credit transactions along with wanting dates of when they took place, where they took place and how they took place and on any debit transactions who authorized them. once this was complete the letter was hand delivered to the branch along with a letter of acknowledgment for who ever received the debt validation letter had to sign. Also in the letter it was stated that a response was expected as soon as possible but at the very least wanted a response to it in what ever time they were allowed according to law dealing with these types of request. The bank did respond to the request and provided the records in about a 2 week time frame. After review of the records a debt dispute letter was typed to them and hand delivered to the branch once again along with the letter of acknowledgment that they had received this letter also. This letter of dispute was sent to them in early October disputing approximately $61,000.00 in unauthorized transactions along with a request once again to respond in a timely fashion or at the very least in guide lines with the law in regards to these types of request. well they have not been heard from in regards to the dispute until [protected] when they filed paper work to foreclose on the property that secures the home equity line account. It is now in her lawyers hands and going to be dealt with in the court system along with a counter suit of total negligence on the banks behalf. Is your accounts safe with this bank? Do you want to have to experience the threats and the bullying that they try in these types of situations because they failed to do the right thing in protecting there customer not to mention participate in unauthorized transactions with a person they know isn’t even on the account as a authorized user? And then act as if there a victim in the matter also and try to proceed and hope that it goes uncontested? THINK ABOUT THIS AND HOW THEY DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY OF THERE OWN MISCONDUCT AND FAILED OBLIGATION TO PROTECT THERE CUSTOMERS. I guess this will get decided in a civil court of law.

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