Cary Alan Cliff Esq

Cary Alan Cliff Esq

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The sad truth about begin a victim of any act, is that you donu2019t know youu2019re a victim until the act is finished. Mr. Cliffu2019s blatant and egregious conduct is deplorable and put an innocent infants well-being at risk. Till this day, to safeguard my child from irreparable consequence, forced me to be dependent on the state and loans to live. Cary Alan Cliff was aware that my 3 week old baby and I were abandoned in New York by her father, with not a pot to piss in. Now homeless, we were taken in my elderly aunt. Mr. Cliff presented himself as very attentive and personal concerned about me and my child. Shortly after this i experienced a mental break down from this drastic life changing event. I admitted myself to a mental hospital in the state Connecticut, to stabilize my emotions. The next happening is where this nightmare really begins. Mr. Cliff, a Family law Attorney for over 25 years is well aware of the emotional distress that comes from a client that has never been exposed to this kind of life event. With that said I thought I was in safe and caring hands. While admitted and on medication, Cliff pushed the fear in me, that if I didnu2019t file in court first, her father will obtain full custody of our newborn. Even more scared now because of what he just informed me with and its urgency; he obtained consent by faxing the paper work to the mental institution. Just for the sake of the reader, I will bullet point he actions. Anyone who wants the whole story can respond to this report. He knew that this should have been files in New York not Florida and never advised me of this legal option. He crafted the petition title, so it was not clear in what it was asking the court for. He manipulated the UCCJEA guidelines to enrich himself. Throughout the first hear, when the father tried to have our five month old expedited back to Florida without me, Cliff insist to the court, that our residency has been and still is that of New York, but then the hearing of the petition he filed on my behave, he turns on me and commands the court that I am a resident of Florida because I never change my driver licenses! Court even questioned weather or not it had jurisdiction of the case not even me because itu2019s about the child. Immediately after the hearing was over, Cliff walked away from me and left without as much as half a word or glance. Fully paid $1500.00, and 3 weeks after the hearing and unwavering attempts to contact him he never responded. I needed to make a motion for a rehearing. I fired him and he acknowledged his termination. Still at this time there was no signed and ordered Judgment. Mr. Cliff writes a letter to the judge after being in communication with the respondent ( father) to our case and States;(I (Mr. cliff) IS IN PERSONAL AGREMEET WITH THE FATHER AS TO WHAT IS TO BE IN THE FINAL JUDGMENT) Two months after being terminated he pushed through this judgment and then puts his paper of termination to the courts which now washes his hand to his doings. Just one Part of this order reduces his child support form $1000.00 a month to $660.00. The six month old infant is to be handed off inside a major airport and be sent to Florida every three week without me the mother. I donu2019t have any legal right to communication with the father or care taker or the child while with him. (Side note, father has never attempted to be in her life even till this day She is 3). This is Just a Fraction of his actions More information is available on request (PLEASE ASK ABOUT IT) There is already two complaints filed against him with the Florida Bar and one on this site, besides mine. all with in the last two years. FYI I also filed a complaint with the SW Better Business Bureau, and he promised to sue me if i didnt remove my complaint. Mr. Cliffu2019s blatant and egregious conduct is deplorable and put an innocent childu2019s well-being at risk. To safeguard my child from irreparable consequence, forced me to be dependent on the state and loans to live. His actions are right out contemptible. The American Bar Association Clearly states what a lawyers misconduct looks like so that the average person who is not trained or educated in the field my recognize misconduct and be aware of oneu2019s rights in the eyes of justice. Mr. Cliffu2019s conscious wrong doings has forced me to obtain several more attorneys and therapists for myself and my daughter to maintain her innocence, childhood, emotional and mental well-being. To this day he has refused to send me a full compy of my file. This process of undoing what Mr. Cliff has set in stone put me in debt for the upwards of $66,000 dollars and robbed me of 3 years of my life. As a parent who Mr. Cliff is, knows the importance of our duty to keep our children safe from all harm at any cost. From a parentu2019s heart, I am currently seeking aid for justice and retribution from the Florida Bar Association. More actions to come. Please respond to this if you have been or are being misrepresented by Cary Alan Cliff. There is power in Numbers. Last time I check, this is America and no one has the right to violate rights of another for any reason!

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