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Published: 26 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

If you ever find yourself in a situation or condition where you need financial assistance, do everything possible to stay away from Cash America Today. This is especially true if you are looking for forms of financial support like installment loans. The best way I can describe Cash America Today is to call it a properly-oiled scam and well-packaged nonsense and I will be narrating my experience with them in detail in the following sections. The reason I am taking out time to explain what happened to me is that I do not want the same to happen to anyone else. So, if you find yourself reading this piece, take your time to digest all the points I am making about Cash America Today. I am also going to back my claims with proofs and factual evidence. 




A Den of Deceivers

Cash America Today is a den of deceivers and looking back now, I ask myself why I did not even see through them in the first instance. First, one their website they claim to be a company registered with the Department of Financial Institution in the State of Utah to provide consumer credit services but they do not give any proof to back that claim at all. But that is not even the biggest of their watery claims. 


The Immediate Lies and How They Hoodwink Everyone

Once you step onto their cursed platform called their official website, the lies start popping right in your face. Cash America Today is the king of bogus claims and it is this set of colorful lies that they have plastered on the website that convinced not a few to do business with them. At this juncture, it is only imperative that we examine these claims and outright lies. 

Cash America Today claims to work as a government-regulated, authority-approved and absolutely legitimate online direct lender even though it refuses to provide a shred of evidence to back this claim. Really legitimate companies are always very eager to display their certificates or numbers of registration for the world to see but that is not applicable to Cash America Today and that is definitely more than shady. But that is not all. 

 This scam of a venture claims to be there to assist you swiftly if you need quick funds especially when they are for one of those desperate moments of emergencies. Cash America Today is able to hoodwink so many people into its trap by initially posing as a responsible source pain-free loans to those in need. To sweeten the deal, Cash America Today even goes as far as claiming that they give the installment loans to practically anyone even without any collateral. They insist that they give to everyone including those with horrible credit score even those who have no credit at all but believe me – these are all nothing but lies from the pit of hell. 

 They claim that they are not like other conventional financial ventures that take days to process and attend to loan requests. They say that unlike others, they do their own processing within just a few hours and even approve loans within seconds. All these are just gimmicks to draw in unsuspecting people just like a predator in disguise does to the helpless prey. They even say that they have a remarkably high rate of approval for loan request as they do not demand credit history before issuing out these loans but believe me, that is also another elaborate lie and you will understand why I said so very soon. On their website, Cash America Today claims to make life as easy as possible for everyone by promising things like no prepayment fees and no need for any type of collateral. They even dropped their biggest lie of all time – that if you are not able to pay the loan on time, their smiling customer care unit officers will be more than willing to assist. The reality of the fact on the ground is that their late payment fees can kill just about anyone. Their model was surely developed by the most ruthless and savage minds around. You really need to be late with their payments for just once for you to fully comprehend the point I am trying to drive at here. 


The Outrageous Fees

Even though Cash America Today promises borrowers the most flexible and extremely pocket-friendly schedules of repayment, you will soon realize that is also another lie coated with sugar. One of the biggest mistakes anyone in urgent need of cash can do is to approach this cold-blooded monster called Cash America Today.

One of the most annoying features of Cash America Today is that they charge fees that make absolutely no sense. For instance, if you are a borrower with a little amount in your bank account on the date that your payment is due, this scam of a venture will deduct the sum of $20. These thieves said it is called the fee for non-sufficient funds, how can you charge someone who does not even have enough funds to start with. But that is not all with their hassle. Borrowers have to alert Cash America Today at least 48 hours before their payment date is due so that all arrangements on ground can be made. This is the same company that was deceiving people on its website that its friendly staff will always be on hand to assist but that is definitely not the case with Cash America Today. 


Terrible, Terrible Experience

Even though Cash America Today tries to convince all of us that it is the very best when it comes to getting loans, the truth is definitely not going to be palatable for many. For one, Cash America Today will only give loans of very small amounts. For instance, if you need several thousands of dollars to cover your emergency then you are better off not approaching them because they give only between $200 to $1,000. Thus, that is one thing everyone has to put in mind so you do not get really disappointed like me. And that is not even the worst, they have zero loans (yes, you read that right ZERO loans) for those working in the armed forces. So, if you are in the military and you need that life-saving $1,000 to fix something important in your life or family, Cash America Today is definitely not going to help you. 

  When you finally swallow your pride and you get the loan of anywhere between $200 and $1,000 from Cash America Today, you will be slammed with some of the shortest repayment duration in the industry. They usually give 12 bi-weekly payments that cannot go beyond six months. That is horrendous, to say the least. 

 Also if you work in the armed forces, do not waste your time approaching Cash America Today for any financial help. This is because this clique of scammers says they do not have any loans for those in the military. If you fall into this category, your best move will be to check out with other lending agencies because Cash America Today is nothing but heartbreak.


Customer Service from Hell

If you are expecting any form of reasonable treatment from the customer care unit of Cash America today, then you are making a very big mistake. Apart from their very uncouth staff who are supposed to be sorting issues for customers, the customer service offered by Cash America Today is just nothing to write home about. In my own case, my loan approval was given online initially but they said I needed to come and sign all the relevant documents which I duly did. However, that was just the beginning of my nightmare. I called these guys but they first wasted my time only for them to return to me after what I can call a century to tell me that my approval was denied. How? How will you deny what you have already approved?

  I was more than baffled and the more I tried to get an explanation from the customer care handlers as to why my request was turned down, the more I was rebuffed in the rudest manner possible. Why waste the time of borrowers, make them go through stressful processes and then at the end of the day deny them of what they want? And the most painful part is that they do this without offering any kind of explanation as to why they took such a senseless decision. This is the perfect description of scamming people and should not be condoned at all. 

They will collect all your personal information, waste your time over irrelevant documents they claim you have to sign, they tell you that you have met all the requirements only for them to tell you that your request was not approved. And they will not even bother to do this with a nice phone call but they will just do so by sending you a very lousy email message. When you try to logically reach out to them as to why you were turned down after the initial approval, all you get is a bunch of annoying response from a set of unprofessional crooks who should have never had anything to do with the money in the first place. 

Even more devious on the part of Cash America Today is the fact that they share the information you give them with third parties – of course without your approval, prior knowledge or permission. For instance, there are many cases where they have shared confidential details with the employers of the prospective borrowers – this clearly makes no sense and any company that cares about ethics will not be engaging in this. But once again, it is Cash America Today we are talking about here, zero respect for ethics and professionalism. The interesting part is that on their website, Cash America Today claims that loan information submitted by borrowers are very safe and never sold to third-party lenders (see image below). It says that the borrower data is even secured using the most excellent standards of encryption. But from my own experience and that of many other borrowers, this is a whole pile of nonsense as our information is clearly not safe and secure with Cash America Today in any way. 




The second time I tried securing their service, I notice that they make the application very easy but then the rest is nothing but a nightmare. It takes them days to do something as simple as verification of your bank account and when you eventually call their customer care to know about the status of your application, they will place you on hold for hours. I am not kidding you, you will be placed on hold for hours then they will tell you that your loan request has been approved and the money will be hitting your account in a day or two. Only for you to log in the next day and see a total opposite – they have declined your application. There is no way even the most patient person on earth will not go insane after such a senseless treatment from these crooks. It simply makes no sense and I am crying out now so that more people will not fall for this scam and experience untold misery and stress all in the name of trying to secure a loan. 


The Red Flags

With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see that there were so many red flags that the innocent person might not have even noticed – even though they are quite glaring and obvious. Based on experience, I know that legitimate and highly-respected enterprises online are always willing to provide as much helpful information as possible. These will include details about their organizations, their operations and the services that they offer. 

With these details on the websites, it becomes easier for the borrowers to make informed decisions as they are able to have a comparison done for all the services offered by the different companies. When you check the so-called website of Cash America Today, the first thing a keen observer will notice is that all these vital details are missing. For example, there is no detailed information on the precise yearly percentage rates that they are working on. This makes it difficult for lenders to have a clear picture of what truly obtains in other segments of the same financial sector. In other words, no one knows how really competitive Cash America Today is. 

Another very big red flag that is out there for anyone to verify is that outside its poorly-designed website, Cash America Today is practically non-existent on social media. Let me give clear illustrations, a very good example is the Facebook page of Cash America Today. Believe this or not, it has only ONE fan. Can you believe that the Facebook page of a reputable financial service company will have just one fan? And I am not even kidding here, see the screenshot below for yourself: 




It was with a lot of shock that I decided to also check out their Instagram page and what I saw was even worse, there were just two miserable posts on the page and it has just ONE follower, see the screenshot below: 




In this age of technology and social media, every serious business on the planet has a considerable social media presence and on their social media pages, customers and clients are given the opportunity to share their experiences, drop their complaint, have their problems solved, learn about new products and services and so on. But the same cannot be said to apply to Cash America Today because they are as good as having no presence on social media. Meanwhile, the same company claims to be one of the best in all of Utah in the credit lending niche. That is clearly a lie and a major red flag that everyone should take note of. 

 And the social media links I used are not just any random social media links but the exact ones placed on the website of Cash America Today. I honestly wished I saw these links before having anything to do with them. When I finally got the so-called loan from them, it did not take me long at all to realize that I had fallen a victim of an elaborate and well-orchestrated scamming game. First, they pile several hidden fees on you then while you are recovering from that, they hammer you with some weird late charges and the most painful part of it all is their insane interest rate. At the end, you eventually pay a lot more than you had envisaged in exchange for the shittiest service ever. For those who are thinking of getting emergency loans, do not frustrate yourself by attempting to get them from Cash America Today, a word they say is enough for the wise and I want everyone to learn from my experience. 

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