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CC&R Construction

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Published: 18 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The following is authored by an individual that shared their experience and thoughts to save others from experiencing the same.I noted CC&R Construction owned by B. Covington was billing and cashed a check for work not preformed in the manner agreed. The insurance company was notified among others. This resulted in them refunding the proceeds (of the check they already cashed) to the insurer and the consumer (me being reimbursed.Prior customers of are strongly encouraged to review there agreements/contract to see if Covington charged for services similar to removing and replacing items prior to resurfacing, painting and other related items. If they find he has masked off and biller your insurer or you regardless of the time delay report them to their state Contractors Board, BBB and contact the insurer or demand a adjustment due to the “another mistake” or SCAM refer to it as you wish. Please take the time to watch how they preform the work, the quality of the work by sub contractors and be sure they conform exactly what was agreed to in writing.Another option is litigation. The State of California takes approximately six months to investigate allegations. My experience with dealing with CC&R/ B. Covington leads me to opine he has been using this “scam”, or “fraud” so long he feels entitled to charge you for items contracted for being done in one manner (the contract will reflect items such as R&R (remove and replace) which involves more time that he bills for but instead “masks off” or tapes off that takes less time and billable man hours. The costs of the substandard practices are charged to you and or your insurer. This can effect your premium. Consider litigation if he does not return your money or contact your insurer. I have found that all insurers including mine USAA will aggressively recover the costs and refund the monies recovered in scams. Insurers such as USAA will remove contractors from their preferred vendor list. Most contractors unrepeatable businesses become complacent or continue to SCAM because the customer is not home or does not carefully inspect the work done. Review the “writers” entire agreement/contract and don’t become another victim.The State Contractors Board in California suggests you are paid directly from the insurer and use a contractor of your choice (this is your right). Most all contractors guarantee their work for several years in many cases a life time guarantee. Preferred contractors of insurance companies have a business relationship with the insurer. This saves the insurance company from coming to your home to inspect the completed work and opens the door to dishonest practices. This is my experience and my thoughts here is my story. I believe CC&R owned by Covington does this as a common scam. If not they are at best dysfunctional, discourteous (the owner called and used profanity some time after charging the consumer (myself) for work not performed.The owner displayed personality traits and communication skills of an unsophisticated megalomaniac.. CC&R WAS COMPELLED BY USAA INSURANCE TO RETURN THE MONEY TDUE THE CONSUMER. IS IT A THEFT? OR JUST A POORLY RUN BUSINESS BY A INCOMPETENT, VERBALLY CHALLENGED OWNER.CC&R misrepresented the work they were to do and used a employee” R. Dorcey” to document and present in writing an agreement/contract.. They used several subcontractors. Their electrician installed a outlet for a wall mounted microwave improperly and not were it was written to be or contracted to be. Bill C. came to my residence to minimize the error and place blame on a subcontractor. Covington placed the blame on who accompanied him ONLY THE electrician (sub contractor).Within several days a non electrician showed up and told me he cant to rectify the electrical “mistake” a licensed electrician must. HOW DISORGANIZED……….THE EMPLOYEE IS WISER THAN MANAGEMENT?Several days later they sent the same electrician to relocate the outlet per agreement/contract.CC&R attempted to “up sell” for additional services in my case. Oh they also cashed a check for work not preformed. that’s my definition of a unsophisticated scheme to defraud consumers and insurers. This resulted in CC&R being reported and the insurer and consumer being refunded by Covington/CC&R to avoid any possible criminal and or civil litigation. Covington used his communication skills by calling me the phone to express his displeasure by cursing me in four letter words . Showing atypical NAPOLIAN COMPLEX TRAITS. This resulted in the termination of CC&R. They have been reported to the State Contractor, BBB and several insurers.I decided to expose the illegal secrets off CC&R/ B. Covington for potential consumers to decide for their own. CC&R Construction has been reported to the State Contractors board , BBB and Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co. (USAA Insurance)********. I sincerely hope that you spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

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