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My Pitiful Participation in Caron Treatment Centers

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Published: 27 June 2019

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In today’s life, people have involved themselves in different activities which include social, economic or political activities. Some of these activities end up into addiction. It becomes hard for an addict to pull out from the addiction. So people find a way to rehabilitate from addiction to their real lives. There are rehabilitation centers set up to help the addicts to rebuild their lives and move on. These facilities are believed to provide treatments for behavioral health in an integrated manner. It’s so unfortunate that some greedy people have made rehabilitation facilities a business to make money but not to help the addicts rebuild their lives.  

Caron Treatment Centers is a good example of rehabs that take their clients as a business. I’m a victim of regrettable participation in trying to rebuild my life under this horrible rehab. This treatment center was once a famous and well managed but it changed to be a market. The truth is Caron treatment center has made a lot of people regret being there. They lie to people that they continually and carefully asses their patients’ conditions and treat them under the medication criteria of the American society of addiction. Over this many people have tried their services but end up regretting due to lack of good care in this rehab.

It is with a great concern that I am writing this article to expose what I and others ever went through at this woeful rehab. You might be thinking of attending the addiction treatment at Caron rehab but after reading this article you might rethink of finding help somewhere else.


Caron Treatment Centers’ Location

Caron treatment it’s headquartered in Wernersville, Pennsylvania 19565 ocean drive, United States of America. Their street address is 150 Zipcode 19565. They have a recovery center in New York City and Atlanta. Their Renaissance is located in Florida, Palm Beach County. They offer community support in Philadelphia, Washington DC and New England.


Caron Treatment Centers’ Wernersville, PA Treatment Staff Members

In their Pennsylvania 19565, there are three treatment staff members. Dr. Joseph Garbely is the medical director and medical services Vice President. He is the overseer of all the medical treatments at Pennsylvania facility. These treatments include medicine-related and detoxification interventions. He frequently writes about Understanding addiction, Addiction is the chronic disease, Relapse, Research, and Physician education. He says that addiction kills many people than breast and prostate cancer.



David Rotenberg is the Chief clinical officer and executive vice president at Wernersville, PA facility. He frequently writes about Family support, What to expect, Addiction is a chronic disease, Living recovery, and my first year.




Dr. Mitchele Pole is the director of psychology. She is an expert in research and treatment that is evidence-based. She has demonstrated on trauma-focused therapy at a national level. She writes about Culture, Trauma, and me too, Behind the Numbers and Healing. Dr. Mitchele Pole says we should not arrange for the quick fix because it will get us into trouble.



Apart from those three staff members, there is other Caron’s medical staff. They include Psychologists, Physicians, Therapists, Counselors, Social workers among other healthcare personnel.



Their Assessment and Treatment

Their treatment team uses the client’s first five days of their stay just to evaluate and conduct a comprehensive assessment saying that they want to come up with an individualized treatment plan. Detoxification is done to the clients who need monitoring and medical care.

After the five days of assessment and detoxification, the clients take the next step to the residential treatment. This step is an age-appropriate and gender-specific program. They say Caron treatment center is among a few rehab facility in the United States who offer a program styled to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals. They state that they offer specialized programs that include health care and legal professionals.  

The clients attend the education programs on relapse and addiction prevention under a 12-step program which includes process groups, family therapy, individual counseling, and neurofeedback therapy to control anxiety and moods. I sincerely never found help in this program just wasting time in groups, and people making silly jokes on someone’s opinion.


Accommodation and Amenities

The facility on a mountain top and its surrounded by natural manicured grounds and landscapes. At Caron treatment center there is a rehab cafeteria, chapel, indoor gymnasium, designated lounge, and exercise facility areas. The bedrooms are shared by the residents but there are private rooms available. The building walls renovations is over-due and needs more work though the location has a good landscape it doesn’t appear as seen on their website.

Their financing is so expensive and the insurance does not cover the entire cost. They say that there are scholarships available but it is partially offered. They do not publish their treatment costs on their website so I was shocked by the expensive fees. 


I Needed a Behavioral Addiction Treatment

Let me give you a little bit of my addiction’s background. I started gambling when I was in high school. It became a habit that I could hardly do without. Even after I got my first job all my salary ended in gambling. I never concentrated on my job, everything in my thoughts was related to gambling. One of my best friends noticed the behavior and advised me to try rehab to overcome throbbing addiction. The friend suggests a “nice rehab” called Caron Treatment Center in Wernersville PA. This was sensible to me though I was afraid of losing my job due to absenteeism after being admitted to a rehab. On the other side of my thought, I knew my addiction could cause more harm to me than losing just a job.

My friend was once a resident at the Caron treatment center. She told me about all the “good things” and “fruitful” treatments offered in that rehab. I got interested in knowing more about the Caron rehab so I browsed their website and everything there was impressive. I contacted their office and after expressing my condition and interest they asked me to get prepared for inpatient treatment. I remember I signed a 1-month leave to attend the woeful rehab that never helped me.


The Unworthy Treatments at Caron Treatment Center

I regret the day I was admitted to Caron rehab for a 28 days program. This was after explain about my condition to the examining counselor. He came up with the 28 days idea which I became hesitant to accept. After all, it was a long stay. He was so manipulative that I couldn’t resist the admission. He filled me with fear after telling me the worst result for addiction, used all sorts of tricks and great promises to pursue me on accepting the long-term admission. The cost for the 28 days was $14,000. This was so expensive but he had created a sense of fear in me. He took my condition as an advantage in their market. I was a gambler so I decided to place the $14,000 to try my luck on rebuilding my life again.

The treatment journey started and as stated on their website the first 5 days a comprehensive assessment is conducted to the clients. On the first day whatever I enjoyed there was a gym, food, and nothing more. The second day was the same expect the third day because I had a short time discussion with a psychologist who was kind of friendly but took me as a psycho. She made me feel like a real psychopath, I never wished to have a meeting with her again, thank God I never met that arrogant psychologist again. The five days passed and nothing worthy was ever done to me, seriously I felt no change at all. 

It was now my second week and I felt no change, I kept on missing gambling. The rehab rules were so strict that they made me feel like a prisoner. The no-smoking rule was irritating, life was so difficult to me since I was a smoker by then. Depression was now finding a way in my life. I attended the discussion groups but I found nothing interesting there. It was just a time-waste participating in those groups; I couldn’t concentrate for even a single second. The group participants were making jokes about each other’s opinions. I shared a part of my story about my gambling addiction and others judged my condition by calling me a money waster and that I didn’t know how to manage my dollars. Sincerely speaking that’s not what I expected from those groups.

On my third week at Caron treatment center, I felt so depressed because I needed to gamble but I couldn’t get a chance. I tried to sneak out of the rehab at least to smoke or find the nearest casino but the rehab was a real prison. The addicted smokers tried to do silly things which made every known smoker to be punished like prisoners. Caron’s disciplinary measures were much likely to be of a maximum-security prison. Some of the clients wanted to terminate their stay but the administration named them as psychopaths who are resisting medication and rehabilitation. There, the adults were treated like 16 years old teens. Adult clients were forced to do different things like cleaning the rehab compound under supervision. The treatment team was following up just to make sure the facility is kept clean but never and never performed any sensible treatment procedure.

The fourth week and my last week there was still the same as usual. They used to conduct AA meetings after a few hours. We were always treated like children to a point that a childish behavior developed in some of the residents. The groups were peer groups and no staff member was involved, everything on the groups was a joke. It was mandatory to participate in the unhelpful peer groups which at times led to a fight between the angered clients. There are professional psychologists whom I requested to speak with but I was discouraged.

As none of the facility rules were enforced well there were constant changes in their schedule which left us with no experienced treatment. We were moved in-house where we were congested like 10 patients in a single room. Caron’s management did that solely to accommodate an excessive number of patients into the program; this surely impacted the hygiene and treatment quality.

During the last week, I gave up staying in Caron rehab. My 28 days stay was almost collapsing but nothing had changed and I never felt any transformation in my life. I now needed them to reimburse me for all the costs, which never happened. I was now imagining how they can refund at least a small percentage of my money. I was surely missing my gambling life. The tough life in the Caron treatment center always made me feel like a prisoner, I surely needed my freedom. I decided to drop out of that unhelpful rehab even before the 28 days were over. They later released me but they never refunded the cash balance after subtracting the days that were remaining. I regret wasting my money and attending the unworthy addiction rehab. I moved on with my gambling life until I found another professional rehab that helped me to rehabilitate from my gambling life and rebuilt my life again.


Negative Reviews from Former Caron’s Employees

Caron rehab has poor management that former employees have a complaint about. The Caron treatment center is all about money. People usually get jobs there if they happen to be related to someone in the management position even if they aren’t qualified. The management staff has an amateurish relationship with the employees. Caron rehab is just concerned with getting fame than taking care of the patients. The clinicians are not qualified as they do not know about addiction and mental health services. 


Reviews from Patients 

A lot of people have encountered regrettable experiences from the Caron treatment center. The overall negative reviews from the former clients at Caron is larger than the recommendations from other former clients. I am sure that there are a lot of victims of woeful experiences from this horrible rehab. I’m one of them and I am hereby writing this article from what I went through Caron treatment center in Wernersville PA.


My Commentary

From my experience, I would encourage anyone looking for a rehab to avoid the inexperienced and unworthy rehab called Caron treatment center. Once you contact them or visit their office they will manipulate you with fear so that you can accept their admission without hesitance. Everything that they promise you during the admission is just a smart trap to put you in their ineffective program. Once you or your loved one enroll in their program he/she becomes a prisoner and will never enjoy even a single minute in that rehab. Every client in that rehab is a facility worker in such a way that all the rehab cleaning will be done by the clients under the supervision of the staff members. 

There are great and nice rehabs out here who are focused on helping society at an affordable price. Caron is much expensive in the name of luxurious accommodation, amenities and effective programs but the truth is that you better stay home than to attend their programs. Paying for their services is a waste of cash and time. Going there or taking your loved ones there is like imprisoning yourself or your loved ones. This gold-digging facility should be avoided at all costs. They only course regrets to many souls. They’re so warm at welcoming but once you’re in things will change abruptly and you will do nothing about it since no one will there to listen for your tranquility. 



There are great and nice rehabs who aims at transforming addicts to sobriety. Unfortunately, there are rotten and unworthy business institutes who come in the name of a rehab too. Their aim is creating their name and making money from those suffering from addictions and other mental health issues. Caron treatment center located in Wernersville, PA 19565 United States is one of these crummy facilities. They lie to the society that they’re ready to help their loved ones who are into substance abuse, behavior addiction, and mental disorders but this is purposed to making money.

The unreasonable and inexperienced staff in the Caron treatment center should be replaced. Failure to that, Caron rehab should be closed or the society is publicly warned about the reality behind this greedy business center. A lot of people are wasting money and the time they could have used to enroll themselves or their loved ones to the legit and experienced rehabilitation centers. This kind of health facility should not be operating in society. They want to make fast money easily.

Have you ever encountered such experiences? Should this facility be closed? Should the staff be replaced? Should people avoid this facility? Share your story and reviews to let people know the hidden truth about the Caron treatment center.




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