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Published: 23 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First off I would like to say has unrealistic requests for people in order to get free parts. They want you to enter 6 major car shows a year, REALLY? because where I’m from we maybe have two or three a year in KC Kansas, other than that they are township carshows which are often larger than those in KC but you can’t count these because there is no ‘media exposure’. So you sign up, and if you get accepted (which you will) everyone does and YOU shell out 99.00 dollars or more just to go out to car shows and Promote then If you are lucky you might get a crappy gauge kit or some whack stickers, Trust me if you want to waste your money go ahead but unless you can get to 6 major car shows in a year I highly suggest you keep working 40 hours a week and saving every little bit you can, These people are taking advantage of people and charging them 99.00 dollars without even telling you the requirements first. These people on their website under TESTIMONIALS oh wow what a joke! That right there should tell you back up, Maybe one out of hundreds even mentions having gotten something from them everyone elses TESTIMONIAL is oh thanks for giving me this oppurtunity to get free parts, UHHH where is the testimonial in that? IF this site really worked there would be hundreds of people on ther saying thanks CS I JUST GOT MY NEW PART TODAY! I think they are frauds and for the thousands of people on their site who spend 100 just to join and not get a d**n thing except a crappy shirt (which I now use to paint my house and work on my car in LMAO) and a bunch of ridiculous stickers ( which worked great getting the lint off my seats for my LOCAL car shows thanks) I feel for you, Because not only did you get scammed into being a walking billboard for these fools, I also know how much it costs to enter some of these car shows some as much as 200.00 or as little as 50.00 but take that and times it by 6 and you bought yourself some pretty sweet stuff ALL ON YOUR OWN, Lets take these guys down one at a time and quit being free labor for advertising!

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