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No One Should Fall for Cason Bo

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Suso Rodriguez

Of all my investments on the Internet, the one I did with Cason Bo clearly stands out as the very worst. In this piece, I am going to take my time to explain my experience and also why no one should ever fall prey to this slimy predator from Malaysia named Cason Bo. He may be a teenager but no one should underestimate the marketing expertise of this guy. He has immense abilities to advertise his crap and bullshit and this explains why his annoying ads seem to pop up everywhere on Facebook, YouTube, and Google. 




Like many others, I was attracted to his outlandish claims as to being the number one guru and online marketing guide in all of Malaysia. He did not stop there, he claimed to have established hundreds of stores on the Internet and that he is also an international bestseller. But after the nasty experience, I had with him, it did not take me long to figure out that the guy was not only a conniving liar but a devious, mischievous schemer, and nonsense-spitting brat.


Big Lies and False Promises

Bo came up with a program that he used to ensnare innocent people looking for valid ways to make money online. He called it the Easier Than Fiverr package. For those who are familiar with, it is a website where practically any task can be done by freelancers for just five dollars but Bo promised that his package was even better than Fiverr. In the outrageous set of claims that he used to hoodwink people to buy the massive pile of junk that he called courses, he states that you can easily make as much as $80 in just 24 hours by doing absolutely nothing but using the Easier Than Fiverr package that he was offering. 

  He did not stop there, he claimed that you do not even need to set up your own website or do any affiliate work or sell like on Shopify. He simply claimed that by using his package for just 20 minutes in one day, you can rake in dollars. His promise was that you can make thousands of dollars every month with little or no effort. That should have been the first red flag actually. 

 In the real sense of it, what he was boasting about as the dollar-producing package was nothing than an outsourcing system named Source Market. According to Bo, on this system, those of us that sign up on time as the early birds will have tremendous benefits and advantages. He claimed that for each transaction, you can get hundreds of dollars in profits as against the miserable five dollars on 

 One other fat lie that Cason Bo used to lure unsuspecting victims was that on his system, the payment was made immediately. He contrasted this with other platforms like Fiverr where you actually have to wait for half a month before you can get a dime of your money. According to Bo, you can start off with the system and in a matter of minutes, you are already piling up dollars in profits and cool earnings. He promised to show you exactly the way it is done and that he was not going to beat about the bush. Trust me, Cason has a sugar-coated tongue and he deploys his innocent looks to maximum effect when it comes to telling you how much you are going to make from the utterly useless package that he is offering. 

 He will confidently tell you that his system has been so specially designed that just about anyone can use them and gain without any delay. It is really paining me that I had to invest my hard-earned money in the nonsense advertised by Cason Bo but I really hope that this piece will serve as a warning to others so they are not going to fall prey to this dude who is all about deceiving others and convincing them to exchange their hard-earned cash for a bunch of crap. While I am not saying that there are no genuine e-commerce and online packages that do teach members how to make money, all I am saying in very clear terms is that the rubbish being offered for sale by Cason Bo is definitely not one of such useful systems. His claims are not only watery, but they are also well-packaged lies. These lies were deliberately concocted to not only misguide and deceive the innocent buyers, but they were also designed to cause serious confusion. 

 By the time I am done with narrating my experience, you will clearly see why no one should fall for Cason Bo who is nothing but a heartless wolf looking for anyone to devour with his sweet tales of how you can make up to $80 in one day doing practically nothing. The so-called system that he is offering to everyone is actually a collection of almost 20 low-quality and really crappy videos that he referred to as training courses. 


Terrible Products

  Contrary to what you will expect as an eager and expectant buyer, the videos are not of any good quality. There is nothing useful or educative or informational about any of them. In the videos, he rambles endlessly on how one can make good earnings from Source Market. The first time I saw the videos, I was understandably enraged. If you are thinking the course will contain some very exclusive videos that have rare trading secrets on how to actually maximize earnings, then you will be deeply disappointed. You will not only feel cheated and deceived by Cason Bo, but you will also feel really furious. 

 To make the whole thing really worse, the biggest shocker is that what is in the so-called videos and the mighty promises and claims that Bo made while calling on people to buy are totally dissimilar. In fact, they are as different as black and white and that is the major whiff of a shocker that will hit you in the face once you make the purchase. All of a sudden, you will notice that all the high-sounding claims he was using in his adverts have vanished without a trace. That also should be another major red flag for everyone. 

  Right all over his package, there are signs of deceit and evil intentions. First, he claimed that he is going to teach you how to make money on the Internet for free. He stressed the fact that you are not going to pay a dime to get this knowledge but once you go ahead to click and submit your details, the next prompt that will pop up in your face is an offer of the same ‘free’ product for almost $18! What kind of a deceitful merchant goes about lying at every stage of his interaction with his clients? How can you claim one thing is free in one breath and in just a second after, you put a price on the same product you promised to give out for FREE. This is just one of the many dubious antics of Cason Bo and I am narrating my nasty experience in his hands here so no one will fall a victim again to him or his likes. 


My Terrible Experience with Cason’s Products

 Although I overlooked this glaring act of deceit from Bo, I still went ahead to purchase his product. He claimed that he was even offering it to us at a much-discounted price. The next blow to come was even going to be far more shocking. He offered to sell another package for almost $60 saying with this package one can make almost $20 in less than one minute with just simple copy and paste tasks. I knew that was nothing but rubbish so I did not waste my money on it. But after a while, the same package popped up but at a considerably less price than what was offered initially. It was really clear at this stage that all Bo was targeting was how he was going to fleece unsuspecting people of their hard-earned funds and that he was even employing such a stupid strategy shows how senseless he is. But he did not stop his devilish behavior at that point. 

 While trying to promote his other system, he foolishly ended up running down the Easier Than Fiverr system that he spent so much trying to sell to everyone. That was another major red flag because it shows very clearly that all he was just interested in was just collecting money from people. His goal and interest were never to teach people or assist them on how to make money from the Internet but on how he was going to collect as much as possible from people by using a number of strategies. 

 In the new package, Cason Bo claimed that in just one month, users will be able to make several thousands of dollars by doing nothing but just easy copy and paste work for just a few minutes on a daily basis. That sure sounded too good to be true and when he stated his comparison of this product with the Easier Than Fiverr system, it was then I realized very clearly what Cason Bo was up to. It was too late to call for a refund but I was determined to get to the root of it all so I decided to play along. 

  You needed to see how much effort he exerted in promoting this system. He claimed that it was so simple that making money with it was almost effortless. At this stage, anyone who was looking forward to some real teaching and educational secrets on how to make money would be totally disappointed. He was only reeling off incredible claims on how you can make massive earnings by working for just minutes every single day. There were just too many issues with his claims and terrible manners of presentation. 




While he was doing all these, offers of the package he was offering for less than $20 kept popping up again but I resisted wasting money on it. The curious part of me kept me going because I wanted to see how his nonsensical rants were going to end. But even as curious as I was, I realized this was a highly-convoluted mess and total nonsense of a sales pitch. 

The only thing Cason Bo was offering after taking our money was just to throw more ads for another package before our eyes – right inside the same course that he had promised to use to teach us how to make a lot of bucks while working for just minutes every day. But I was more than determined to explore everything in the package I paid for so I would be able to give a detailed experience while writing this piece to warn others who may be thinking of investing with Cason Bo. Do not even think about it because it will not end well – you need to learn from my experience! 

 Remember that I mentioned that the useless package I purchased from Bo was nothing but a collection of dull videos. The beginning parts of the clips were not any sales secrets but boring talk on inspiration and a more annoying talk on Source Market. By the way, do not even for a second imagine that these videos were detailed, some of them were not even up to one minute and those more than one minute were equally useless. 

 I watched all the videos and my anger was only mounting as I watched each one. It all looked like one huge and expensive joke because the videos were totally WORTHLESS. Imagine instead of learning the deep secrets of making money online, Cason Bo was talking nonsense of how he was working online for four years. It was more than a slap in the face – it was a barely-veiled scam! He was talking non stop the nonsense about believing in yourself and all the usual motivational talk bullshit! The more I recollect how I was taken for a ride by this idiot, the angrier I just get. 

 Not even a single one of the videos had any practical piece of advice or anything to show that Cason Bo actually had any viable business online that made him the number of earnings he was always claiming. And talking of the quality of the videos, oh my goodness, not even kindergarten kids would make such poor videos. Bland black text on a super boring white background. It was just a whole mess, nothing but a real mess. After wasting your time going through all the videos full of Bo’s unproductive rants, he will add salt to your injury by telling you at the end of all the clips that you should just ‘do something’! 

Can you just imagine that? Now, seriously speaking, if there is an award for the most useless scam video on the Internet, it will be the ones offered by this lazy lout named Cason Bo. I totally and honestly understand that so many of us out there are genuinely looking for ways to be financially free and for good reasons, we all believe that the Internet is the best place to start this search. But believe me, whatever it is that you are going to do on the Internet regarding becoming financially independent and earning good money for yourself, ensure you stay very far away from anything that has Cason Bo on it. He is very good with his ridiculous adverts and his sole goal is to trap you into shelling out your funds to buy his utterly USELESS products. 


Caught on Social Media

 It seems nowadays that many people are beginning to see him for who he is because his social media accounts are now real shadows (see his Instagram page HERE and his dead Facebook page HERE, see screenshots below). People are blasting him constantly on social media and probably that is why the last time he posted on Facebook was in October 2018. 








Final Thoughts

It is very important that everyone is made aware of this cheating and a lying scammer who has absolutely nothing reasonable to offer anyone but will stop at nothing just to collect the one you have. Unlike other sophisticated scammers online, he is yet to have a considerable number of followers or even any tangible influence but for those of us that he has successfully scammed, we will never stop warning others about him and why they must always stay aware from him or any of the useless systems that he offers. Nowadays, there are many shadowy elements posing and masquerading on the Internet as reliable gurus but a vast proportion of them are nothing but thieves, scammers, and fraudsters – and that is precisely why I am writing this piece, to warn and caution everyone. 

It is unclear if Cason Bo will change from his ways and stop scamming people in exchange for dead products. But whatever the case or the path he has decided to choose for himself, it is far more important that I share my own personal experience with everyone. 

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