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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Like the previous reported incident, I too had a very similar experience with Cheapyouthbaseball On June 27th, 2014 I ordered an Easton Mako composite bat (30″/19 ounce) for my son to use for an upcoming Invitational tournament. My order was 697 and the name, model and specific weight and length were clearly listed in my confirmation. I paid the purchase price with my credit card and received a confirmation email with a dubious tracking number the next day. I started to get nercous when the tracking number would not provide any information at all. I waited 5 business days and, after still being unable to track my purchase, I started to send emails to the csutomer service (“contact us” on the website). Eventually I received a very poorly written reply that stated I would be getting a new tracking number. The writing of the response was amost unintelligible and now I was very nervous. I even called my credit card provider to explain my concern and they suggested I contact the company again to try and get a status on my purchase. Despite paying $15.00 for “expedited shipping” it took 3 weeks to get the item. On July 17th I went to the Post Office to pick up the item (nobody was home when delivery was attempted). As soon as I picked the item up I knew something was wrong. This bat was very very heavy. I brought it home and unwrapped it to find it was nowwhere near what I ordered. It was a 32″, 3.1 pound (I weighed it) “Pingle” steel bat. Further research has shown that this company makes, among other things, “novelty” bats. I found these selling for $5.00 USD on the internet. Needless to say my son was heartbroken and I was more than a little upset. I immediately emailed the company on that same date (7/17/14) explaining that the item I received was not what I had purchased. I have the confirmation to prove it. There is not a phone number or way to speak with someone directly. The only name I have seen during any correspondence is “Lussy Green”. I have received a few apologetic emails from them since that time and the excuses have run gambit, including blaming it on a new inspector and, more recently, by them stating they were out of stock on the item I had requested. Like sending me some other steel pipe no name bat would make it ok. They even suggested I just keep it or take a partial refund, of which I have refuse of course. They even said I would have to wait a few months for the paperwork for my refund and that they did not have the money now to give me a refund. I paid by a credit card!! I told them to just reverse the charge of $148.38 to which they did not respond. The website seems legit, with all the top name brands and specs. Do not let them fool you with the attractive prices. You will be very dissapointed. As is stands now, on August 5th, I have not receoved my refund. On July 17th, after I received the garbage “bat” I called my credit card company to file a dispute of that payment. I have provided my credit card company with all of the supporting documentation, from purchase confirmation to pictures of the item I received (vs the item I ordered) and copies of all emails showing my attempts to rectify this situation. I hope that provides me with some recourse but am not sure at this time. My son had to borrow a bat from teammates during games since I was (and am) still in limbo with this. This company is definitely attempting to scam consumers….please do not fall victim!

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