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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: susan2bob

I am an out-of-state property owner who has purchased a house for rent in Lehigh Acres, FL. I hired a man named Thom Miller who agreed to take care of all repairs and also act as sole property management of the house. He operates and owns the business Charity Clean. Initially I asked if he is able to do property management, he replies that he can and has done so in the past. He wants to charge me 10% property management fee from collected rent each month (see attached PM agreement). I later found out that he has NOT any VALID LICENSE for property management. Many of his actions indicate that he is committing financial fraud. He has been collecting rent $3275.26 plus $200 security deposit from my tenant Kimberly. The amounts of repairs are $1100 for water equipment, $210 for side door and other small repair $220.He only deposited $460.26 UNTIL Aug. 12, 2011 to my account. He must return me at $3275.26+$200-$1100-$210-$220-$460.26= $1485, but he is not paying me my share of the rental checks. He has been pocketing the rental checks for June, July, August and last month illegally. He still has owed me the amount of $1485. He has promised again and again that he has mailed out the checks to me, but then finds excuses for why I haven’t received them yet. He cheated me that he installed A/C cage for $150 and replaced 3 new locks and bolts for $120, but he NEVER DONE these. It is NOT FAIR that he charged me $150 plus $120 with nothing. He scams my money and illegally keeps tenant’s security deposit and rent payment. In addition, he still has not returned to me the keys of the house. He refuses to answer my calls and emails. He also finds ways in order to decrease the amount of money he owes me. For example, originally he offered to look at houses to do a free estimate for me and now months later, he wants to be paid for looking at every house. I can show it from his email that he sent me before mentioned the estimate is free. Thom Miller collected: June: $850 rent plus $850 last month rent July: $725.26 rent plus $100 security deposit Aug.: $850 rent plus $100 security deposit Total he collected rent $3275.26 plus $200 security deposit Expense: $1100 water equipment installed $210 side door replace $220 other repairs UNTIL Aug.12, he only deposited $460.26 to my account He owes me total: $850+$850+$725.26+$100+$850+$100-$1100-$210-$220= $1485 Thom Miller must return $1, 485 to me.

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