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Published: 09 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On January 29, 2008 , my mother who is a hispanic 67 years old and her primary language is spanish and brother went the dealership to look at new cars. and only to LOOK.They were approach by Richard Bonsparle a Sales Consultant. Rather than asking my mother what she was looking, he told her he had to check her credit first to see if she is approved , but never ask if she has a drivers license to drive. Afterwards he said your credit went thru now we can look for you a car. Since my mother never brought a car before she didn’t even know this was not normal, she doesn’t even have a license to drive a car. Richard Bonsparle find a car for my mother and talk payments to her, and never told her the price of the car. Afterwards Richard took her to the finance department and Bobby Soto (finance guy) who signed her up with and interest rate of 10.75%. Also they sold her a service contract for $3500 of which she was unaware that she was purchasing. But Bobby Soto knew what he was doing, he was taking advantage of my mother. On January 30, 2008, my mother call me and told me what had happen . I was very upset that the Central KIA of Lewisville took advantage of my mother. So, I called Bobby Soto, told him I didn’t like the fact he took advantage of my mother, with the high interest rate and getting her to sign the papers, Bobby immediated put me on hold and left me on a marathon hold for 23 mins. I hang up and call back and had the receptionist page him, he wouldn’t answer his page so I left a message. Bobby Soto never call me back I waited 2 hours to call back and he finally answer, he denies of leaving me on hold and taking advantage of my mother. On January 31, 2008, I decided to make a trip to Lewisville to try and reason with them. When my mother and I walk up, Richard Bonaparle the sales Consultant walk up to us and my mother introduce us. I told him I feel like he took advantage of my mother, and we wanted to know what she purchased the car for, since she never got a copy of her sales contract. Richard said he didn’t know, but he knew what her payment were. Isn’t this odd he knew her payments, but not the purchase of the car. I then ask for the copy of the sales contract and to speak with the sales manager. He went into the finance department turning RED in the face talking to a gentleman in that office.Left us waiting for awhile. Then Richard walk out with this gentleman and introduce him to me. He was the finance manger, I then told him I ask for the sales manger not finance manger and that I also wanted a copy of my mother sales contract. Here we are waiting again, Richard had to fill in the sales manager with what was going on. Justin Stokes the sales manager took us into an office without the copy of the sales contract that my mother and I had request for. I told him what I had went thru with BOBBY SOTO leaving me on marathon hold and never receiving calls back , my mother being taking advantage of and now asking for a copy of the sales contract and we still don’t have it , we wanted to know what she paid for the car. I told him that customer service here really SINKS. And it obviously, it’s not important to them. Justin Stokes really didn’t comment on anything I said, he just didn’ care. My mother had to ask again for a copy of her sales contract, Justin Stokes left to go get it. When he brought it back I look at it , I could not believe they charge my mother $1400.00 over sticker price for the car and added $3500 for the extented service policy, which she was not aware of. I told JUSTIN STOKES they took advantage of a 67 year old women. All he could say was she sign it and he was here for business. I ask for the general manager name and left to go get the car since my mother does not know how to drive. When my mother and I arrived with the car I walk up to the receptionist and ask for the general manager. Justin Stokes (Sales Manager) walk up to me and ask if he could help me. I said NO I ask to speak to the GENERAL MANAGER. Justin Stokes, then said I could go ahead and sit down on the sofa cause he was not in, he didn’ expect him to be in untill tomorrow morning. I didn’t believe JUSTIN, so I walk back into the sales conference office and ask is their a GENERAL MANAGER working in here tonight. BRIAN HOLLAND was writing on the board and said YES I’m the GENERAL MANAGER. I told him that his sales manager JUSTIN STOKES just lied to me and told me their wasn’t a general manager working tonight. I then ask if I could speak with him in private with my mother. Justin Stokes then SHOUTED at me to leave the office. Brian Holland kept my mother and I waiting, afterwards I filled him in with the everything that has happen to my mother. Brian answer was the same she sign it and we are here for business. I then ask for my mother installment contract, he said he didn’t have to give us anything. I had made a few phone calls and Brian was waiting , I then ask for for lenders name , he said it was capital one, so I ask for the phone number. Brian walk into the finance department and gave me Wells Fargo phone number . Here we go again another lie with the lender name. I made a call to the bank to see if the money has been funded they said it hasn’t. I explained the situation to Wells Fargo they said that Central Kia could tear up the contract and rewrite the number, since it hasn’t been funded YET . After my phone call to Wells Fargo , I walk up to Brian Holland and said let’s work this out I know the money hasn’t been funded. Brian reply, was NO it was a done deal. I was making another call then JUSTIN STOKES walk up to me and said this was a CIVIL MATTER and he was going to call the police and that I needed to leave. I got off the phone and walk up to BRIAN HOLLAND and gave him the keys to the car. He was walking behind me and said he was going to tow it back to my mothers house. Which they did at about 9:15p.m. on January 31,2008. On February 1, 2008, I call the owner Paul Fotopoulos in Plano, Tx and left a message, which I also left multiple message for Scott Fitzgerald who is the General Manager for Plano, Irving & Lewisville., but he never returned my call. It’s dealerships like this that makes people not want to trust them. And gives other dealerships bad names. I had never had a problem in my life with other dealerships, customer satifaction has always been important to them. EVEN after the car is sold. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS IS TAKING CARE OF !!!!!!!!!!!!! BE AWARE !!!!!!!!! CENTRAL KIA OF LEWISVILLE. They don’t believe in CUSTOMER SATIFACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS LOCATION LIES, AND THEY ARE VERY DISHONEST AND HAVE RUDE EMPLOYEES—–THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANYONE Vi LEWISVILLE, TX 75067, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on KIA



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