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Central Business Funding Is the Headquarters of Scammers

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Published: 09 July 2019

Posted by: Lashon C

There are different types of organized criminal networks and scams in the financial world but the truth is that Central Business Funding (see image below) is totally in a class of its own. These guys are operating their scam on an entirely different range and it will take those who are equally sophisticated to understand the tricks and games that they are playing with the funds of innocent people. In this piece, I am going to focus on and dissect all the antics of Central Business Funding for everyone to see and learn. As starters, Central Business Funding is based at Las Vegas and it says it was established in 2009 to assist individuals and enterprises to get loan packages that can assist their business ventures. 




Their Claims

A quick walk across the website of Central Business Funding will give you a staggering array of claims that they use in attracting unsuspecting clients to part with their money. Central Business Funding claims that they work with several lenders and that this allows that they are able to assist you in getting the most excellent choices for you when it comes to having a loan package to drive your business campaigns. 

But that is not all, they also promise that even if you approach them with the worst of business plans or financing requests, they have in-house experts who will guide you every step of the way. Central Business Funding claims that even if you are a complete novice in the sector, they are ready to do all possible for you to reach the peak and achieve your goals. They promise heaven and earth to assist you to reach all your financing goals. Do not just take my word for it, it is right there on their website and anyone can look it up. 

 In fact, it makes very specific claims that they are more than willing to ensure that you have your own special, unique and highly-customized financing template that will help you meet all your needs without any form of stress or headache. On their website, they pretend to be a group of serious-minded professionals but do not be fooled at all, they are nothing but a bunch of low-life scammers and if you really value your money, you should do everything possible to move as far away as possible from these thieves. 


How They Operate

Central Business Funding has a very interesting bait that they use to draw people in. They claim to have unbeatable expertise when it comes to assisting people to get start-up loans, microloans, several lines of credit, lines of credit, business loans, small business loans and various forms of financing. It is this primary message that they so aggressively promote and throw in everyone’s faces. 

 For anyone who goes through their website like in my own case, you will be thrilled by their claims and the next thing you will really want to do is to visit their office in Las Vegas and that is precisely what I did – and it was the beginning of nothing but sheer nightmare and deep losses for me. Central Business Funding opens for ‘business’ every weekday so it was not difficult for me to give them a call and book an appointment. 

One primary way they use in their operation is that right on their website, they have a section where you are expected to apply, it is a type of application form (see snapshot below). In the application form, you are expected to submit your data and details on your contact details, business name, how long you have been doing the business, sector of the business, approximate credit score, funding type and even the funding amount. So they pretend to make the entry point as easy as possible for anyone but as you will soon discover, it is all nothing but a ruse.  




Disgusting Behavior 

Upon reaching the office of Central Business Funding, I had barely settled down in a chair (that I was not even offered) before I noticed the most disgusting and unprofessional behavior that I have ever experienced at any ‘corporate’ enterprise. As their customer, I expected a more responsible treatment but what I got remains extremely shocking even as I narrate it now. 

 The first things these guys used in receiving and welcoming me were stupid lines of questions about my origin and they took time to assess my race and nationality – which I find not only absolutely disgusting but totally unacceptable conduct especially for an organization that claims to treat customers with the highest levels of dignity and respect. I waived their initial stupidity aside and focused on the business but I soon noticed that these guys were up to something else. 

 Remember that I stumbled upon these low lifers when I was in desperate need of a loan. Central Business Funding came across then as the real deal and they promised to have the best-financing package for people like me in desperate financial conditions and that was precisely why I went to their office that fateful day. Initially, I reached out to them on the phone and then they confirmed my appointment. 

 Right in their office, the first thing they were asking me for was money that they needed the money to buy some urgent office items and also for the services that they were yet to even render to me. I was dumbfounded when they charged me to just store my details on their ‘system’. After that, they started this very dumb and unprofessional round of interviews about my enterprise and all my private details, they claimed they needed the information for them to check if I was eligible to get the loan or not. And because I was in a very desperate condition, I had no choice but to provide the details. And believe me, they did not get all these details in the nicest way, they were downright rude, uncouth and every manner of insulting. But I kept my cool. 

 I provided the Central Business Funding staff all the information they needed only for them to make me wait for hours and then they called me again to the table. The next thing I heard was that I was not eligible for the loan. This was like a bombshell for me – after all the long assurances they gave me on the phone that nothing was going to stop me from getting the loan from them and then that is not to even mention all the extra expenses I had to pay to them. 


Losses Upon Losses

I was trying to contain my fury at their office and it was at that moment that one of them came up to me and mumbled that in order for me to improve my credit score and become eligible for proper financing I had to drop almost $3,000. Meanwhile, these lazy louts had done absolutely nothing for all I already paid. They simply walked around their office while my loan application was sent back from their lending partners. With a lot of disappointment that day, I left their office, they gave me the promise of reaching out to me and calling back but you know what? They never did. I had to summon the courage to call them and demand for updates concerning my request. Instead of trying to explain calmly and professional, all I got in return were rude shouts in response, these guys should honestly have absolutely no business with anything financing. 

When I could not believe what I was hearing, I scheduled another appointment and off to their office I went because they gave me some sort of reassurance so I felt I had some hope but I was soon proven very wrong. It was even worse as practically every member of their staff was already groomed on how to insult customers. 

The best way to describe the scenario is to call it hell. They demanded another round of payments for them ‘reactivate’ and ‘process’ my loan request and out of frustration I had no other choice but to shell out another round of hard-earned cash. I think it was at that point that I should have just left the place but because of the desperate nature of my condition, I decided to give it one more shot. Only for Central Business Funding to repeat the same cycle. I was kept waiting for several hours (not a single member of their staff said a word to me or attended to me during those hours). 

When I got tired of waiting, I approached the lady who was supposed to be handling my file to ask her for progress only to be screamed at – it was just incredible. In a matter of seconds, she told me that I was not qualified for the loan. What? But you told me on the phone that all was ready and fine now that I could come to get the loan after a little paperwork. 

I confronted the lady there and then and threatened to bring down the whole place. Other equally frustrated customers in the office joined and one of the ‘managers’ had to intervene. The aged lady attending to my file kept shouting and was reeling out several lies – in addition to her making all sorts of accusations against me. I could not believe I was in a corporate environment of a venture that claimed to be one of the very best in America when it comes to loan financing. 

 After all the shouting died down, I had no other choice but to request for a cancellation – I was totally fed up at that point and was absolutely not interested in anything with them again. I was to receive another major shocker when I realized that their so-called cancellation policy was crafted in a way that the customer lost out in every way and they gained. But I was not going to let them have it easy so I insisted only for one of them to start issuing threats to me. At that point, it became very clear that I was dealing with a nest of criminals and not cool-headed financial executives – these thieves finally showed their true color. Another round of shouting match started and their manager started hurling insults at me right before everyone. It was a very chaotic scene but what would follow was even worse. 

Central Business Funding is nothing but a hub of dishonest, lying band of scammers, they will deliberately mess up your credit score, make endless demands for money and then shatter all your hopes. I realized instantly that I had been scammed, I paid out of my nose to Central Business Funding for services that they never rendered only for them to end up threatening me. Because I was almost bankrupt, the collecting agents ensured they made life as miserable as possible for me. I ended up losing a lot more than I was supposed to lose all because I was unfortunate enough to deal with this team of scumbags called Central Business Funding. 


Protecting Yourself

The main reason I am putting this out there is that I do not want any other innocent member of the general public to experience the same thing I went through in the hands of these thieves and criminals that have formed a gang to fleece and cheat innocent people who truly need financial help. 

  Whatever your need and no matter how serious your financial situations are, do not make the mistake of seeking for any kind of help from Central Business Funding – financial help or otherwise. These thieves are programmed to do just one thing and that is to deceive people and seek ways to suck you out of the little that you are left with. In all, I lost thousands of dollars to this scam ring and got nothing in return from their bogus and empty promises. I repeat this note of warning and caution to all again – do not have anything at all to do with them. 

Later, after I healed from the hurt, I opened up to my friends and associates and I realized that some of them were also victims of Central Business Funding with many of them scammed of several thousands of dollars. Some had their applications rejected up to a dozen times before Central Business Funding even bothered to address them either on phone or at their office. I mean, it was just too horrible an experience for anyone. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine told me his own experience too, also in the hands of Central Business Funding. He also had issues with his credit score and needed money badly – he had also been given the same sweet but useless promises from the liars of Central Business Funding. 

He was given a meeting at their office and that was after all the checks with the credit history should have been done. He explained to me that his situation was so critical that he was banking all his expectation on a positive result from Central Business Funding. So, after tidying up everything, he was at their place. then they slammed him a charge of almost $300 which they claimed had to do with his risk portfolio. When he probed further, the Central Business Funding guys told him that all was in order and that it was standard and that once he made the payments, the loan was going to be approved. 

So, my friend paid expecting that the next step was going to be the issuance of the loan but he was disappointed. The most evil thing is that these thieves know very well that they were not going to give out the loans but they deceive, lie and scam innocent people into paying endless fees over nothing. They kept telling my friend that he was going to get the loan that they had even assisted those with far worse cases and that getting the loan for him was a piece of cake – the same lie they sold to me. My friend paid well over $4,000 in total to these greedy bastards only for them to send him a message in 72 hours that his application for the loan was rejected. My friend slipped into depression immediately and it was with the help of close friends and relatives that he was able to find his feet. To make things worse, they did not even bother to call him ho explain anything, they just sent a useless message. 

When you realize that most of these applicants are people in serious financial problems, you will realize how really wicked and devious Central Business Funding is. They all also had the same complaint of rude communication, waste of time, outrageous and exploitative fees and doing absolutely nothing for you at the end of it all. To be honest, Central Business Funding should not be in business and it is hoped that very soon, the relevant authorities will look into their files and punish them accordingly. 


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