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Century 21 Real Estate LLC

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Published: 03 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Today I have faced one off the worse humiliation off my life. GOD be my witness. I saw the advertisement in the news paper with rooms for rent starting from 125 a month. Just what I needed. First I called the agency which took a good 10 to 15 mins giving details. I wrote everything down. I finally got to speak with someone and when I said hello he replied hello twice then hang up. That was 2 days ago. Today I called back and heard all of the recordings again and I finally got to speak with someone who was more or less shouting. He asked what I was looking for I said a room, which area? He asked. I said Manhattan. Do you want an appointment today? I said oh ok. How many people? I replied just one. What time? 2:30. 2 or 3? Oh ok 3 is fine. Bam! The phone hang up. I got there and I was ask to “wipe my feet before I enter the office.” Then I was told you can’t stand there more over 2 steps to your right. So I did. Then he ask me the same questions he asked over the phone I answered then he asked me for my social. I looked at him and ask if it was necessary to get it then he turned up his face and said no I can use my id. I handed it to him which he refused to touch and said I don’t need it just give me the number. Mind you, that’s all whilst am still standing near the entrance. Then he asked me if I want a big room which is 150 a week or a small room which is 125 a week. I said a small room is fine, since it’s only me. Then he asked again if I had the money. I told him I do but I thought today I was coming in and sit and give my preference on room and what not. He said I shouldn’t think that. SO LEAVE AND DO NOT COME BACK!!! I was shocked and hurt. I had never seen someone dealing with customers act like that. I was in shock and ask him why would he say that? He said if you come and don’t have the money he doesn’t want you back so leave. So I told him first off all if I had known that I would have save the appointment for Friday. Since Friday is the day I want to move. And I felt I was rushed from over the phone. He said he knows that but doesn’t care he would not make me a priority. And treat me better than anyone . So I said ok. I’ve never felt doomg entire life then pressed the elevator button to leave. He then left behind the front counter and came in the elevator and said let me walk you out. He asked me in the elevator if I have another agency. I said no. And he started to laugh and said good. He walked Infront off me and opened the door (I had my cell phone out looking to see where the train station was) he opened the door and said. Miss come on, get out) tears came down my eyes because I’ve never felt so degraded in my entire life!!There was a few white people standing Infront the door he turned and told them. See, I have to play door man now. I was so ashamed and humiliated. All because I didn’t give him the 150. I pray that anyone who wants a room or studio to avoid this place at all cost. I am black. I don’t know if that’s why but the way he treated me was inhuman. I work 2 respectful jobs, one in retail the other in a medical office.

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