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Published: 14 July 2019

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November 1st, 2013, CP’s removed my 3 grandchildren from my daughters home in Winters, California, without showing a court order for neglect, and domestic violence. Judge abashe signed off on the removal 6 days later. The proof they submitted were vague police reports and the word of a case worker that said my daughters emotional state was deteriating because of a relationship breakup. They said she did not have a stable home, food, or financial support. She has lived in the same apartment for 3years did have food and got aid from the state. The case worker told me it was because my daughter did not file a restraining against her ex boyfriend when he kicked her door in and hit their child with it. She was assigned an attorney (Linda Case) by the courts. I was told by CP’s and Linda Case I shouldn’t or couldn’t file for custody of my grandkids for 6 mos to a year for several stupid reasons (to much to put in this report). After a couple months I questioned why there were no written statements being filed with the courts by Linda Case in answer to the ones filed by CP’s. I was told she didn’t file papers she just answered them during court. I never heard of such a thing. So I started reading up on laws, and CP’s, and parental rights. Everything I read said when dealing with CP’s everything must be submitted in writing. I again questioned why written statements about finances, a stable place to live and other evidence was not being submitted to the court. I was told by Linda Case that my daughter needed to quit whining and complaining about what CP’s has done to her and just prove to the judge she is working on counseling and classes to be able to get them back. Any way it has now been over a year and I cannot tell you the neglect and abuse my grandkids have been put through, being separated, put on medication and threatened by a new cps case worker that has taken over the case and so much more. I am appauled by their treatment of these kids. I have attended several court proceedings and have not heard to many responses made in court verbally by this attorney. They (cps, linda case, and judge abashe) meet at the end of the day occasionally and discuss the case without my daughter present. There is just to many details, and issues to write here. But it is very apparent to me this lawyer is not properly defending my daughter, and has let CP’s turn this into a persecution of my daughter. They told my daughter what she needed to do by her 12 month review to get her kids back and it was done. They keep telling her she is just doing the minimum required, and adding new classes and now drug tests to the case. They keep taking her visitation away without the court ordering it. My daughter has to walk home after some of her visits from Davis, CA to Winters, CA after dark on country roads with no sidewalks or lights. CP’s tells her she is not being flexible enough for visitations, making it hard for the foster parents. Her attorney does nothing! I could do a better job defending this case that this attorney does. Like I said there is so much more I could say, but I think I’ve made my point. .

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