Centext Homes James Zeumer Vice President of investor and corporate communications

Centext Homes James Zeumer Vice President of investor and corporate communications

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Published: 15 November 2020

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I bought a house that was built by Centext Homes. Let me tell you that was a big mistake I did not buy the house new I bought it used and I currently understand now after buying this house why real estate agents do not want the buyers and sellers to talk to each other. Many real estate agents do not want the buyers to have a chance to communicate with the sellers because real estate agents in many cases do not want the buyers to find out any troubles about the house that they’re planning on buying even though there’s disclosure documents that do not reveal the truth. just because somebody signed disclosure documents when they’re selling the house does not mean that they’re telling the truth about the troubles that they’ve had with the house trust me I know firsthand. I believe today is never trust your real estate agent make sure that you get to talk to the sellers firsthand and don’t be too quick to trust home inspectors either will be a separate Rip Off Report posted on this great website about the people that did the inspection on this home many home inspectors are useless also I Recently bought a Centext home. I bought it in a very nice neighborhood. Many home builders like to promote that they build Quality homes. In most cases I believe that. But in my situation it’s a little different. We bought the house we paid the asking price for the house. Most of the Centext homes Look really good. The previous owner had a bunch of cats in the house which pissed all over the carpet and we had to deal with the cat piss smell for sometime. We decided to start removing the carpet Because we could no Longer tolerate the smell of cat piss. After removing the carpet we noticed that the concrete Did not look right. It looked like somebody screwed up when they poured the original foundation for the house and realized that they didn’t make the concrete slab wide enough to build a house on. It looks like currently that the wall on the north side of the house is sitting on the concrete that was added to make the concrete wide enough for the house to be built on. When we pulled up to tack strips that holds the carpet down, we noticed another situation. Whoever laid the carpet that we removed new there was a problem with the concrete because they could not use the normal size nails to hold the carpet tack strips down. They used nails that were almost 6 inches long to hold the tack strips down to the concrete. Normal nails that hold tack strips down for carpet are less then a inch long. We started removing carpet from other rooms and found the same problem down below you will see pictures of the messed up concrete that didn’t set properly with they built the Poured the concrete slab. So I know that there’s problems with the concrete slab in which my house was built on. I took some time and I contacted a few people executives at Centext homes. The first question that I got asked was how was the house I told him I Notes older than 15 years I’m sure that it’s closer to 20. They told me right out of the shoot that the concrete slab is only warranted for 10 years. I ask myself I wonder about shoddy craftsmanship do they warrantee that or do they not warrantee that. One lady at the companies corporate headquarters told me that I should blame the home building inspector. The home building inspector did not build the house CENTEXT HOMES BUILT THE HOUSE !!!! I am going to post as many pictures as I possibly can and as I rip out more carpet and I find more shoddy craftsmanship I will come back to this report and post more pictures. And if the companies corporate hotdogs listed below contact me and tell me they want to make it right I will stand up and defend them for doing the right thing. At that point I will post an update to my report and post pictures of what they’ve done to make it right I posted the contact information that I acquired when I contacted them regarding the troubles that I’m having with my house so if you have troubles with them feel free to touch base with them at any time Word of advice to all homebuyers never be too quick to trust a real estate agent because many of them are only focusing on their commissions and that’s it. Never be too quick to trust a home inspector because they only want to justify their fees but they never want to find the real issues with the house [email protected] James Zeumer Vice President, Investor and Corporate Communications (O) 248-433-4502 (C) 248-613-8639 For general media and investor inquiries contact:James ZeumerVice President, Investor Relations and Corporate [email protected] For media inquiries regarding PulteGroup, Inc.’s regional markets and division operations, contact: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and WashingtonJacque Petroulakis(o) 480-391-6169 (m) [email protected] Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, D.C.Valerie Dolenga(o) 847-230-5266(m) [email protected] They cant say they do not have the money to fix a home…. Giving credit where its needed. www.nbcnews.com/id/30104780/ns/business-real_estate/t/pulte-buy-centex-billion-deal/#.VE1TcMt0zoo Pulte Homes Inc. is buying Centex Corp. for $1.3 billion in stock in a deal that will create the nationu2019s largest homebuilder that caters to everyone from first-time homebuyers to grandparents looking to move into retirement communities. The acquisition also will give Pulte large tracts of land in Texas and the Carolinas, two of the most resilient real estate markets, and a presence in 29 states and Washington, D.C. The new company, which will include the Del Webb and Fox & Jacobs brand homes, will keep the Pulte name and headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. There will be an unspecified number of job cuts.

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