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Published: 23 July 2019

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I purchased some new HID bulbs for my 2013 Lexus ES 350 from because they have a very convincing web site. They state their HID bulbs are the finest available, “Made in Germany,” and they offer a lifetime warranty. Their web site also clearly displays a 30-day money-back guarantee. Compared with other web sites, their prices seemed higher, but I was willing to pay more for German bulbs and such a fantastic warranty. When I received the bulbs, which were nicely packaged, I noticed they arrived from Canada. As I was inspecting the quality of the bulbs and reading the enclosed instructions, I soon believed I received HID bulbs made in China or some other country — but NOT Germany as promised. I’m a retired Air Force officer who has traveled throughout Europe and I know German quality when I see it. German engineers are perfectionists and admired around the world. I say this because the included instructions were written in such poor broken English, it immediately dawned on me that it was Chinese broken English — terrible editing — hard to read and almost impossible to understand. No way was this product made in Germany, nor was the instructions written in Germany! Terrible misguiding the public! No where on the packaging or the light kit itself did it say, “Made in Germany.” The Gemans are proud people, if it’s made in Germany, it always says so! The quality looked cheap and I decided right away I was going to return the HID kit and ask for a refund like their website offered. Now the nightmare started with the Canadian home office. At first they refused to acknowledge my request for a refund. Days went by and all the company’s reps would say is their product it first rate and they couldn’t undrstand why I wanted to return them. They kept stating to go ahead and try them out…realizing all the time, as soon as I installed them, their return policy would be null and void. I told them I was returning never installed, brand new light bulbs with ballasts in their original box; they could easily reseal and sell the kit again. More days went by and finally I wrote a letter stating they should honor their 30-day money back guarantee and pointed out their reputation and their integrity is at stake. The next day I received a letter instructing me to send the kit back to their Canadian office. Unfortunately, the USPS fee to send a box north of our boarders cost me over $23, but I was mad at this point. I received a USPS verification that the kit had arrived in Canada on May 13, 2015. As of July 6, I had not received my refund (less 10% restocking fee = $76.48) on PayPal. Now I was really disgusted with this company, so I formally filed a complaint and requested a resolution through Ebay’s resolution center. Within 1 day, I received a note from Ebay stating Groupe Samcan Inc had refused my request for the stated refund, but offered $72. Believe me I was really pissed off by this time, but accepted the offer just to end this relationship with this company. Today, July 9, 2015 I received my refund in my PayPal account for 72 bucks. What a hassle! Thank goodness for the Ebay’s Resolution Center’s clout! Ebay has never let me down, but I warn everyone to stay away from the web site “” First, I totally believe they lie about their product. Their cheap looking and cheap feeling HID kits are cheap Chinest knockoffs — NOT made in Germany. And two, their company is run by deceitful and dishonorable owners/managers. Ebay should shut them down for misleading the public and selling trash. There are some very good websites where you can buy quality Chinese and genuine German HID light bulbs. But this company is a ripoff!! Do not buy anything from this company. If you do and you want or need their so called customer support — like their “Lifetime Warranty” — forget it. You’ll always regret buying anything from these guys. Stay away — you have so many other quality companys to deal with! As I said, the owners have no morale backbones. I’m sure they don’t care as long as they keep making money, but they ought to be ashamed of themselves for ripping off the public. They sure don’t care…but you should. Ripoff! .

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