Carson Road Pet Clinic

Carson Road Pet Clinic

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I dropped my dog off at Carson Road Pet Clinic at 8:30am on July 3rd, 2018 for sedation and grooming. They told us they would call when our dog was ready for pick up. We called the pet clinic at 5:30pm because we had not heard anything back about him being ready. When we called them, an employee by the name of Kristen, told us our dog was ready and we asked her how much the bill was and she replied $136. We had been told the grooming was $40. When I asked her what the charges were for she said that they had to give my dog a rabies shot because he never had one. Before we left the dog that morning, we provided all of his updated paperwork and vaccination records. I asked her why would they give him a second rabies shot and she replied that she “doesn’t have any paperwork on my dog and the girl that was there earlier is gone for the day so it isn’t her problem and we have to pay $136.” | I told her that the paperwork was important and we needed it and she said “well I cant find it, your dog needs to be picked up by 6:00pm.” I then told her the location of where he had the rabies shot and she said that she called that vet and they have no records of my dog. She then hung up in my face and when I tried to call back no one answered the first time, then another employee answered and would not speak with me about the problem. I called back a third time and told them I needed a manager or supervisor to call me back. Dr. Robert B. Milledge called me back and as I was explaining my problem and how his employee spoke to me, he cut me off and said “I don’t want to hear anything about my employees, we are not going to discuss that.” HE WAS THE RUDEST VET I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! He stated that he is a doctor and doesn’t have time for this and spelled out his name when I asked who I was speaking to. | He was the most condescending person I have ever spoken to! He continued to scream in my ear and tell me they did nothing wrong. So, once my husband picked up our dog, they told us they DID find our paperwork and they DID have a record of his rabies vaccination and they would not charge us for the rabies shot. They gave my dog a shot that was not needed which now I have to call his regular vet to make sure there are no side effects associated with 2 rabies shot being administered in a short amount of time because they just handed my dog off and didn’t even apologize for something that was clearly their error. My dog has been acting very strange since we picked him up. Dr. Robert B. Milledge needs to be held accountable for the treatment of my dog and also how he treated us as customers.

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