Casey Faughn

Casey Faughn

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Published: 07 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

had reached out on this venue earlier this year looking for a contractor to help build a out bar and grill. C. Fs wife contacted me regarding her husbands business. When I met C he came off as a hard working family man. I wanted to support our local workers so I decided to call to of his previous clients. They both were pleased with his work so I decided to move forward. In retrospect, the signs were all there. I found him drinking beer on site (claims it helped for back spasms), his workers were constantly fighting with him and he was constantly giving me excuses on why his work was done on time or the way I requested it. After three weeks (he stated 2) the project was finally done. The bar and grill looked great. Then two months later the wood started to split, the stain started to lose it color and the boards on the pergola started to cave in. I reached out to C. F and he stated that HOME DEPOT gave him faulty wood. When I went to HOME DEPOT they told me that he bought the wrong wood for outdoors (NON PRESSURE TREATED WOOD). I reached out to him eArlier in the month. He told me he would look into it. I have not heard from him sense. I sent him a last text and told him that I will have no choice but to take further action if I don’t get a response. So now my only hope is that people in my community don’t make the same mistake I did by hiring this individual. C. F s A REAL BIG COUNTRY PROBLEM. Here is his work three months after he finished. It currently is worse than this. u201cI’d like to follow up: Ironically, C.F contacted me the day I posted this up three weeks ago. I wanted to give him a chance to make this right. He was very apologetic said he will make this right. In short, his antics were the same. Over promised and under delivered. He stated he fired his previous employers because they performed poorly. The first day he came to try and right this wrong he had the same guy who did the work initially. To make it worse, he told me that putting a concrete mold on the this was a bad idea and that C should pay me to put granite on and do it right. That inspired me to have some granite contractors out to get second opinions. Every contractor was highly skeptical of A) the initial work and B) highly critical of how C was putting in the molding for the concrete (pictures above). When I asked C.F about this he was highly defensive and then pivoted his opinion on this project saying that I was the one that destroyed this BAR and Grill. I will let these pictures speak for themselves. I asked C to show me his business license multiple times and I’ve yet to see any documentation. There are other details of his professionalism that I will not get into. However, if anyone has any questions. Please feel free to contact me. As one contractor told me, we need to get this guy off the streets.u201d UPDATE: I appreciate all the information on here. I just received this from one of his employees that worked for him on this original project I call the Trojan Horse. Former Employee- I told him from the start that he should use durarock and tile for the bar top , he insisted that you wanted to use the oak ply wood ! If you decide to sue him i will testify on your behalf , he screwed me over on a 3,700 uhaul rental I received another inbox message form someone who does not want to be mentioned. Hi Mike – I was reading your post and the comments and decided to check this guy out with County records (part of my job involves running background checks). :/. Please go to myorangeclerk dot com. Then official records and put in his name. He has a misdeamnor for doing work as a contractor and a big fine (as 1st offense) I think at this point we know what this guy is all about. I have tried to come to an agreement with him and he offered me $400 and cabinets that I have never seen. I’m the one who will have to pay thousands to rectify this. All I have is my voice and these forums. I DON’T WANT SOMEONE TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID.

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