Catherine Wilkins of USF and Judy Genshaft Honors College, University of South Florida

Cancer Charity Scam by Prof. Catherine Wilkins of USF and Judy Genshaft Honors College.

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Published: 13 February 2021

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Please call the president of USF (STEVE CURRALL) and ask why a cancer charity fraudster, liar on scholarships, and academic cheater is working and teaching at USF, and especially in the field of Medical Humanities.


(813) 974-2791

Cancer and trauma is life-long.

Hello, Prof. Catherine Wilkins of USF and Judy Genshaft Fake-Honors College.

This is an open letter.

There are fraudsters that fake taking care of a cancer patient.

The fraud is to steal money, sympathy, and more.

There are also fraudsters that lie in academic settings.

Add in a variation of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, narcissist abuse, and patient abuse.

Miss Prof. Catherine Wilkins of USF, you committed fraud concerning being the “caretaker” of someone fighting cancer, so you could secretly steal charity money for yourself, and also receive unwarranted respect and false honor. And fulfill your dangerous ambition to somehow be connected to the field of medicine.

I myself am a real cancer survivor. I have very close friends that have fought cancer. My family members have died of cancer.

Miss Catherine Wilkins of Judy Genshaft Honors College, you lied on charity applications trying to steal money for yourself.

You lied about many other events. You abused a cancer patient. You kept them sick, you kept them in turmoil, you kept them from filing paperwork, you obstructed them, gaslit them, and kept them as isolated as possible until they nearly died… you did this for years… all the while claiming you were caring for them, and trying to steal charity money and respect for yourself.

Then you spent years covering it up, and creating even more false documents.

I just cannot believe you behaved in such disgusting ways to a real person battling cancer and struggling to live another day.

This is simply the most wrong thing I’ve seen.

You lied repeatedly, and for years, to many people, students, professors, museums, and universities.

Cancer is nothing small. Do not play with it, Miss Wilkins, please.

Cancer is not a game.

Miss Catherine Wilkins, I have seen pictures of how you pretended to shave your head… to further your lie about being a “cancer patient caretaker” … just like noble and real caretakers do to be in solidarity when a real cancer patient loses their hair from chemo. But you just pretended.

You weren’t taking care of anyone. You were abusing and neglecting a cancer patient and trying to steal charity money for yourself.

You used their condition of real cancer, to file fraudulent charity paperwork solely and secretly for yourself.

You did this in an university environment.

Catherine Wilkins: I saw photos of the “thing” you made. The best word for it is “thing” because it is disgusting. You actually made a “bald cap” by taking a skin-colored swimming cap, and gluing a few trimmings of your hair to it, and then put a bandana and ski hat over it, to pretend even more that you shaved your head.

To a real cancer patient, this is absolutely horrific of you.

I do not understand the amount of time it took you to plan, connive, and create this “thing”?

Stealing money from charities with your untrue “cancer caretaker” scheme…

This is THE absolute most despised action anyone can do when it comes to cancer.

Miss Catherine Wilkins: Do you realize how your behavior damages donations to cancer charities, and causes great harm to anyone going through the trials of cancer?

Miss Catherine Wilkins: Do you even truly understand how difficult chemotherapy is?

Do you know the intense burning of these fire-chemicals coursing through your veins? The radiation? The surgery?

Nothing about cancer is easy.

I know of nothing more despicable than using cancer to steal.

No one truly recovers from cancer, as cancer can always recur, and the medicine (chemo, surgery, and/or radiation) leave lifelong scars and side effects — and the mental trauma is excruciating.

Because of your abuse and neglect, isolation and gaslighting, you almost killed a person with your cancer games, so you could profit.

Cancer sufferers and their true and real loving caretakers are flat-out exhausted by those scheming with the horrible idea of turning cancer into a method for private gain.

You have harmed all persons who deal with cancer.

From family members watching other family members die. To children who do not understand why they must feel so much pain at a young age.

Miss Catherine Wilkins, you hurt all the loving people in the world who sincerely help others through their incredible ordeal of cancer.

It is disgraceful you are in Medical Humanities.

Miss Catherine Wilkins, I am ashamed for you.

Professor Catherine Wilkins: You are now teaching students. Please tell your students the truth about how you lied on your charity applications, your scholarship applications, your grant applications, your resumes, your job applications, and lied to museums and universities, and to your fellow professors.

Tell your students the truth, so they will learn not to cheat in academics. And learn not to steal from charities.

Catherine Wilkins of USF and Judy Genshaft Honors College (University of South Florida)

Please call the president of USF (STEVE CURRALL) and ask why a cancer charity fraudster, liar on scholarships, and academic cheater is working and teaching at USF, and especially in the field of Medical Humanities.


(813) 974-2791

University of South Florida

Office of the President

4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CGS 401

Tampa, Florida 33620

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