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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had my truck(2000 Chevy Blazer) towed to CCM Enterprises Ltd. 11/16/2007 – $194.86- to have a new gas tank, fuel pump and straps installed. I was told by Chris Wright that I needed a new filler hose and that I had been given the wrong straps. It was decided it would be put back together with the old filler hose and he would use “shop straps”, so I could use the truck to get back and forth to work with. The truck worked fine. I am a single parent who recently made a career change from fish plant employee to Heavy Equipment Operator. 12/14/2007 -$289.79-I returned the truck to CCM-Chris Wright to have the proper straps, filler hose and 2 front wheel bearings installed, and also asked him to let me know what I needed for the rear brakes and I would get the parts and bring it in to have them repaired. I left the garage and got maybe 10 kms and the truck started acting bad. It was flooding out. I called Chris Wright and explained the truck was acting bad, stalling out, spitting and sputtering. I told him it was like it wasn’t getting it’s fuel, or was getting too much. I took the truck and dropped it off and told him I’d pick it up Wednesday or Thursday. 12/20/2007 -$298.35- I went to pick the truck up after they explained they didn’t know for sure what the problem was. Thursday, March 06, 2008 – After many gas leaks and much flooding. I took my truck to a new garage in town to have them drop the tank and tell me what was wrong and to have it repaired. Much to my horror, we found the problem. Mechanics notes read as follows: All fuel lines were cut and pieced together in a way dangerous to owner. Copper line used for fuel line which is also a danger. Fuel pump inlet & outlet broken and re-attached with hose clamps – should be quick connect fittings. Fuel lines were not in the proper spots. Fuel return line in the wrong position – found connected to vent line. This is a high pressure fuel system and should not be tampered with. I was called over to see what the state of repair of the fuel system was and have pictures and do plan to take legal action. This man put my family and me in danger every time I started that truck, it could have blown up. I could have been sitting in traffic with my children in the truck, sitting beside you or someone you love, a bus load of kids, anywhere, anytime that truck could have blown up and he knowingly did that. And then charged me another $298.35 after he had already broken the fuel pump -$293.00 – and pieced together the fuel system. The truck worked fine until the filler hose was installed. So I drove it, with it working fine, from 11/16/2007 thru 12/14/2007. 12/20/2007 – $298.35 – still worked bad, and he could have blown us up. Joanne Pennfield, NorthWest TerritoriesCanada

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