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Published: 15 June 2019

Posted by: Bart Levasseur

C.A. R. S Protection Plus is a scam for money. The people in this company are nothing but rude crooks who will try everything to avoid paying for repairs covered by their plans. The crazy amount of complaints made against them via the Better Business Bureau says it all, I wonder how they can still be in business. My personal experience with them started when I purchased a Subaru Outback in the year range of the well-know Subaru head gasket issue. At the time of the purchase the car had 80k miles, so close to when this head gasket issue is supposed to happen. The seller I bought the car from sold me this C.A. R. S Protection Plus Unlimited Mileage Value Plus warranty insisting head gasket replacement as well as many other parts were fully covered. Long story short, a few extra thousand miles later, the head gasket started to leak. I went to my Subaru dealership and they refused to deal with C.A. R. S mentioning they had troubles with them in the past. That and the fact it took us more than to weeks to find a mechanic willing to deal with them in a 35 miles radius should have been my first clue. The mechanic diagnosed a leak in the head gasket as well as a rack and pinion leak, both covered under my plan. Before starting any repairs, the mechanic followed protocol and contacted C.A. R. S to advise them of the issue and give them an estimate for parts and labour as well as sending them pictures. He was told that in order for the head gasket repair to be authorized he would need to completely tear down the engine, something he said was totally unnecessary as there was a significant and visible leak. When he tried to speak to the C.A. R. S stating it wasn”t needed and would add exponential cost to me to what would already be an expensive repair, he was only met with grief and the C.A. R. S representative hung up on him several times. I personally contacted C.A. R. S after speaking with my mechanic only to have someone hang up on me too and when I tried calling back, I was put straight to the voicemail, although they were still supposed to be open for another 25 minutes. I called back the next week and after a long wait, I finally spoke to the receptionist who was clueless and transferred me to George (no last name, he refused to give it) who said he wasn”t the one who dealt with this claim (Ed was the one, but again no last name and no one within C.A. R. S was willing to give me his last name). George told me the mechanic gave them no estimate. When I asked why the mechanic told me he told C.A. R. S the repairs would cost $2741 and Ed *no last name* told him C.A. R. S would pay up to $1161 after the $100, he said that was a lie. George was adamant that they would never give any payment estimate without the faults being clearly diagnosed even though they told the mechanic another story and gave him numbers. He said C.A. R. S might cover up to five hours of labour for tear down depending on proof of diagnosis from the mechanic. When I asked what happen if they decide that the tear down does not demonstrate definitive proof of a head gasket leak, I was told that they would cover nothing and I would be responsible for the full cost of tear down and re-assembly. At this point, I ended the call and contacted the mechanic to authorize him to officially open the claim for the rack and pinion repair. The mechanic wasted three days on fruitless talks with C.A. R. S that ended up nowhere as they kept hanging up at him. All this resulted in him no longer willing to deal with them as he lost a lot of time due to all this nonsense. I”m now in a position of needing two significant repairs but cannot find any mechanic willing to deal with this company. I feel like I”ve been sold a useless product and have wasted my money on a total scam. I have now started a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau! These crooks should be out of business! Do not buy any warranty from them, they will try anything to not honour their part of the contract!

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