Cary Lee Peterson RVPL ECCO2 Tech

Cary Lee Peterson RVPL ECCO2 Tech

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Is anyone else reading this Peterson rubbish? Topwop2 just called you out for having too much information on this Scottsdale court situation as you called it a “PRIVATE” matter, but yet here you are again with enough time to find out when Peterson’s mom rescheduled the FAMILY court (not SEC) stuff for another date. If we skip the fact that you know when that date is and the date is not really that readily available. Let’s do a regulator2006 “here’s what we’ve learned moment”: 1. Peterson (you) hid behind his mother for a court date that you touted like it was the next coming of an SEC Madoff vindication trial, which in fact is some family court protection order matter. Yes I saw that too, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be giving that order to you either while you (Mr. Peterson) try to hide from people RVPL owes money. 2. Peterson (you) according to Topwop2 is now apparently wanted for check fraud and other acts of theft somewhere in Arizona. 3. Peterson (you) took a bunch of money from Topwop and a bunch of other people BEFORE you took ours when we bought stock and now you sit in here trying to demonize him because he wants the money back. 4. Qukfix has gone step by step and exposed every claim Peterson (you) made in regards to 8K and 10K’s about contracts with IVTI, Barnes Group, Liberia and so on; and your defense of it is that those things have nothing to do with the fictitious 1.8 BILLION in contracts RVPL has with the BIGGEST scam country known in modern day history (Nigeria). 5. Fact number 5, I called the Nigerian embassy in DC yesterday (3519 International Ct NW, Washington, DC 20008) about the very fist contract posted by RVPL in a filing and they said: “While we can’t speak to the contacts validity on just its face, we can say confidently, that no one within our diplomatic corp would sign a contract of this monetary magnitude using a yahoo email address. Also, without further investigation, you should proceed with caution in treating this as a valid agreement with our country”. 6. Next time RVPL wants to claim these incredible contracts, it should stick to naming countries with national budgets that are bigger than their fake contract claims. 7. The Topwop2 and Kiethstone guys are right, our money is gone, but it’s insulting that you sit in here still trying to convince anyone to go long on this company or its paper after we all got taken in by a fake CEO, wannabe UN associated scam guy who apparently does check fraud and steals stuffs in his free time when not hiding behind his mother in BS court cases he tries to brag about in here (REALLY, are you 18 and doing RVPL as a class experiment and got popped by the hall monitor)! 8. As much as you can try to deny who you really are (and I don’t mean Batman Mr. Peterson), if Topwop2 and quikfix have your identity wrong, that of you being the CEO of RVPL (doubt they are wrong), the other FACT is that these are the facts they exposed about RVPL and CEO Cary Lee Peterson and how they have done business. If you’re not him, then maybe you should find something else to do other than try to defend this SEC suspended scammer company on these message boards. THOSE are the FACTS.

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