Criminalization of Santo Daime, Defeat in Supreme Court, Drug Trafficking, Threats to Murder, 400 Counts Witness Tampering

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Published: 21 September 2020

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Adrian Freedman resigned from his work as a Senior of the Santo Daime Church in the face of a scandal that involved threatening witnesses to Courts with violence and murder to be quiet to the authorities, an attempt that was unsuccessful. Encontro Netherlands also resigned in the face of the renewed prohibition of the Santo Daime, after 20 years of legal freedom, it was taken away from them by the Dutch Court of Appeal. It was in part because the Santo Daime Church were involved in threatening witnesses to the Courts with violence and murder. Adrian Freedman as a Church Senior was involved and was then forced to apologize but it was too late to save his cause from being outlawed in the Courts.

The Courts said no to Santo Daime, ruling it a dangerous substance that should be outlawed for public safety reasons. Adrian Freedman was warned by the UK authorities in no uncertain terms to stop importing Santo Daime or face renewed prosecution in the United Kingdom and imprisonment as in the case of Aziz (2011). In every case, as Freedman was warned (stop or lose the freedom for the Santo Daime), the authorities banned the Santo Daime, his friends involved in threatening people with murder and violence were raided by law enforcement.

When he was warned to tidy up his act in 2016 and 2017 threats to murder were made, as well as threatening police witnesses with serious violence causing the authorities to get involved to stop rampant drug dealing and lawless behaviour in the communities headed by Adrian Freedman. Most significantly, the Dutch Church of Ceu de Santa Maria, supported in part by Freedman, lost a Court case in the Court of Appeal in 2018, banning Santo Daime and forcing the Church of the Ceu de Santa Maria to close.

As a result of his people threatening witnesses to Courts with violence and murder, Adrian Freedman was taught a lesson when the authorities in many countries throughout Europe banned Santo Daime and denied him and his associated Churches the right to import, distribute and administer Santo Daime.

Those bans came from the Danish Supreme Court, the Dutch Court of Appeal, the UK High Court, several Courts in Belgium, a Court in Ireland as well as several Public Ministries. In early 2018 Adrian Freedman finally gave up on his quest to free the Santo Daime, taking down webinars where he portrayed himself as a poor me victim to the authorities, but in truth he is just a member of a criminalized substance trafficking organization that collapsed as a result of threatening people with murder and violence to advance the Santo Daime.

When Courts see Ayahuasca Churches threatening witnesses with violence and murder whilst dealing in egregrious amounts of drugs and declaring defiance against the Supreme Courts, it spells the end for freedom for Santo Daime.

Adrian Freedman and others of CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria found the whole matter funny and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with over 300 counts of nasty humiliation whilst fabricating lies and telling tales of being bullied.

That breaking the law, with intent, includes the trafficking in Class A drugs and smuggling drugs on an international scale in defiance of the authorities, the Courts and the police, as well as obstructing justice and organizing the serious intimidation of witnesses, including threats of murder and violence. Adrian Freedman by proxy tried to fob off several witnesses in Court cases with threats, lies or tales of being wrongly victimized and arranged for others to post nasty slander to try and shut up witnesses in Court cases or those helping police in their investigations into cross-border drug smuggling.

In 2017 Adrian Freedman was warned to stop behaving irresponsibility and supplying Santo Daime to idiots in Portugal or face a curse of prohibition for the Santo Daime.

He found it a laughing matter and stood behind the mockery including encouraging his people to taunt witnesses to the Courts with serious violence and murder whilst hiding people from police and finding others to mock them as mentally sick. He stopped laughing when his friends centres were busted by police. He stopped laughing when the Courts all over Europe said no to Santo Daime.

In 2018 and 2019 the authorities also decided enough was enough, the authorities and the Courts throughout Europe denied Adrian Freedman and his Churches the freedom for Santo Daime.

He also continued to supply Santo Daime to idiots in Portugal but Adrian Freedman stopped laughing when his Santo Daime Church was struck down by the curse of prohibition as he was warned.

After the Santo Daime Church spent a year humiliating witnesses to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands the same Court ruled against Santo Daime on October 1st 2019 in a case involving CEFLU Cristi – Ceu Da Santa Maria Amsterdam.

One individual, a documented member of the Santo Daime Church with full membership papers, faces 12-15 years behind bars for aggravated drug trafficking amongst various other criminal charges including absconding from bail, threatening witnesses with being smeared as mentally sick peodophiles, making death threats, posting death threats and malicious defamation.

Two individuals, best buddies of Adrian Freedman, producer of the big sacks of weed for his Santo Daime events face 8-12 years in prison for dealing in banned substances including LSD for the retreats organized by the Santo Daime Church.

In 2017 Adrian Freedman was warned to stop breaking the law but he stuck the finger up and his Church claimed people would be defamed as sick rapists, pedophiles, arsonists and criminals. Adrian Freedman was reported for numerous data violations and was condemned by Data Protection who commenced enforcement proceedings after he refused to comply with his legal obligations.

In September 2019 the Supreme Court of the Netherlands reviewed 200 instances of Santo Daime Church intimidation of witnesses to Courts, Police Investigations and Public Ministries. On October 1st 2019 the Supreme Court CRIMINALIZED the Santo Daime Church in the Netherlands.

Adrian Freedman and his friends thought a police witness was a loser and would be murdered, but the Santo Daime are the losers as God intervened and made the Dutch Courts rule against the Mother Church of Santo Daime.

Ben Meeus is legal advisor to the European Santo Daime Churches and lost in eight countries in the courts after various Courts struck out legal defences based on victim stories and claims of bona-fide religious rights. In every instance the Courts struck out the defences presented and condemned Ben Meeus’s organization as an organization involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs punishable by criminal law.

Ben Meeus joined an organization involved in international drug smuggling and gave legal advice to an organization and its individuals involved in witness tampering, obstructing justice, intimidating witnesses, international substance trafficking of hard drugs under the Dutch Opium Law, lying to Public Ministries and harassing witnesses with threats of murder and violence.

Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus stopped laughing when his Santo Daime Church was struck down by the curse of prohibition as he was warned and his friends involved in smuggling drugs into Europe were arrested. Adrian Freedman went to Paris to play music in August 2019 and decided to sponsor the mocking of a Court witness with taunts of being maliciously defamed as a sick rapist and a peodophile, as well as threats of serious data violations, violence and murder against those assisting police.

It was conducted with the legal blessing and sanction of Ben Meeus, friends with those who are willing to intimidate witnesses to Courts with threats of serious violence and murder.

Just two weeks later armed police stormed the house of a Parisian Santo Daime leader who was caught with 40 kilos of ayahuasca and filed criminal charges, the group claimed the police were violent whilst claiming they had every right to rebel against the law and be disobediant.

Adrian Freedman was behind a campaign of malice against those called to give evidence in Court and was caught out telling tales, lying and fabricating victim stories whilst organizing threats of murder and violence.Adrian Freedman and Ben Meeus was warned to expect Santo Daime criminalization in each and every one of the 26 EU Schengen Zone countries along with a permanent bar denying them entry to Europe. In the run up to a hearing in the European Court of Human Rights unnamed members of Ben Meeus’s organization named Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria wrote to various witnesses and bad mouthed them, slagging them off, insulting them, posting threats of violence and murder, implying they were sick retards and liars whilst copying the European Court of Human Rights in some of the emails.

Ms. Elisabeth Maria van Dorsten, as the legal representative of the Amsterdam church Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria along with Ben Meeus Master of Laws were served with cease and desist notices

The organization Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria on 16th March 2020 filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights complaining about the ban on Santo Daime handed down by the Netherlands Supreme Court.

Ms. Elisabeth Maria van Dorsten and Ben Meeus, Master of Laws, as the legal representatives of the Amsterdam church Ceflu Cristi–Céu da Santa Maria were both warned to expect defeat in the European Court of Human Rights for Santo Daime.

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