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Published: 06 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First E-mail Subject: Lawsuit Notice Date: April 12th, 2019 Docket#: BC648299 Client: CashNet We have given you more than ample time and notices regarding your long overdue balance of $ 1,098 for the settlement of the legal matter outside the courthouse, our numerous attempts to resolve your long overdue account have been unsuccessful. As you know, your overdue balance now equals $ 1,098 (which includes interest on the overdue account). Interest will continue to accrue on this past due account. Since you have not made the payment we would be forced to commence lawsuit without further delay followed by all the legal harsh verification and consequences, this could further jeopardize you credit ratings and you’re social will be hampered. Now, let me give you conscious for this mistake: 1 The moment we register your case, a non-bail warrant will be issued 2 FTC team will be at your doorstep in 7 working days for freezing all your assets (house, property, etc.) 3 Your bank accounts will be in process of getting freeze. 4 Serious inquiry panels will be issued for your associates (your family). 5 You will be removed from the job or if you own a firm it will be frozen. 6 Whatever property, cash, bank account you have it will be now onwards in hands of U.S. Government. WE MAY REPORT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNT TO CREDIT BUREAUS. LATE PAYMENTS, MISSED PAYMENTS, OR OTHER DEFAULTS ON YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE REFLECTED IN YOUR CREDIT REPORT. We trust that this will not be necessary; we expect that you will act promptly and forward the payment of the outstanding amount as quickly as possible. The opportunity to take care of this voluntary is quickly coming to an end. We would hate you for losing the option to resolve this before it goes to the next step which is a Lawsuit against you, but to do so you must take immediate action. This will be your final opportunity to resolve this matter on your overdue balance account within 5 Working days without the expenses of court proceedings. If you have any issues regarding this matter reply us back and we will contact you as soon as possible to help you to get out of this matter. Sincerely, Jonathan Bell Restitution Department My Response; Since I have no recollection of ever owing monies to CashNet and the fact that you are using a gmail account rather than a company or corrporate e-mail account I have to consider this a SCAM. If you should pursue without factuals and company information I will turn this over to my local authorities. Second e-mail Subject: Re: Lawsuit Notice Hi, This concerns your account with CashNet Inc. which you took out from CashNet and failed to repay them back. This legal proceeding is issued on your Docket# with one of CashNet Inc. company to notify you that after making calls to you on your phone number, we were not able to get a hold on you so now as on today’s date accounts department of CashNet has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal, take you inside the courthouse and press legal charges against you. Now this means three things for you: 1. If you are on any state supervised probation or parole, we need you to inform your manager, superiors, and the officers and make them aware of what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been registered and executed against your name. 2. If you have any prior convictions included but not limited to worthless electronic check, grand theft or money laundering, please be aware that they shall treat your case as that of a habitual offender as you might be well aware that your state is a zero tolerance state for Financial Fraud and Internet Fraud. 3. Lastly, you do have the right to have an attorney and if you do not have the one or you cannot afford then one will be appointed to you from our end to represent your case in the courthouse and if the court finds you guilty then the total cost incurred to execute the case which is $ 9,583.67 will be levied on you and this amount will exclude the attorney charges, that was hired for you from our end and the due amount that you owe to CashNet which is $ 1,098. In short you will end by paying $ 9, 583.67 either by selling any of your personal assets or properties, along with you the other references which you used while making the transaction will also have to face the consequences. Now, if you want to take care of this issue then you have to pay Out Of Court Restitution (O.O.C.R.) Amount that is $ 1,098, it includes the late payment charges, penalty charges, the highest interest rate of the loan amount and the actual loan amount. Thereafter, all the charges will be removed from your name and we will release the clearance certificate from the court. As we put your SSN into our National Checking Database System, we found that you have been never charged for any fraud activity hence I have personally evaluated your file and with my experience there is nothing here to suggest that this was done with any ill intent or malice. Therefore, the nature of this notice is to determine whether there is a willingness on your part to resolve the matter voluntarily or if this is a flat refusal to resolve and a breach of verbal or written contract. Now would you like to resolve this matter today or is this a flat refusal? Thank you, My Response; Sir, I have no problems taking care of my debts when they are most certainly mine. Please provide to me a copy of the signed contract and any other information regarding this issue. I know that social security numbers are not safe anymore so having my number is not an assurance that this is at all legitament. Third e-mail Hi, The company has already sent 9 reminders in your email address and 3 US registered post to your mailing address that we have here right now. Previously, CashNet and we both have sent you the notifications but after getting the funds you were untraceable so we cannot do the same procedure once again, due to your repeated negligence we cannot send you anything but surely we can send you a legal notice through your attorney. Do you have your attorneyu2019s number or fax number, we can send them all papers along with court summons? Thanks, My Response; Which address did you send them to?

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