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Published: 22 February 2019

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Charter communications kept hounding me and my wife about getting television service with them early 2014, because we didn’t have anything but Internet with them, so we finally agreed to let them install cable with us thinking that was a good decision right, boy where we wrong. In May 2014 I came home from work to find out that 3 of my t.v.’s a 60 inch smart t.v., anod my two 55 inch televisions would not come on. When I asked my wife ‘what happened’ she say she think they got struck by lighting, which was weird because everything else worked and they were connected to a surge protector. So with that I called my insurance company to file a claim. Immediately they told me it had to be verified how the televisions went out so I called out a television repairman, my electric company, and an electrician. They all arrived on the same day. So the electrician and the electrical companychecked everything and couldn’t come up with anything, but the television repair person took the televisions apart and concluded they were damaged by lighting, but not through the power source, but it traveled through the hdmi ports, and informed me that the cable box was probably the problem, especially since nothing but the televisions and two of the cable boxes were damaged. At the time I thought it sounded a little far fetched, because I never heard of nothing like that, so I blew it to the side and sent the information to my insurance company. They bought some new televisions and that’s the end of the problem right, wrong again. A couple months later I was having a get together at my house and I was gonna hook up the cable to the new television so the kids could watch television in our bedroom and that’s when everything started. I hooked up the cable box, the same way I have been doing since I was a teen, and i got shocked and the television went out, and wouldn’t come back on, a brand new television. I tried and tried to get it come back on but I wouldn’t. So the next day I called wal-mart, and the television company. No luck I called charter they sent one of their so called technicians out here to inspect the cable boxes. the cable guy got mad because I wouldn’t let him hook up the defective cable box to my newer television I just bought lol. I told him to hook it up to the television that just went out because he wasn’t gonna damage anymore of my televisions, so while hooking it up me, him, my wife, and he brought someone with him clearly heard the cable boxes cracking and popping.Mand the television would not come on for him either. Then he plugged it up again and ran some scanner over it and said it’s not their equipment, but the other dude was was telling me he heard the popping noise, so afterwards he go climbs up the ladder, does something and leaves. Later that week I wake up and noticed the power light on the television was on so I thought maybe the t.v. is fixed, it comes on but all ports one the back of the television do not work. Later on I get a call and email from charter damage control team, telling me to provide more information because their technician claims there is nothing wrong with the boxes, even after it was popping and shocking him. So two day ago I finally decided I don’t want charter t.v. anymore because we couldn’t even watch television on two of the boxes, and really everyone in the house just watch shows on the Internet. So I called and cancelled t.v. Service with them I still have phone and Internet. They said to return the equipment in 10 days. Today a charter employee shows up at my house asking for the boxes, claiming they have a recall because the boxes are damaging people televisions. Both me and my wife hear him saying this and I explained to him that they damaged my television a while ago and states yeah they been doing that and gives me receipt and says keep it because they have to get the boxes which was also weird because he just wanted the boxes, I still have the remotes and powercords to the boxes. So I immediatly go to charter and explains what happens and they state they have no records of me contacting them. So I go into my email and contact the person who was over my claim and tells him what just happened and he states that there is no recall and that the employee was lying, not to mention again both me and my wife heard him say this. I still have the damaged t.v.’s all receipts and when I kept in contact with them. I guess they think it’s but it’s far from over. One thing I can say if anyone reads this and have this problem check the cable box first trust me .

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