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Published: 10 January 2018

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My husband and I went to Los Cabos for our wedding anniversary in May, 2013. At the airport, we talked to a man named Tito in front transportation desk to arrange a shuttle to our hotel. He said the transportation was $64 for round trip, but if we come over to his resort next day to look around & enjoy breakfast, he will reimburse the transportation fee and give some coupons for water activities. So, we agreed and we went to his resort the next day as he came to pick us up at our hotel. When we went to his resort, Casa Dorada, his other team members came out to check our ID and credit cards – like, they need to make sure we have credit card to pay for something. Then, a sales representative named, Jose came to take us around the resort and to breakfast then, started explaining about their timeshare (so called vacation club membership) program. My husband’s family owns a big travel agency group for 15 years, and my husband and I also own a branch, so something like this does not mean much to us as a personal use since we already have many contracts with hotels and airlines, and we go on our vacations for free. When we refuse to purchase the membership, he brought his manager named Hector. Then, Hector started to explain about a membership that someone else cancelled saying it was better discounted program but, we refused again. Then, Hector brought his manager named, George, and George brought out another membership that was cancelled by another buyer saying it was far more discounted program. We thought the price was okay so, we started asking how the program works. We explained that we own travel agency, and if we purchase this membership it is only to better serve our customers with more verity of resort options. Then, we inquired them if their resort inventory is available between certain dates, would we be able to select days per our customer’s demand. And, they told us we can select days as long as the inventory is available. Then, I noticed that they only had weekly rate, so I asked if someone wants to stay only for 4 days, how the price works. Then they said we can book just 4 days and pay the price for 4 days – no problem. And, I asked them, in case of unexpected events happens in the future, if we want to cancel the membership, what would be the options. And they said we can always contact them and request for cancellation, re-sell, transfer title – not a problem. So we signed the contract and came back home. Recently, we had a customer wanting to go to Cancun for their honeymoon between 9/10~9/19. I found one resort available on 9/7~9/13 and 9/14~9/21 so I wanted to reserve for 9/10~9/19. But the website would not let me select the dates. So, I called Globequest customer service line. And, they said the resorts are not available for us to select dates. It is always by the weekly rate & pre-selected days. Then, we realized the information we received at the presentation was false information and we do not need this membership anymore if the dates are pre-selected like this. We asked the customer service to cancel our membership, and they said we can only go through thier quality assurance team (Name: Sergio S. Parra / email: (email address removed by admin) / phone: 011-52-624-105-1014 ext.11). When we called the number, the number was not valid, so we contacted him through email explaining the situation and requesting the termination of the membership. Next day, he replied saying the cancellation request is denied because all resort reservation process was fully explained at the presentation – Yes, they fully explained my inquiry with false information! I replied back saying how this was breached contract and the information the sales reps covered at the presentation is false information and we are ready to file legal case on this. I also told them that I will send communication about Globequest to all our airlines & hotels contacts as warning, so there will be less victims. Then, without trying to settle down the case, he is just ignoring all our emails for past week. Globequest gives false information & lies about their program and they take money and refuse to assist you after all. They said we can contact to request cancel/resell/transfer if we cannot afford it or any life changing event happens, but the reality is totally different. It’s like you sign the contract that will never be terminated. I will make sure to give out warning communication to as many Mexico travelers as I can through my monthly meetings with travel agency, airline, and hotel representatives. And, as soon as I find the right lawyer after a few consultation, I will open a case for this. Be aware of Globequest and do NOT ever sign the contracts.

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