Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I worked for Ceres Environmental Services, Inc., but never got paid. Actually, I was an employee for a truck lease operator (BWB Earth Movers, Austin, TX) who contracted directly for Ceres. I drove a dump truck on a U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers, levee project in Louisiana. As a dump driver, I would receive 3 copies of the dump tickets from the pit; one is left with the guard at the levy, the other two, I would give to BWB (one for billing submissions to Ceres, the other to retain for BWB records). I did not keep a copy (actually there was no copy for me to keep). However, I did write down my load ticket numbers in a personal log for the purpose of verifying paycheck accuracy; I had no reason to suspect that BWB would screw me. As it turned out, my load number evidence was not good enough for Ceres. Get this, when Ceres asked for proof from the lease operator that he paid me, the lease operator simply stated that he had receipts from an atm where his local operations mgr. pulled out cash to pay me. Of course, the fact that the money was obviously used for some other purpose, like maybe for blow, or a w***e, at my expense does not matter; he simply alleges that his atm receipts proves that he paid me. No signatures, no nothing. I decided to pursue the matter further with Ceres, after all, they may be held vicariously liable for the acts of their subcontractors, and further, since it was a government contract, they have contractor oversight obligations to ensure that all contractors abide by the federal pay guidelines. When Brian Colbert found out I was talking to Ceres, he went ballistic; and on Jan. 16, 2018 he threatened that he was going to drive to Florida and kick my a**, he didn’t care how long he would spend in prison. This naturally frightened me, and I called the Austin, TX police department, and they said I should file a terroristic threat report, and that way they could dispatch an officer to check on Brian’s mental condition and assess the level of the threat. However the Austin, TX police department did not have Brian in their database, and Brian’s partner, Brad hunter, would not assist by providing his address. I called Ceres, and they said they would talk to him, but they never returned my calls and relay that fact, so as to calm my fears. I texted Brian and pleaded with him not to hurt me or anyone. This whole afternoon I have been in fear for my life, and as I write this I am not sure I will be alive tomorrow. Ceres, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing these types of contractors to work for you, and the fact that you just don’t give a *** that an employee can get screwed so bad, and claim it is none of your business. PROTECT YOURSELVES – When Ceres engages a disreputable contractor, do whatever you must do to protect yourself or you may not get paid!

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